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99 Ways To Tell If You Are Addicted To NeoQuest II

by precious_katuch14


GAMES ROOM - Do you have the sudden urge to click ahead onto the “Puzzles” section? Do you skip every other game…most especially flash ones, in favor of a certain game that is divided into five acts, chock-full of monsters, heroes and heroines and extremely challenging to your mind and fingers?

Well, you came to the right article. I deal with what people may call ADDICTUS SEGUND-NEOQUESTIA, or the condition wherein you are hooked onto the sequel of Neoquest, better known as NQII. Many people do suffer from it, myself included. And it gets worse when you enter Insane Mode…sometimes you end up seated on your chair for like…A WHOLE DAY WITHOUT MOVING! [Faints]

[Gets up and resumes]

And if you don't know whether you're as mind-numbingly addicted to this game as we are *coughyouneverwill* then look at this 99 easy-to-follow list on how addicted you are!

1. You suddenly get an abnormal fear of elephants, especially red ones with cloaks.

2. You wonder why you can’t unleash Obliterate or Astral Maelstrom in the BD.

3. You absolutely refuse to read the Neopian Times unless there is something in it about Neoquest II.

4. You memorized the maps in nearly every act forwards and backwards.

5. The same with the cutscenes, or the animations you watch after you conquer an act.

6. The same with the dialogues of the bosses a.k.a. the big monsters in every chapter.

7. The same with the dialogues of the random characters hanging around the environment.

8. The same with this list when you’re done reading it.

9. You wonder why you can't heal yourself using a stick.

10. You complain when your Neopets don't get skill points when they level up.

11. You suddenly find that you can't get up from your seat because of the fungus growing there.

12. You find that there are food crumbs all over the place from leftover dinners.

13. You find that your pants are very wet.

14. You find that you don't care about 11-13.

15. You attempt to walk on clouds.

16. When someone taps you on the shoulder, you slash him abruptly.

17. And even score a critical hit.

18. And stun him.

19. And accuse him of attacking you.

20. You write stories wherein the characters are named after NQII characters.

21. You become so accustomed to your mouse's clicking that you can tell time by it.

22. You try to sell tunics and robes for gold.

23. You dream of NQII.

24. You daydream of NQII.

25. You collected all the NQII-related items.

26. You have mastered how to decipher the Chia Oscuro's Chias' language.

27. You've searched the entire Lost Desert to try and find a way into the stairs the guard was blocking.

28. You enjoy the mindless walking throughout the acts.

29. You've completed your 100 Ramtors' Spellbook collection.

30. You absolutely despise Earth, Water, Fire, and Dark Faeries.

31. You have an abnormal fear of little Chias bent on world domination.

32. You've won an NQII race trophy.

33. You've beaten InSaNe...more than twice.

34. You don't play any other game on the site.

35. Not even the original NQ.

36. Your bank account is dry and empty because of buying all the really expensive NQII plushies.

37. You keep forgetting to do your homework simply because you're always on the computer.

38. You claim that everything reminds you of NQII...

39. Including your bedroom walls...

40. Even your own friends...

41. And bellybutton lint...

42. You've memorized what LFRA stands for.

43. You've made real-life dolls resembling the NQII characters.

44. You suffer from a severe lack of sleep.

45. Your favourite letters are N, E, O, Q, U, E, S and T.

46. Your favourite number is II, 2 or two.

47. You know the entire coding for the game.

48. You're as insane as Mr. Insane.

49. You only make friends named after NQII characters.

50. You try and change your name to a NQII character's.

51. You wonder why you can't fight in the BD with all your pets at once.

52. You call NP, "gold pieces".

53. You demand a sequel for NQII.

54. You love our article so far, because it's about NQII.

55. You've read and bookmarked every single article about NQII in the NT.

56. Your pets are a Blumaroo, Acara, Eyrie and Techo.

57. You still laugh at Scuzzy's name.

58. You once tried to break down your computer screen to get into the game yourself.

59. You have every single bow, arrow, sword, staff, wand, tunic, armour, chain and robe in Neopia.

60. You are overexcited for NQII day.

61. You hyperventilate at the thought of NQII.

62. You have to be dragged away from NQII.

63. All your pets are suffering from immense hunger and neglect.

64. You try to persuade Donna and Adam to make Rohane, Velm and Talinia back packs as well.

65. You faint whenever NQII comes up in a conversation.

66. Your computer database is clogged with NQII stories and pictures...

67. ...That you made yourself.

68. You are still reading this.

69. You only battle with NQII weapons.

70. You campaign for a NQII TCG expansion.

71. You campaign for a NQII plot.

72. You campaign for a NQII campaign.

73. You beat Evil Mode two times in one day.

74. You hang out regularly at the NQ/NQII Neoboards.

75. You fantasize imaginary adventures about NQII.

76. You go hysterical if you can't play NQII.

77. You can draw the NQII characters with your eyes closed.

78. And colour them in too.

79. You haven't dozed off yet.

80. You bookmark every page on NQII.

81. You memorized all the addresses of NQII help sites.

82. You can name all the bosses in the whole game.

83. And the monsters.

84. And the past 83 things we've talked about so far.

85. You try to CREATE your own NQII sequel.

86. You wonder why you can't haste yourself in the BD.

87. Or why you can't slow your opponent.

88. You refer to the Neolodge as "the inn".

89. You are now too scared to enter Faerieland, because of half-robot Cybunnies, corrupted faeries and huge red Draiks seeking Faerieland domination.

90. You can memorize all the NPCs and their species.

91. And their exact speeches.

92. And what each shops sells.

93. And what each item sells for.

94. And the exact prices you have to pay for items.

95. Or inns.

96. Your sketch pad is filled with drawings of NQII stuff.

97. You're sad this list is coming to an end.

98. Or you don't even notice that it is.

99. Or that this is the end.

Kat: And yes, unfortunately our little NQII-addiction article is finally over.

Nick: Hope you liked reading it! WE LOVED writing it.

Kat: So how do we end this article?

Nick: I don't know. Oh well, these are your resident writers-slash-addicts, signing off. Maybe we'll be back for more crazy NQII stuff.

Kat: That is, when we're not playing.

Nick: Or finish trying to complete that 100 Ramtors Spellbook collection.

Kat: Or finish saving every web page on NQII.

Nick: Or... shoot, out of time.

DISCLAIMER: Some of the aforementioned quotations have not been put into action and any injury resulting in you trying out what we've said is not our responsibility.

In short, don't try some of these things at home, because they're downright insane and impossible.

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