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The Basics of Grooming Your Petpet

by costa_rican_girl


BATHROOM - Is bath time a hassle, or just not fun? Not anymore! With this detailed guide, you’ll be an expert Petpet-washer in no time!

Every Petpet needs a tune-up now and then, right? Even if you have a pet Rock or Cirrus, they too get dirty and need a good, thorough cleansing. If you have a furball like a Noil, Babaa or Walking Carpet, this will do you good by styling up his/her look. Good luck!


1. First you will need an item where you wash your Petpet. I would suggest a Petpet Bath Tub. Some of my personal favorites are: (Plain) White Petpet Bath Tub, Rainbow Petpet Bath Tub, and Coconut Petpet Bath Tub. There are many others, too.

2. Next you need some sort of sponge or other scrubbing device. If there’s nothing around or you just don’t have the money or time to purchase another sponge, we would suggest cutting a small square from a Frizz Free Mane Cloth and using that. Very simple.

3. You will need washing items; shampoo, soap, etc. Here are some products that seem to work well: Shampoo, Two in One Hair Care, Bar of Soap, Soap Bottle, and Pea Soap. (No, not soup). You do not need to use all of them. I usually take one of the shampoos (Shampoo and Two in One Hair Care) and then one of the soaps (Bar of Soap, Soap Bottle, and Pea Soap.)

4. You should have a rag or towel of some sort nearby to pat your Petpet dry. It could simply be a scrap of spare cloth or a nice Tooth Faerie Towel. I personally like to use a plain, old Towel. You might also need a small rag for drying the floor afterwards.

5. Optional: Styling instruments and products. Even though this is marked as optional we believe it is pretty much a must to use a comb and a brush, especially for those long-haired Petpets. A Short Hair Brush or Long Hair Brush is legitimate, depending on what type of hair your Petpet has. (If you have a pet Rock then you can skip it.) Other things for styling your Petpet’s hair are Hairspray and Hair-Gel.

6. Relax! Buy your Petpet a bed or pillow to sleep on afterwards; getting groomed can be very tiring! Here are some products: Regal Purple Petpet Cushion, Green Petpet Bed, Brown Petpet Bed, or a Deluxe Canopy Petpet Bed. All of those work wonderfully for your Petpet. Also don’t forget a nice, cozy blanket or two. If you don’t feel like resting, grab a few Neopoints and go buy yourselves a nice Slushie.


Step One First you need to fill the bath tub with water. It cannot be too hot or it might burn your Petpet, but too cold will make it sick! I suggest between room temperature and moderately warm. To determine if it’s the correct temperature, simply dip your finger(s) in the water, if it stings it’s too hot. If it’s chilly, then it’s obviously too cold. If you can’t really feel anything except the water, it’s perfect.

Step Two: Next you need to round up your Petpet, whether you own a Snowbunny, a Mallard or a Mortog. Gently lift up your Petpet and place him/her into the lukewarm bath water. Sometimes Petpets do not like water. If that be the case then make bath time more fun with water toys to keep your Petpet occupied.

Step Three: When your Petpet is safely in the bath tub, using a small dish or cup, rinse your Petpet with water. When your Petpet is soaked, squirt or rub a bit of shampoo/soap into your palm or onto a sponge. Rub hands together (unless using a sponge) then lightly massage the substance onto your Petpet’s fur/scales/skin/whatever. Mind their eyes, ears, nose and other sensitive spots. Rinse again and repeat if necessary.

Step Four: Take your drying device (towel, rag, etc.) and pat your Petpet dry. Do not rub, as this may irritate its skin/fur/scales/whatever. Dry the floor as it may get wet and you don’t want to slip…

Step Five: FYI – This part is only necessary if your Petpet has fur or something similar. Now here comes the fun part! Tenderly comb your Petpet’s fur to rid of annoying knots and tangles. It also slows down the shedding. Then, once your Petpet is tangle-free, get out your gel and hairspray and start styling! Style however you want (presuming the Petpet will tolerate it), but keep in mind that you shouldn’t get it into his/her eyes, nose or ears or other sensitive areas.

Step Six (Final step!): This certainly has been a tiring process, no? Well then you’ll love this part! Get out your Petpet pillow, a few comfortable blankets, and cuddle up for a nice relaxation time. Or, if the night is still young, go out and go shopping! Buy some more hair gel and that dress that you’ve always wanted. Then again, you could take a gay stroll on the sandy beaches of Mystery Island and listen to the gentle, lulling sound of ocean waves rolling back and forth onto the beach and off again. You and your Petpet can easily fall asleep on the comfortable folds of the beach towel while lying on top of a comfortable beach chair. Or you could… Okay we’ll stop now.

So there you have it. The fine art of cleansing a Neopet’s closest companion, the Petpet. Aren’t you glad you cleaned Sparky? Now you can show off your wonderful work by taking a pleasant stroll around your friendly neighborhood. (Unless, of course, you are currently living in the Haunted Woods. You can still have a stroll, but I highly doubt it will be nearly as pleasant, what with the creepy Brain Tree and that rude Esophagor.)


Rose: Hi everybody! YIPPEE! Okay I’m crazy, I admit it. I would LOVE for you to Neomail me with any critiques, ideas and opinions about the article. Please do NOT send me Neofriend requests. I will only refuse. Also, check out me and Angel's awesome guild! Thanks for reading! *Rose*

Angel: Hey everyone! This’ll be my first article collab if it is published. Anyways, any comments on this article are accepted. I hope to hear from you!

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