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More Reasons To Boycott The Tongue Shrinkers

by kikik312



From an IM Conversation:

Kiloso says:

Hey Moofi.

Moofi says:

Hi, Kiloso.

Kiloso says:

Anything happening right now? I'm thinking about writing something soon.

Moofi says:

Nothing at all. The usual boring stuff, you know. But nothing else.

Kiloso says:

Oh. NTAG hasn't had much of its members in the Neopian Times lately. By the way, I've been wondering. Do you have dreams? No, not the sleeping kind...

Moofi says:

Yes. Many. Why? Are you going to write about dreams, or something?

Kiloso says:

Well kind of.

Kiloso says:

I have a dream...

Moofi says:

Oh no. I feel a speech coming on.

Moofi says:

A LONG speech.

Kiloso says:

A dream that one-day, Neopians and words alike will live in harmony and in a peaceful empire. But they are here. And we are victims of them. So my dream cannot be accomplished. We must get rid of them, and what they cause, by boycotting...

Kiloso says:

You know what I'm saying?

Moofi says:

Yes. Many times I have spent my hard-earned Neopoints on cures for floppy tongue, and complicated tongue twisters are always the cause.

Kiloso says:

Wow, you do understand. But are you ready to help me boycott the tongue shrinkers, by you writing the intro?

Kiloso says:

Please say you will....

Moofi says:

As ready as ready can be! I have quite a few sharpened pencils and a large quantity of ink for my quill on hand, just in case I needed to write something. And right now, I NEED to write something. FOR THE CITIZENS OF NEOPIA!

Kiloso says:

Too bad it's already written, eh?


The Helpful Yet Hard To Pronounce Tongue Twisty Rating Scaleo Thingamabobberria

(Remodeled with Moofi’s help, and it’s still a twelve!)

Many of you may remember this, as you were smart and read the previous warnings, and things to be aware of in my last article. It is a bit different, but it is an equivalent to the previous; however, the threats, are getting more serious. We waste Neopoints because of these villains, and most of the time, they go into buying more of the things that are just like the villains.

1 = Peo’s anyone? What, not a threat? Almost NOT but it still is.

2 = It is a little more dangerous than 1, but there is not much danger, unless a word such as Draik is said 1,000 times.

3 = Word that bug you. An example would be Mallard. It could end up being Mallerc…

4 = El Pickulsaur Plushie!!!!

5 = those racing things in Meridell, and in Mynci Beach Volleyball… oh yeah Turdles is what they’re called!

6 = Snowickle, snowizcul.. Oh MEEP!

7 = Snorkle Snouts anyone?

8 = Purple Poogle Toy.

9 = these tongue twisters are harder than most, but still not the hardest. It’s like saying Achyfi Achyfi the Draik can fly, in Portuguese.

10 = Okay, lets just say this is similar to saying to Adam that you hate asparagus… (Not as a tongue twister, but it still emphasizes how hard the tongue twister is to say. Why is that so hard to say? Try saying it and staying alive.)

Everyday Tongue Twisters

Here are the every day threats to watch out for. Moofi and me have staked these for your benefit. And we don’t want you to go seeking them out as well. They spell out trouble, and Neopoints are wasted due to it. These are also some that we stumble across every day. Even being everyday things, they are still very dangerous.

1. Aisha = 1 out of 10

2. Negg = 1 out of 10

3. Turtum = 1 out of 10

4. Peo = 1 out of 10

5. Kiwi = 1 out of 10

6. Meepit = 2 out of 10

7. Hubert (Owner of Hubert’s Hot Dogs for those who don’t know him…) = 2 out of 10

8. Potato = 2 out of 10

9. Fyora = 3 out of 10

10. Neopian Times = 3 out of 10

11. Cherryberry Krawkade = 3 out of 10

12. Ultranova = 3 out of 10

13. Scoop Chops = 4 out of 10

14. Kreludor = 4 out of 10

15. Gummy Grensa = 4 out of 10

16. Turdle = 5 out of 10

17. Interesting Ixis = 5 out of 10

18. Doctor Sloth = 6 out of 10

19. Cream Covered Acara Cookie= 6 out of 10

20. Caramel Kiko Sweets = 7 out of 10

21. Furry Fury Grarrl Gobstopper = 7 out of 10

22. Purple Poogle Toy = 8 out of 10

23. Pink Poogle Toy = 8 out of 10

24. Minty Meerca Mini Cake = 9 out of 10

25. Walking Carpet Rug = 9 out of 10

26. Dreary Lily=10 out of 10

27. Walking Carpet = 10 out of 10

28. Rustic Kougra Plushie = 10 out of 10

29. Super Sour Shocker Chia Pop = 10 out of 10

30. Castle of Eliv Thade = 10 out of 10

Evil People

Some tongue twisters are intentional, and have been made by the worst evils ever just to mess with us, and try to take over Neopia! Moofi and me have set out and found them, through experience, witnessing, and even through other ways. Beware of these. They are VERY, VERY dangerous. We even have a list of those evil people now, so you can take them on in the Battledome. The evil people are as follows:

1. Greg the very angry programmer

2. Pet Rocks

3. Number Six

4. Sloth

5. Tax Beast

6. Mr. Roboto.

7. The Lab Ray Scientist.

Yes, we know there are many more Neopians we could have listed, but that is a basic outline, and the ones who are most evil. And their twisters are actually more evil then they are. He they come, the intentional tongue twisters of doom!

Intentional Tongue Twisters

Adam smells like poo = 1 out of 10

Mr. Roboto rampaged and rioted = 1 out of 10

Sloth’s staring at soup = 2 out of 10

Wonderful Warfs wait for Wednesday = 2 out of 10

The Phantom Orange Shirt Guy is responsible for us getting more words for the word count = 3 out of 10

Beth the Bruce was the best Bruce and won the beauty contest = 4 out of 10

Betty the Blumaroo bit a black Babaa’s big blue nose = 5 out of 10

Jelly World doesn’t exist and never will= 5 out of 10

Mr. Pickles picked a pickle-like petpet = 5 out of 10

Snowflake sat silently sipping simmering soup swiftly = 6 out of 10

Snowflake snatched some snooping Snot pets and sent them home = 6 out of 10

Grimlix the Grundo played a great game of gormball and gave Grundos a great name. = 7 out of 10

Malevolent Meercas merrily march with mournful Meepits and magnificent Miamice while marveling at marzipan and magenta-loving Moehogs = 8 out of 10

Miep the Meepit made millions mopping muck off many marble floors = 9 out of 10

Sloth Day Soup sat silently since soup’s unable to speak = 10 out of 10

Kiloso says:

I want you to right the conclusion.

Kiloso says:


Kiloso says:

A conclusion about the evil tongue twisters

Kiloso says:

And how we would like to thank the people for reading this

Kiloso says:

And that they need to avoid them.

Kiloso says:

Anything you need to add tell me.

Kiloso says:

And I'll see about it.

Kiloso says:

Well, Moofi?

Moofi says:

Ok... just a second, I'll get right on it

Kiloso says:

But say goodbye, and tell them to lookout. Oops, we've already done it again! We’ve already written it!

Kiloso says:

Well anything to say? I'd like to add: Goodbye and be aware!

Kiloso says:

And stway afway fwom twongue wisters… owh no! Moowfwee cood joo twanswate?

Moofi says:

Looks like I can withstand them a little better. If we don’t buy the cure, tongue twisters will stop, and go away do to no income… Well what he’s trying to say is avoid tongue twisters and try to boycott the tongue shrinkers. And last but not least… He’s crazy, lazy, and insane and can be boring, and he can still hear me. Well goodbye!

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