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Chaos In Faerieland: Part Two

by candied_sweet_tooth


Queen Fyora walked over to it shakily and picked it up. She clasped it in her hand for a few minutes before opening it. She took a deep breath and slowly opened the note…

     With trembling hands Queen Fyora read the note.

      If you wish for your things to be restored, you must meet master's demands, miss. He demands that you go to the Haunted Woods at midnight, near Edna's tower. He will meet you there. Concealed of course. He wishes that you bring your Faerie doll. After the meeting, another one of these notes will appear here in your tower. On it will be more demands, depending on the meeting went. Master also wishes that you don't touch the broken things, but replace the unbroken things to their rightful shelves. Someone is watching you, and they can tell us if you do not do as told.

      Queen Fyora felt so confused and light-headed, she nearly fainted. After calming down with a nice, piping hot cup of tea she was able to pull herself together and replace the unbroken items to their shelves.

      So many things were going on, she didn't know what to do. First the note in the library, then the mess in her tower, and the crowd, and the Crossword Faerie.

      "I should go back to the library and see if the mysterious person is there," Queen Fyora said to herself. And with that she got up and rushed down the Hidden Tower steps and ran over to the library.

      When she entered, she was the only person in the building, and there was a note on the table. She hoped that it was from the same mysterious person, and also hoped that it was a new note.

      She rushed over to it and picked it up. With trembling fingers she opened it and read it and then silently said, "Yes!" It was a new note!

      I am glad that you decided to have me help you, Queen Fyora. Now, in my studies, I have discovered that the Crossword Faerie, Elizabeth, is the spy! That is why she suggested you take absolutely no action. I think that you should take action and hide the Faeries. I have also uncovered a part of the plot for you. Sloth is behind this, and has hired Elizabeth to spy on you, and make sure that you aren't doing anything so you stay out of his way. You need to hide the Faeries, as he will be taking them slowly. So slowly that you will not even notice any of your Faeries missing. You must hide them! Also, when Elizabeth suggested that you take absolutely no action, she is going to tell the people that it was your orders to take no action. You have to do something. Please write on this note if you have anything you want to ask or anything like that. I'm always willing to help you during these dark times.

      Queen Fyora decided she could use all the help she could get. But she would like to meet this mysterious person. She wanted to know who she was dealing with, and wanted to know if this person was a spy for Sloth. So she wrote:

      I assure you that I am grateful for your help when Sloth is trying to destroy the Faeries. I want to meet you here in two minutes. I will go out, and come back in, and I want to see you at this table.

      She closed the note and went outside and waited for two minutes and then went back in the library. Sitting at the table with her head down was…Jhudora.

      Queen Fyora gasped and hurried to sit. "Jhudora," she started, but Jhudora interrupted her. "No, don't you say a word, Fyora. Anyway, you are not dealing with a spy from Sloth. Well you are, but it isn't me. So, you need my help I see."

      Queen Fyora nodded. "Yes. Jhudora, I'm not sure what to do!" she cried. Jhudora sighed. "Look, call a meeting and change the orders!" said Jhudora, and then inspected her fingernails. Queen Fyora nodded again and decided to do as Jhudora advised.

      After Jhudora left, she called a meeting that involved all faeries. When they all gathered in Faerie Square, she began by clearing her throat several times.

      "Hello, Faeries!" she said and the crowd remained deathly silent. So Queen Fyora gave the faeries one of her best, bright smiles and began again. "Hello, Faeries! I am so glad that you all could make this important meeting!" She smiled again, but then frowned. "As you know, Elizabeth, the Crossword Faerie, has told you different orders, but I wish to change that. I want all of you to go into hiding until further notice! Do it now, do as I tell you. You must hurry. Now go, and I do not want to see another faerie in Faerieland until I give the okay," she said, now serious and steel toned. "If I see a faerie, you shall be locked in my tower. If you wish to travel, you must consult me, and you must travel in groups of ten or more in case the mastermind behind this awful plot plans a surprise attack! Now do as I tell you and go into hiding now! Do not listen to the Crossword Faerie. Now go!" she bellowed.

