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Holidays That Didn't Make It

by dancingqween888


SOMEWHERE FESTIVE – The Neopets Team (or TNT) always has a unique idea forming in their twisted minds for this interesting site. Most of these ideas have to do with upcoming pet days, but sometimes there’s a Neopian holiday. This very informative article will (hopefully) inform you of the Neopian holidays that didn’t make it to the New Features page. Perhaps all you readers can help make these holidays real by bombarding TNT with treats to set the Meepits on them if the holidays aren’t brought online! Or, maybe not…

In any case, here are the holidays that really ought to be released (wink wink, nudge nudge, TNT!). Enjoy fantasizing about what you would do if these holidays did exist in Neopia!

Free Labbing Day – This is the one day of the year that you don’t have to have the full lab map to locate the evasive thing! And if you do have it, we don’t want that privilege be less valuable, do we? So if you happen to have access to the ray, you can lab all your pets in one day!

Quadruple Point Day – Don’t miss this holiday! Today, you can play any flash game you want and get quadruple Neopoints for it! Also, feel free to send your score as many times as you want.

Hacking Day – Get those password-deciphering programs ready, ‘cause today you can hack into anyone’s account and do whatever you want to with it! Hmmmmm…maybe there’s a reason this holiday didn’t make it…can’t imagine why that would be, though…

Free, Free, Free Day – That’s right, today all Neopian shops are FREE! See a Krawk Transmogrification Potion at Kauvara’s? Get it free of charge! Note: This does not apply to user-owned shops or trades at the Trading Post.

Omelette Day – Yep, today you can get as much free omelette as you want from Tyrannia’s very own Giant Omelette! Whoot!

Jelly World Discovery Day – Today is for all you newbies and skeptical Neopians who don’t know (or don’t believe) that Jelly World exists! TNT makes a banner advertising a vacation there, and that banner appears on every page! So get packing! Everyone wants a taste of Jelly World! Ha ha – get it? A taste of Jelly World? Never mind.

Monster Day – You heard me. All of Neopia’s monsters need a day to play too. All of them are out and about today, from the harmless Bug Brothers to the chicken-headed, evil Dr. Frank Sloth! You’d best remain inside and lock all your doors.

Ha Ha Ha Day – Today, no one will be able to stop laughing, even in a serious situation.

Interior and Exterior Redecoration Day – Translation – Every ugly building in Neopia (such as the Pound) will be made pretty inside and out.

Quest Day – Today, everyone will get a Faerie quest! Not only that, but the items they ask for will be cheap and easy to find! Yes!

Asparagus Day – Ah, Neopia’s favorite veggie! Everyone loves it, so why not have a special day dedicated to it?

Petpet Day – Everybody out of the way,

The petpets are out to play!

Like my poem? I do. Anyway, petpets have kept our beloved pets happy for years, and they need special recognition. All the petpets in Neopia will be in a parade today, and all day they will be pampered and treated like kings (and queens)!

Paint Brush Day – You log on to Neopets, still mourning about the fact that you don’t have that Shadow paint brush that you so desperately want. You got to your inventory – and there it is. A Shadow paint brush, no strings attached. Where did it come from? It’s a free gift from Neopets! Yep, today everyone gets a rare paint brush whether they log on or not. Which one you get is random, and you can only get one paint brush per e-mail address. Don’t forget about the awesome sidebar!

Adoption Day – Today is your only chance to get five pets, so log on! The only catch is that your fifth pet must be adopted. Let’s see if we can empty the Pound, people!

Grarrl Rights Day – Grarrls are considered mean, smelly, ugly, etc. So today, you will be reminded that hardly any Grarrls are mean, smelly, ugly, etc. They are pets just like yours and mine, and they rock! So let’s convince everyone how cool they are today!

Sleep In Day - *yawn* Today the Neopets staff will be *yawn* in late today, so the New Features won’t be *yawn* updated until later. Where will they *yawn* be? Sleeping in, of course!

Hidden Tower Day – In honor of the Hidden Tower, which has supplied us with Royal, Baby, and Darigan paint brushes, not to mention all those awesome Battledome weapons, everyone will get an awesome sidebar. Also, to give Fyora a bit of a break from telling people that she won’t take anything lower than what the item is worth, everything in it is dirt cheap!

Peace Day – The Battledome will be closed today because its violent atmosphere violates the policies of Peace Day. Arguments and fights will get your account frozen. Well, maybe not frozen.

Evil Day – Excessive amounts of evil will be seen everywhere today. Don’t worry. This holiday is just to make up for all the evil we missed on Peace Day.

So there they are! The eleven holidays that didn’t make it to the site are now released by yours truly. Eleven holidays to bug TNT about putting into action. I’m off to see if I can negotiate with the Meepits about taking over the New Features and releasing these special dates. Join me?

The End

Author’s Note: Yes! My very first NT publication! Go me! No worries, TNT has never come up with these holidays. I made them up, although some were given to me by people listed below. Feedback, feedback, feedback! PLEASE Neomail me your CONSTRUCTIVE criticism and comments. I have a fiery temper and I don’t tolerate rudeness.

I’d like to be a regular NT writer, so tips and comments from you experienced writers is greatly appreciated! Thank you! And a huge thank you to hilaryduff99099 for helping me come up with a holiday to add. Your help was greatly appreciated!

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