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The Forgotten Neopian Adventure Generator

by x_the_black_dragon_x


GAMES - Before we begin, I'd like to give special thanks to user lpuccapandal! Now, let's begin. You see adventures being created every day (or week) in the roleplay boards. Now, you can create adventures with the Neopian Adventure Generator and let people play them.

Though, I find it kind of sad that nobody has written an article about the game. How sad... Bori the red Quiggle wizard is crying. So, that's why I decided to write an article about how to make a good adventure. Now, let's start with the basics:

1) Title

Now, you know that a title is a very important part of the adventure. Without it, your players wouldn't know what the adventure might be about. I suggest that you just put some gibberish as the title for a while. You should write the adventure first and then you should make the title. That way, if you get a HUGE writer's block and you can't think of anything, you can change what your adventure is about without having to go back and changing the title. If you get another HUGE writer's block then you can change it again. In the end when you are 100% satisfied with your adventure, THEN is when you should make the title. Easy as pie.

2) Type of Adventure (roleplay, drama, comedy, etc.)

You are making an adventure and you don't have any idea what type of adventure it is going to be: battle, comedy, drama, fantasy, instructional, mystery, quest, role playing, science fiction, test/quiz. What will you do now that your brain is in a tight knot?

Well, you should really choose an adventure theme you are interested in. Now, scan through the paragraphs below and see what adventure theme you find appealing:

Role playing is for those who want to create roleplays that involve the player to play as a certain character. An example of text from a role playing adventure would be: "You slowly walk towards the Snowager, clutching tightly onto your Poogle plushie. Suddenly, he wakes up!"

Battle adventures involve some fighting, training, or a war/plot. An idea you could use is to make a replica of a certain previous war like the war of Meridell vs. Darigan or maybe a war that never happened like one about Hannah and Armon vs. the Evil Asparagus? (I just made up the Evil Asparagus by the way) Make sure it is rated G or PG or else you're going to get your adventure obliterated by Adam and his Asparagus Machine.

Comedy adventures are sure to put a laugh in someone. Make sure it is appropriate and funny. Something about someone dying isn't a good idea. I highly suggest you do NOT do so. Oh yeah, little kid jokes are not very interesting or funny. Your adventure readers are likely to be over 5 years old. Maybe you can make a special comedy for kids that range from the age of 3-7? That would be new.

Drama. Rapunzel Zafara, let down your- *cough* oh sorry. Didn't see you there. Make sure it is appropriate and rated G or PG. PG-13 is bound to get you reported. You know about how many people see your adventures? They might not rate it because they forget to or they're busy complaining to TNT about it.

Fantasy adventures: one of my favorites. They could be about a great neopet or a humble JubJub who really is Galem in disguise (or an evil asparagus). Your imagination can be free in these roleplays and can be about anything you want.

Instruction adventures usually teach you a lesson or two about something. They are usually about caring for Neopets or petpets. Try to be creative. Maybe make an adventure about how to clean asparagus or several recipes about them. It might also fall over comedy but-

"Excuse me?!" cried out a voice. Adam's voice.

Hey, I'm writing an article here.

"Asparagus aren't funny! They're great, graceful creatures!"

They're creatures all right... fine, they might also fall into the Top 40 section.

The Case of the Missing Kadoatie. Mysteries are very interesting. But I must say, it gets quite boring after a while of seeing 'Case of the Missing ______' as the title of the mystery. A mystery adventure doesn't have to be only about cases about things missing. They could be cases about why something doesn't work or maybe about a mysterious neopet following you everywhere you go. Maybe it might involve finding out who the neopet following you is. Like I always say: "The possibilities are endless!"

Quest adventures. *sigh* If you have a roleplay adventure that has to do with a quest, then I suggest you make the type of adventure under the title 'quest' rather than 'role play'. It's more specific in a way. They are one of my most favorite types of roleplays. They are very interesting. Be creative about the quest. Maybe it is a quest to save an asparagus Chia from Adam's evil claws of-*slap* okay, maybe not that claws...but it is definitely evil!!!

Science fiction. For Sloth, Kreludor, and Grundo lovers out there, this is a perfect adventure. I don't often see people interested in science fiction adventures. Well maybe you science fiction lovers out there can change that outlook.

Last but not least: Test/Quiz Adventures! They show you what kind of neopet/petpet you are or how much knowledge you have about something. This is a good topic for someone who likes to show someone what kind of petpet or neopet you are. Be creative. Maybe show what color or type (Snot, rotten, old, new, candy, etc.) of asparagus they are. That would make Adam happy.

3) Appearance

Appearance isn't very significant when creating an adventure. People usually care about the QUALITY of the adventure. BUT there are some times when it is very important. Some people make text hard to see. An example would be the text color is navy blue and the background is black. It is rather difficult to tell the difference for some people who have trouble seeing. They'll have to go through the trouble of highlighting.

You should also add some pictures in your adventure. Pictures add a bit of what it the view looks like in the adventure. Make sure you use pictures from the Neopets sites and if you don't know how to do it, there's a help button. I suggest you read it before doing anything.

In your adventure, try to make your adventure's colors match what the adventure's setting is. Like if it takes place in Mystery Island, typical colors would be pink (for flowers), green, and tan. If it took place in Neopia Central, it's really your choice what the colors will be.

4) Setting

So where should it take place? The islands of Mystery Island? Darigan's castle in the sky? Little old Meridell? I suggest you should write the adventure first. If it goes under more than one setting, choose where it takes place for most of the adventure. Such is needed for most test and quiz adventures. Just choose a place where you want the quiz or test to take place.

5)To Suppress or not to Suppress

Now here comes the hard part: To reveal the page numbers or not? I suggest that you don't. It would be rather strange to see an adventure with the words: Keep going (go to page 4). Though, you can suppress the page numbers if you wish.


Sorry, but I just have to put this in capital letters and in [brackets]. This is the HUGE part. Read the tips below:

Tip #1-Make your adventure original, different and unique. Try to use descriptive words, but don't make it too descriptive. I would prefer if you used the word 'little' to describe a JubJub rather than microscopic unless you really do need a 50X magnifying glass to see the JubJub

Tip #2-Don't make your adventure boring. Maybe you should put the words 'How clever' or other encouraging words. People will be more tempted to continue with the adventure.

Tip #3-Make sure your adventure is appropriate. I am very sorry if I have announced the word 'appropriate' too many times. I just want to make it clear that I don't want you to get your accounts frozen or get warnings from Donna or Adam.

Tip #4-Don't use any words that may be insulting to others. How would you feel if you read an adventure about someone insulting your race without even meeting you? I find it very disturbing and n00bish to my opinion.

Well, that's a wrap. I hope you enjoyed this article. Please, give me any suggestions on my next article. I don't care if you are just a few weeks old or just a newbie. Bye! *waves* Wow. This was my first article into the Neopian Times.

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