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The Deserted Fairground: Chilling or Charming?

by sexylilacdevil


DESERTED FAIRGROUND - I just can’t understand why The Deserted Fairground is deserted! I mean, fair enough, if it wasn’t the name wouldn’t really work but... still. It’s full of everything you’d ever need, including entertainment! Where else is there in all Neopia where you can go shopping, eat and play a few games? Okay, maybe Terror Mountain... And The Lost Desert... And Meridell... Oh, okay, there are lots of places but The Deserted Fairground is the most unique and compelling of them all. And here’s why…


Shopping, of course! Every Neopian enjoys shopping, even if they do manage to convince themselves and others that they’re saving for the lab map or a gallery. You have to let your hair down once in a while and where else better than The Deserted Fairground? Fair enough, it may actually make you hair stand on end but once you get past the whole haunted, ghost-ridden, cursed.. thing, you’ll see there are actually quite charming little shops to while away the hours, browsing the shelves while the shopkeepers eye you suspiciously (Honestly, it’s nothing personal, they just don’t like other people.). Look, let me just tell you about some of the things on offer there and you can make up your own mind, okay?

Spooky Foods – The choice of stars! Edna, The Esophagor and several more interesting.. creatures, have been spotted in this, ahem, different kind of delicatessen. It specialises in such exotic delicacies as; Pumpkin Pie, Mashed Eye Potato, Sun Dried Techo Claw and much, much more. Swing by and check it out, we promise that the food there is much more tasty than you’ll ever be, so there should be no trouble from some of the more regular customers. =]

Haunted Weaponry – Some of Neopia’s most dangerously effective battle items are sold here for a very good price. Don’t worry, no matter how much the shopkeeper looks at you and licks his lips, you are perfectly safe.. He just enjoys other people’s company and you’d be silly to refuse his polite offer of having you for dinner. He asks everyone.. I guess he just really enjoys entertaining people! Anyways, you can buy anything from Magic Brooms to Glowing Cauldrons. If your pet is in need of a little extra deviant help, the Haunted Weaponry is the shop that stocks for that one purpose.

Spooky Furniture – If the idea of having a Neohome adorned with wrought iron and spikes appeals to you, you need look no further. Anything from Spyder Wardrobes to Meowclops-themed items can be purchased at this store. For a good price, you could have a Neohome fit for Lord Darigan in no time. Oh, and don’t forget the oh so truthful words often spoken by the Spooky Furniture Shopkeeper :- “No crumbling tower, dark cave, or swamp hut is complete without it!”


Games are a major attraction at any fairground, and deserted ones are no exception! Just step right up and experience the thrilling delights that The Deserted Fairground has to offer the game-players in us all. >=]

Carnival Of Terror – This game is perfect for all those who dream of being chased and attacked by parachuting, killer robot clowns who’s one sole purpose is to destroy you.. Then you’ll just LOVE this! Armed with a custard-and-evil-killer-robot-clown-annihalating gun, you can shoot away to your hearts content while earning Neopoints!

Note: The Deserted Fairground™ is not responsible for loss of limbs, any senses or life and is not obligated to refrain from stealing all Neopoints and items should loss of life indeed be the case.

Coconut Shy – A fairly new addition to the Fairground, the Coconut Shy was an immediate hit among many hopeful, even if naïve, Neopians. I mean, it’s not rigged or anything, honest it’s not. It’s just a enjoyable game of luck and chance.. That isn’t rigged. ^_~

Test-Your-Strength – One of the fairgrounds most famous, and infamous, attractions has to be the Test-Your-Strength, run by the friendly and totally honest shopkeeper, Arnold the Mynci. If you think you’re strong enough to pass the test, pick up the mallet (if you can – Arnold’s words, not mine ^_^), and prepare to test your strength!

Cork Gun Gallery – This game is hosted by a very secretive Aisha that just.. turned up one day. She looks suspiciously like the Court Dancer.. But it couldn’t be her! Anyways, pick up a rifle, aim at your target and pull the trigger. If you’re lucky you could win a great prize! And if you’re not then.. Well, you just don’t win anything!.. You know, she really does look like the Court Dancer.. Hmmm.. –Shrugs-.


There are plenty of Luck games for those of you that prefer taking risks.. In fact some people would say you’re taking a risk just visiting the place! Hahahaa... –ahem-, yeah.. Right well.. yeah.

Sidney's Sscratchcards – If you fancy taking a plunge into the lucky-dippiness of scratchcards, there’s no better place to do it than at Sidney’s, everyone’s favourite evil, possibly insane Nimmo with a lisp! You could walk away with millions of Neopoints, an avatar or many more other fantastic prizes. On the other hand you could walk away with nothing apart from the feeling that your pocket’s 1200 Neopoints lighter but why focus on the bad when you can win all that good! Go, give it a try... You know you want to.. Please?

Wheel Of Misfortune –

One of Neopia’s very own Wheel’s.. They get everywhere don’t they? =]. Give it a spin and watch as fate decides your future. You could win toys, books, maybe even Neopoints, so it’s worth it! Be careful what symbol it lands on though, you could also end up with one of your most beloved items that you’d happened to transfer from your Safety Deposit Box to you Inventory just five minutes beforehand, transformed into a pile of smelly, sludgy sludge, (The item changed is random)! On the other hand this is another way of obtaining one of those elusive game avatars =P, so I think you’ll agree that the Benefits, greatly outweigh the Costs.. Don’t they? =S.

Well, that’s it from me. I hope you enjoyed my guide to The Deserted Fairground and that it’s changed your mind about it entir—The exit? Well... it’s just over there. Wait a minute, don’t you want a shot at the Cork Gallery.. Or maybe a spin on the Wheel Of Misfortune.. –runs after you shouting- Come back, it really isn’t that bad.. Well, if you get here before midnight anyway.. COME BACK!

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