      The faeries dispersed. After all the faeries left, Queen Fyora sighed and put her head in her hands. Just then, a minion swooped down and picked up Queen Fyora and carried her off to the Darigan Citadel, and no one heard her screaming.

      Sometime later, she awoke, even though she didn't remember falling asleep. She was in a dark, dank room, and she was sitting on a chair. There were no windows, but there was a single lamp in the corner of the room. "I hope I'm the only one in this room right now," she thought as she reached inside her robes and felt around for her Rod of Supernova, Snowballs, Faerie Magic, and Blocking Shield. She thought quickly and came up with a plan that used a lot of hope. The next moment she had put her plan into action.

      "AHHH!! WHERE AM I? HELP ME! AHHH!! EEK!! HELP ME, SOMEBODY!! I DON'T KNOW WHERE I AM! CAN YOU HELP ME?" she screeched. She hoped that someone would come down the stairs and tell her to be quiet. This would be when she attacked them. She also hoped that it would be Sloth.

      To her luck, it was Sloth.

      "Well, Queen Fyora. It seems the tables have turned. Now that I have you I won't be needing all of the other Faeries. I also see that you are helpless without your treasured Hidden Tower items. What are you going to do now? Why do you think I had your tower destroyed? Do you think I could be such a half-wit as to not plan this so carefully? Ha! You're the fool Fyora! I would love to see you send all your people to me! But that part comes later. For now, I want to see you suffer, so much as I suffered over the years when you saved your precious Faerie folk! But you didn't think carefully enough, did you?" he asked in a mocking voice. Queen Fyora bit her lip and kept her head down. She fingered her weapons and waited for just the right moment to strike.

      "You were so stupid as to think I had given up on you! Ha! I will never stop harassing you until I get what I want! I ALWAYS GET WHAT I WANT, AND YOU WILL MAKE MY DREAMS FROM YEARS PAST COME TRUE! YOU WILL HELP ME TO BECOME MASTER OF NEOPIA! YOU HAVE TRIED, AND YOU HAVE FAILED, FYORA! NOW YOU MUST PAY! YOU MUST SUFFER THE CONSEQUENCES FOR YOUR MINDLESS ACTIONS YOU FOOL!" Sloth bellowed and struck Fyora across the face. She moaned in pain, but through the haze and blur, she knew it was her time to strike.

      She stood up abruptly and whipped out her Rod of Supernova. "ASTRIKE!" she cried and pointed it at Sloth. He flew backwards and then was tipped onto his hands. Now he was upside down!

      Queen Fyora took this moment to run away, but the spell lasted only seconds and Sloth caught Queen Fyora's ankle as she tried to run away. Then she took out a Tortured Snowball and flung it at Sloth.

      Both the Snowball and Sloth screeched as Sloth tried to claw it off his face.

      Queen Fyora pointed the Rod of Supernova at Sloth once more and bellowed yet another spell. "CHEINSAY!" Sloth was flung up to the ceiling and had to crawl along it like a common spider. This spell, too, only lasted seconds. As Queen Fyora ran, she sprinkled the Faerie Magic, which made the floor slippery, and burst through the door.

      She quickly flew up into the sky and waited for Sloth to come sliding out, and then she could finish him off. After a few minutes, she still did not see Sloth, so she looked back inside the tunnel.

      There, lying on the ground was Sloth, unconscious. She giggled and then went inside the tunnel and picked him up and carried him off to the Virtupets Space Station.

      She placed him in the meeting room and sprinkled him with Faerie Magic so that he would forget his plot and everything having to do with the Faeries when he awoke.

      She retreated to Faerieland and gave the okay to the faeries.

      "I have returned from a successful journey! Elizabeth, the Crossword Faerie is in prison now, and Faerieland is once again safe!" she cried once all the faeries had gathered in Faerie Square. She smiled brightly at them all and one Faerie cried, "Tell us of your journey, Queen Fyora!"

      Queen Fyora smiled, knowing her tower was clean, and decided she had time to tell the tale.

      "Well, it all started when I was looking out the Hidden Tower window…"

The End

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