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10 Things Neopets Do To Get Attention

by patricia4112


In this article, I am here to inform you about bad things Neopets do. Remember, most of the time they do it for attention. But once in a while, remind them the difference between good attention and bad attention. Here are examples of bad attention:

1. Pickiness- Pickiness is what happens if you spoil a Neopet too much. Or they were just born that way. If you try and give you pet something they don’t want, then they are very picky. Take Camara, my Wocky, for instance. I offered her an Angelpuss, and what did she say? ‘ARRGGH! Get that Angelpuss away from me!’ Sheesh! Picky, picky.

2. Complaining- We’ve all complained before in our lives. Whether it’s, “Oh no! The Snowager just blasted me for the TENTH time in a row!” or “The Pant Devil took away my Neopoints!” complaining is just a way of life. But complaining TOO much is another story. An example of this is when you give your Neopet a plushie and they say ‘Thanks, but all the other pets get more toys than me:(‘ Do you know how many times I’ve heard that? 28! Arggh…Be grateful for what you have!

3. Sadness- Ever felt so sad that you don’t feel like speaking to anyone? My Wocky, Laquelle, can totally relate. I once overfed her Goldy so it died, and now she won’t talk to me anymore so I have to resort to talking to myself and some imaginary butlers who only speak about toilets. If this goes on, I might have to get some mental help! LAQUELLE! SPEAK TO ME!!!

4. Starvation- Sometimes a Neopet just won’t eat what you give it. They make up all sorts of ridiculous excuses and expect you to believe them. Apparently my pets are allergic to healthy food. Well, if they’re not going to eat, then fine. Let them starve for a little while. Keep your pet away from plants and petpets during this phase. Some who become extremely hungry resort to eating plants and any aquatic petpet they can get their paws, claws, or fins on. And make sure those sneaky little thieves don’t go wandering into your fridge…

5. Spoiled- Pets that ask for things frequently might be spoiled. Like Camara, for instance, asked for a Faerie Paintbrush around 32 times today. Tough luck, kid. This may be hard to believe, but I’m not made of money. A way to prevent and cure spoiledness is to teach them the difference between what they NEED and what they WANT. Or you could make them work for it, it’s your choice.

6. Temper Tantrums- This usually comes from being spoiled rotten. When your pet doesn’t get what they want, he or she has trouble controlling their emotions and often run around screaming and breaking things, like that vase you spent years trying to save up for. Calmly tell them that if they are good for a little while, you might CONSIDER getting one for them and then make them clean up the mess they made. Remember though, that consider and maybe always means NO!

7. Breaking Rules- Most of the time, if you give a sack of Neopoints to a pet and tell them to go shopping for a loaf of bread, they’ll come back with some toys, clothes, or grooming items. Or maybe you told them they could go to a friend’s Neohome but you expect them to be back at six. But they come back at one in the morning. That is to be considered “Breaking the Rules”. Breaking rules may be fun, but remember there is always a consequence, usually involving grounding or some other punishment. And that’s not very fun, if I may say so myself. Dealing with a pet that breaks the rules is simple. All you have to do is punish them and tell them to never ever do it again. And if they DO do it again, well, things won’t get very pretty.

8. Naughtiness- Your pet may experience a jolt of minor evilness, like Sloth did in his childhood. They may enjoy violence, rude manners, and breaking the prettiest trophy you have. They may try to drown their petpets in the bathtub (Poor petpets!) or maybe even make fun of you. Don’t let this happen to you! Curing this stage is not easy. If you are too soft, they’ll keep on doing it. If you are too hard, they may be scarred for the rest of their lives. Find a punishment that they won’t enjoy and won’t make them feel too relaxed, either.

9. Phobia- In your Neopet’s life, he or she may be affected by a curiously weird trauma, like almost drowning in the toilet, or meeting a baby Cybunny. However weird these traumas are, they still are not to be ignored. Help them face their fear by forcing them to do whatever it is they are afraid of. Make them sit on the toilet for hours at a time, and they will learn that there is no reason to be afraid of toilets. Help your pet make friends with a baby Cybunny and it will learn that the worst thing a baby Cybunny can do to them is drool. Camara was scared of an Angelpuss, but…oh wait, she still is. Just forget I ever said that, okay? Okay.

10. Being Mean- Well, this is the last one. Being mean results in several things: Friendless, Rudeness, and More Punishment. Say Laquelle insults me REALLY badly for murdering her Goldy. This is probably the worst in all of Neopia! I wouldn’t be her friend anymore, and I’d let her get a taste of her own medicine (aka Rudeness). I’d also give her more punishment. Of course, this will probably never happen because Laquelle won’t talk anymore. Plus I love her so much and she still loves me too. Even if I killed her Goldy.

Well, I’ve explained about everything bad your Neopet could possibly do. But remember that Neopets have good sides, too. And no matter what you do, they’ll still love you. (I think.) And remember not to overfeed your pet’s beloved Goldy!

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