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Beginners Guide to Hyperactive Myncis

by faeriegurl4lyfe


MYSTERY ISLAND: Where the sun always shines (unless its night) and the tropical fruits are as delighting as can be (especially Doughnutfruits ;)). But, for once, I'm not here to talk to you about those awesome, delicious, tasty… Well you get the point. I'm here to talk to you about this little game called Mynci Beach Volleyball.

It might not be as popular as games go, and maybe not all that fun if you're looking for some action – but the point is, it gives you an avatar. And that’s more than enough for us crazy avatar collectors to obsess over this game, yes? YES!

So in order to make things just a *little* easier for you, I wrote this guide to help you out and maybe get that avvie a bit sooner than you might think. True, it may seem hard at first but if you have enough patience and determination – the sky is the limit!

The Basics

Blue Mynci: Meet yourself. Yourself – you, you – yourself. Now that we're passed the introduction moving on to your enemy.

Red Mynci: Your enemy – he is a horrible, horrible… *Notices him looking at her* Very nice Mynci, just doing his job in getting between you and your avatar. *coughs*

Pawkeet: This spiffy little petpet can do you a lot of good, but if not careful a lot of harm to – so watch your throws near it ;)

Turdle: This is a very, very sad and lonely Turdle. Once in a while when your opponent will hit the Pawkeet he will come give you a visit and would do his best to try and distract you by sticking to him – don't be fooled, you'll have plenty of time to reconnect once you get the avatar but during the game, that’s a big no no!

The Specials

Remember that Pawkeet from before? Well, this is where he comes in, again.

Every time you hit it with your ball, other than have loose some feathers and develop a paranoia he will also give you a certain power up you could use in the game up until you'll hit it again. Here are a few of them:

Super speed: This is probably the best one you could get. It increases your speed and helps you run after the ball a lot faster.

Super jumps: Even though it seems good at first, trust me, its not. This is a very evil power up you should avoid at all cost as if you cant control it very well you can very easily drop the ball and give your opponent extra points so whenever you get it just try not to jump to much or wait for the Pawkeet to come along again.

Super size: This power up will make you larger than your normal size, and help you catch the ball easier.

Giant ball: Makes your ball larger (not always good but can be helpful at times)

Big net: Makes your net bigger and therefore the ball harder to pass to the opponent, although it does the same for him so it can still be handy at times.

Small net: Makes your net smaller and so the ball is easier to pass, again it can help you or not depending on how much control you have over it.

Watch the Turdle: This is where the Turdley from before comes along – 'nough said ;)

There might be a few more that I've missed, but mainly those are the ones that tend to pop up.

The Rounds

In this game, there will be 6 rounds, in each of them you will have to score 12 points in order to move to the next level (sometimes more, depending on your opponents score – if its too close you might be needing to score a few more points before advancing). In each level the Myncis are faster at the start, which makes it a bit harder for you to start off – but if you're lucky enough to get the super speed bonus it would make your life a whole lot easier :) On every end of round you get 50 points for completing it, and 10 points on every point you scored more than your opponent (170 points at max).

Though it might not be too noticeable at first, with each point you score the sun at the background goes down, and the sky get a bit darker – so when you get to the sixth round with 11 points its almost night and you're almost at the end ;)


There is only one cheat I know of in this game, you can type in 'turdle' at any part of the game, and a Turdle will appear in your opponents side – it only works once per game but if used correctly would do you a lot of good :)

Throughout the game

Do your best to hit your opponent with horizontal balls, as mostly it's harder for him to block that. If he starts getting an advantaged don't give up because the tables can always turn and you could have more points than him in no time!

Just make sure you're always focused and when you get a power up you don’t get along with and it's your turn, wait for the Pawkeet to appear before you continue the game.

If the Turdle shows up and you were just about to throw the ball – wait. Get right on it or wait for him to disappear and only then, when the coast is clear, throw it to your opponent's side.

That’s about it, I hope this helps you out in getting the avatar – it may seem impossible at first but all you need to have is some patience and the corporation of a certain Pawkeet, good luck getting the avatar and a new high score :)! *whistles and after a few minutes a Pawkeet flies over head and lands on her shoulder, as she marches off to the Tropical Foods shop to try and get her hands on a few yummy Doughnutfruits*

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