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The Music Lover’s Guide to Concerts

by snapple_princess


TYRANNIA - Need an efficient stress buster? Or are you just looking for some entertainment? The perfect solution would be to go see a concert! At the Concert Hall in Tyrannia, you can listen to many different music groups, a different one playing each day.

Tickets may be bought nearby at the Ticket Booth and they only cost 1,250 NP each. But you better hurry and buy them early on in the day because the more popular groups tend to sell out very quickly. Don’t worry, though, because they can also be bought from other Neopians that are selling their tickets for a slightly higher price.

There are plenty of different kinds of bands for everyone. Don’t know which ones are good? Then this is the perfect guide for you! In it I have compiled facts, ratings, and reviews about each band so that you can decide for yourself which one you would like to see.

2 Gallon Hatz

Genre: Country

Rating: *

Review: All the country music lovers out there might want to go check out this band but for the rest of you, I don’t recommend it. While the banjo and the drums players are quite talented, there is not much else that I liked about the performance. The dancers possess little, if any, skills and I found their moves to be quite repetitive so I suggest they enroll in the soonest dancing class. Their tunes and lyrics are so-so but not enough to catch my attention.

Blue Kacheek Group

Genre: Trance

Rating: ***

Review: This Kacheek-trio, in my opinion, has a lot of potential. While there is no actual singing, the music is really upbeat and the dancing is simply superb. Their performance will keep your head nodding all night long. Most importantly, it has all the qualities of a good concert- bright lights, catchy beats, great dancing, and cool costumes.

Chomby and the Fungus Balls

Genre: Disco

Rating: ****

Review: Boy that Chomby really can belt it! As one of my favorite groups, I strongly suggest seeing CatFB. Trust me, once the music starts, you will want to bust out some of your own moves. The fans are loud and crazy and it’s easy to see why- a talented lead singer and four dancing fungus balls that really know how to have a groovy time. You won’t want to miss this!


Genre: Hard Rock

Rating: **

Review: Electric guitars. Outrageous hair. Lots of jamming. That’s usually what comes to mind when you think of the group Gruundo. Really, they know how to play the electric guitar. And they play it pretty well too. But what I like most about this group, sadly enough, isn’t their music. No, the best thing about Gruundo is their wacky hairstyles so while their music is fine, their style is GREAT.


Genre: Jazz

Rating: ****

Review: Jazzmosis is probably the most popular band in Neopia (which I strongly suspect has something to do with the avatar, but that’s a whole different story). Either way, their music is excellent. I mean it. Saxophone? Good. Keyboards? Got it. Cello? Even better. It is very easy to relax with your cup of coffee and just forget about all your worries. And the whole time there you will want to snap your fingers and tap your feet along to the singer’s words. So even if you aren’t the biggest fan of jazz, I still suggest seeing this group.


Genre: Island

Rating: ****

Review: Not the most popularly listened to kind of music but still excellent. I suspect this band from the islands will become pretty big over the next year or so. The music is very catchy, with instruments such as shakers and other noise-makers. The dancing is great, especially the hula dancer. Their costumes are also nice- grass skirts, flower shirts, and island necklaces. The last thing that makes their performance so great is the island-like environment. A beach in the background, and palm trees and coconuts encircling the stage makes the experience unforgettable.


Genre: Hard Rock

Rating: **

Review: Fast paced and upbeat music is what this group is all about. Moehogs with moehawks, get it? Um, moving on…these three guys have a lot of talent, no doubt about it. And they sure can rock well onstage too. But what gives for the not-so-perfect rating? Well, there just isn’t this group that sets it far apart from all the other rock bands. Their type of music is overplayed and there is no singer to back up what they play. So while rock fanatics will still want to give them a try, I really don’t suggest seeing them until they come out with new, ear-catching material.


Genre: Pop

Rating: *

Review: One of the worst performances I have seen (and trust me I’ve seen plenty). I suppose I should start off with something good about the group. Their music was nice. That’s pretty much it. And all the bad things? For one thing, the lighting flashes into different colors every second which hurts your eyes and makes it difficult to see. What you can see is five different colored Myncis dancing on top of platforms. But wait- I haven’t reached the worst part yet: the dancing. Their “dancing” consists of spinning around in circles and waving their arms every so often. Not very impressive. You might want to skip this concert.

Sticks ‘N Stones

Genre: Rock

Rating: ***

Review: Finally, a rock group with some decent music! The guitarists can really jam and the drummer provides nice beats. What really gets the crowd going is the band member near the front that runs back and forth with his stick. It is very easy to tell how much fun the fans are having because of the good music and you can also see how hard the band is rocking by the way the stage is shaking! You might want to check this group out next time they are in town!

The Neopian Philharmonic

Genre: Orchestra

Rating: ****

Review: Not my most favorite kind of music. I usually fall asleep during symphonies but I actually paid attention during this one. First of all, I must mention what a good of a job the conductor does in leading the music and now I would like to mention the immense amount of talent that all the musicians have. The harp player, the trumpet player, the cello player, and the flutist. Every single one of them are great. But my absolute favorite part of the orchestra is the Meerca that plays the triangle. No joke. Sure he only has that small part of hitting the triangle at the very end, but the precision! The accuracy! Ah, perfection.

Twisted Roses

Genre: Scary

Rating: ***

Review: The music can be a bit, erm, frightening at first. But if you think about it, Twisted Roses plays music that is very original and I have gone to see them many times. Their concerts are always very flamboyant and out there, and I enjoy listening to the music. Sure, the screaming can get old, but the guitar player is rather enjoyable and the keyboard player plays on two different keyboards at once!

Wock Til’ You Drop

Genre: Rock

Rating: ****

Review: Ah, a group from Tyrannia itself. The concerts this group puts on are always entertaining and fun. For one thing, their music has become very popular lately. Another thing that adds to their great concert is how well they have the Tyrannian look down. The guitarist plays a neat looking guitar that but the drummer basically bangs on a bunch of stones with bones! Finally, the crowd always goes wild over the group member that is stuck inside a stone. Absolutely wonderful- a must see!

Yes Boy Ice Cream

Genre: Techno

Rating: ***

Review: The Yes Boy Ice Cream performance I attended was something different. And I don’t mean bad-different. The three Shoyrus are fantastic dancers and have really interesting costumes to add to the whole techno effect. Also, the music is fast, catchy and head-banging. Good music and good dancing…. I’d definitely say this is a concert worth seeing.

Hopefully by now you will have seen at least a few bands you might be interested in seeing. As I stated earlier, there are many different groups for a variety of tastes. And if you didn’t see anything you liked, then I guess you will just have to wait until a new band comes out.

Note: Please remember, I just made up these reviews/ratings and they may or may not actually reflect the music so if you disagree with anything I wrote, don’t get mad at me.

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