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Enjoying Spring

by katchakern2003


Preparing for Spring

My motto is that everything in Neopets, and in the real world has a reputation. A Kau has a tendency to snort for unknown reasons, a Cybunny has a charming effect on people and reminds them to practice proper etiquette, Dr. Sloth has a chilling effect that makes you cuddle up in your Neohome and play games, and spring... has a tendency to make you start new things. Spring is known as a period of renewal, and to do that, I have wrote a little guide of some Neopets things that you and your pets will enjoy.

1) Decorating Neogardens

The most important reminder of spring is experiencing the joy of a nature, and a Neogarden in your Neohome is "must." Installment is fairly inexpensive, and once you have a Neogarden, the only thing you need to worry about is taming it. Once you have installed your Neogarden, wait about 48 hours, before planting flowers and other shrubs, bushes and trees.

As all gardening jobs, you should require some gardening equipment. For starters, I would just get a Basic Shovel, Lawn Mower, Blue Wheelbarrow and a Potting Bench. All of these tools can be found at the Neopian Garden Center. Now that you got that, let's get on to the planting!

The best place to get plants fresh, and healthy is the Neopian Garden Center. However, before you start planting I would suggest getting "My Garden Book" by Leaf Aisha. It not only gives you tips on making the Neogarden of your dreams, but it also gives you step-by-step instructions for planting exotic flowers, and gives you a plant journal so you can record your flower's growing progress. It is the perfect guide to making sure your plants grow steadily. Before you buy the plants, check in your Garden Book how much water they require, the amount of sunlight needed, and special fertilization. Once you have decided on which plants to get, go back to the Neopian Garden Center and get them.

Once you get the plants, plant them in rich fertile soil about 7 inches apart. Once your plants have been planted, make sure that they receive a proper amount of water, but not too much so that the plants are soggy. If they are soggy, they will attract insects and you would have a major problem getting rid of them. In that case, the best service available today is the Buzz-A-Way Insect Removal. It takes about 8 hours per Neogarden for full insect removal, so before you water your plants, make sure you know what amount of water they really need.

Once your plant life is steadily growing, the next step is decoration. You are the landscaper, so you are the person that decided what is right for your Neogarden. If you want to stretch your legs and relax hearing the chirping birds and the gentle splashing of the water, I would suggest getting a pond or fountain. A pond is generally cheaper, and lasts longer not needing as much repair as a fountain does. The cheapest and simplest is Stylishly Simple Pond. It is worth around 15,000 NP, and is a must have for any nature lover. However, if you want a fountain, I am afraid that you will have a smaller selection between a Pink Fountain and a Techo Fountain Pond. I would suggest getting the Pink Fountain since it requires less maintenance and is less bound to get mold. These ponds and fountains can rarely be found in the Neopian Garden Center, so if you want it a quicker way, ask the Shop Wizard.

Now that you have your pond or fountain, you need to set up a picnic area. Here you can read, or just plain sun tan. There are many selections to choose from starting with a simple and inexpensive Wooden Patio Table to the high class Disco Picnic Table. Unfortunately these tables do not include chairs, umbrellas or other necessities, so you can get the inexpensive Checkered Umbrella and the Wooden Patio Chair at the Neopian Garden Center. And if you want to be a bit more fancy, I would suggest checking with the shop wizard for more options.

Once your plants have been planted, you should think if you want to continue gardening, and if it suits your taste. If so, I would suggest getting a Garden Shed. The cheapest one is the Brick Garden Shed. You can choose from more expensive options such as the Cloud, Fire and Green Garden Shed. Here you can plant the flowers that require special needs, and store all of your gardening equipment so that it is not scattered all around your Neogarden.

2) Spending a week in Meridell

Although this quiet world is not that popular among us, that does not mean that it does not offer the vacation of your dreams. There are so many things to see, so many things to do that it is difficult not to fall in love with it. Before planning your trip there, I would suggest getting these things:

A Dummy’s Guide to Humor- Just if you happen to drop by the castle and tell King Skarl a joke. I must warn you though, it better be good or you will be thrown out of the castle.

A Checker Board Game- If you should challenge yourself to a game of Shapeshifter, a Checker Board Game is all the practice you’ll need.

Popcorn- This is a must if you are going to see Turdle Racing. These cute little Turdles aren’t as slow as they seem.

Face Mask- If you are planning to Kiss the Mortog, I must warn you that some of those creatures are quite nasty and will explode right in your face resulting major clogging of your pores. No matter if you are female or male, I would carry a face mask just in case.

Raw Potato- If you happen to stop by Ye Olde Food Shoppe, bring the shopkeeper a raw potato as a gift. He might give you quite a potato treat! After all, it is his specialty.

Glasses- When you are playing Meridell’s favorite game Ultimate Bullseye, it is recommended that you bring some sunglasses with you. This is because when you have to aim high, the sun can be quite painful to your eyes, and instead of having the rest of your vacation as a wonderful experience you will be suffering from Foggy Vision.

Earth Cream Cookie- This treat is one of the favorites of Illusen the Earth Faerie. If she is in a good mood, she might give you some of her little earthly trinkets. You can find her on the East side of Meridell in a little hut in the woods called Illusens Glade.

These are just some of the things that you need to bring and see in Meridell, and after all, there is so much more that you can never see enough.

3) Getting in the Spring Mood

Nothing relaxes you better than a Cloud Speaker. Lay down in a Bean Bag Chair, and let the music float you to the clouds. Warning: This music makes some victims extremely drowsy making them sleep for hours at a time. I would suggest setting your alarm clock on when you need to wake up just in case.

4) Bamboo

This healing type of wood is extremely helpful to relieve stress and lessen your worries. I would suggest creating a bamboo room with a Bamboo Bed, Rug, and other Bamboo necessities. It is guaranteed that you will see immediate results in yourself after sleeping in a Bamboo surrounded room for just 2 days.

5) Eat Natural Foods

Try eating only organic foods. Most of these foods can be found at the Neopian Fresh Food Store, and it will not only make you feel better, but you can get closer to nature as well. You will then realize that the food that you eat from Hubert’s Hot dogs is not even close to the quality that the Fresh Food store has.

Lastly, set a list of goals that you will try to accomplish during this spring season. Start your renewal process, and try to be closer to nature. If you use this guide for your spring season, you should definitely see results not only in yourself, but in the people around you too.

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