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Mastering Bilge Dice

by sh0rty4lyf


KRAWK ISLAND - Bilge Dice has to be one of the finest games there is to choose from (it is in the Chance category of the games). Once you master it, you can effortlessly earn up to 5K (that’s 5,000 Neopoints) each day from this game alone.

To play this game, you ante up a certain amount of Neopoints and are then shown 6 dice with the words ‘keep’ underneath them. You are required to keep AT LEAST one of the dice before you can roll the remaining ones (when you keep one of the dice, it goes in Your Hand). Once you roll the remaining ones, you need to again choose AT LEAST one to keep, and then you can roll them a second time. This pattern continuous until you have kept all six dice and filled up your hand. Further down I will explain how to figure out which dice you should keep and which you should roll.

When you first start the game, you can choose a 10 NP or 50 NP ante. In the beginning, play using 10 NP just to get the hang of it, then move to 50 NP. After playing at 50 NP for a while, you will have the option of anteing 100 NP. After playing at 100 NP for a while you can play at 200 NP, and after 200 NP you can play at 500 NP, which is the largest amount you can ante in the game.

If you ante 10 NP and win the game, you get 40 NP

If you ante 50 NP and win the game, you get 200 NP

If you ante 100 NP and win the game, you get 400 NP

If you ante 200 NP and win the game, you get 800 NP

If you ante 500 NP and win the game, you get 2000 NP

To win the game you obviously have to have a higher score than either of your opponents (Monty, Grimtooth, and Deadeye). Each opponent has a slightly different way of playing the game; make sure you read through their profiles on the first page of the game to get an idea of their unique styles.

Your score is the added number of the four dice you keep in Your Hand (not counting your qualifiers). The highest score you can get is a 24, which is four 6s. For your score to count, you need to get the two qualifiers (a four and a one). If you do not have these qualifiers, you lose, regardless of your score.

If one or more of your opponents have the same score as you, it’s a draw. You will get the Neopoints you anted up back.

Here is a short guide on how to win at a game of Bilge Dice. Keep in mind it does not work in all occasions, but it works for most of them.

Step 1. Ante up. If this is your first time playing, use 10 NP Once you get the hang of it, ante the highest amount you can so you can max out on winning 5,000 NP faster.

Step 2. On your FIRST roll:

- If there is one or more 6s, keep ONE 6.

- If you see one of the qualifiers (one or four), keep it.

- If you see both of the qualifies, keep only one of them.

- If there are NO 6s and NO qualifiers, keep the highest die.

Roll remaining dice.

Step 3. On your SECOND roll:

- If there is one of more 6s, keep ONE 6.

- If you see one of the qualifiers, keep it.

- If you see both qualifiers, keep both.

- If you have at least one qualifier and there is no 6, you can keep a 5 if you see it.

- If there are NO 6s and NO qualifiers, keep the highest die.

Roll remaining dice.

Step 4. On your THIRD AND REMAINING rolls:

- You should have at least one qualifier by now, if you don't, keep both as soon as you get the chance to.

- If you have one qualifier and the other pops up, keep it.

- Once you get both qualifiers, keep any 6 or 5 you see.

- If you have the qualifiers, but there are no 6s or 5s, keep the highest die.

Additional Tips:

- Remember to keep an eye on your opponent's score and what dice they have. For instance, let's say you have both qualifiers and 3 sixes. You need one more dice to finish and you can either choose the 3 that popped up or roll again and try to get a higher number. You may glance over at your opponents score and see that one doesn't qualify or that the highest score they can get is a 20 (in that case, you go ahead and take the 3, giving you a score of 21. If you risk rolling the dice, you may end up with a 1 or a 2 and lose or draw with your opponents).

- Remember not to be GREEDY. If on the first roll three 6s, a 5, and two threes pop up, do NOT rush to take all the sixes. If you do, you will have fewer rolls left and, thus, have a lesser chances of getting your qualifiers before you run out of rolls..

- Sometimes you get lucky and when you just start the game, there will be BOTH qualifiers and three or so 6s. In this case, TAKE THEM ALL. Then roll the remaining dice and take the highest of them.

- Sometimes you have what seem like streaks of bad luck and you just keep losing games because these 2s and 3s keep popping up near the end of the game and you are forced to take one. These horrible little dice are worthless and drop your score down considerably. Do not let these streaks of bad luck deter you from playing the game. The game is really random and sometimes you’ll get horrible rolls for like 3 games in a row and then you keep playing and get some excellent rolls with mostly 6s in it.

- For you avatar collectors, there are TWO avatars you can get from the game. The first is a random event that may occur when you win with a perfect score of 24. The second is from winning the game 10 times in a row.

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