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Kreludan Mining Corp. Walkthrough

by guidefun



Welcome to my Kreludan Mining Corp. Guide. This guide is dedicated to my favorite game, and also the most underrated game in Neopia. Although this walkthrough will not get you to the stage where you get a trophy, it sure will help you get an easy 3K a day. Also, it will help you have a lot more fun and appreciate this game. So many times do I see the 'Popularity' counter say '0 times played'. Quite obviously, nobody even tried this game. So, welcome again to my guide. :)


Orb dropped in refinery= 100 points

Diamond= 20 points

Fingus destroyed= 5 points


120 Neopoints per 100 points in game

Highest Possible Game Score

2760 points

1-1. This level is simple, yet so easy to miss points on. In the upper left corner of the mine, there is a little bit of it that is jiggling. Shoot that. It will come apart piece by piece. Keep your finger on 'B'. Go up the little passage. In this small space, you must be careful. Start the pickup beam. Get relatively close to the gem,then do a 180 turn. The beam should pick up the gem. Now, let your ship fall out of the little cave. Now it's a simple matter of going down and picking up the ore to drop it into the refinery.

Tip 1: Always look for liggly parts of the level. Although there are no more past level 1 (I don't think) it's a nice feeling to suddenly find a gem. :)

1-2. This level is your first taste of the evil guys. Simply shoot him from above, then drop down through the tunnel and get the ore to drop in the refinery.

1-3. This is one of the easiest levels to get extra points EVER. There is space fungus in many places. There are 2 near where you start, 1 in the upper left cornet, 2 in the upper right corner, and one guarding the ore down the passageway. Take 'em all out. Get the ore and take it to the refinery.

Tip 2: Those points you get for killing space fungus really adds up.

2-1. This level is where you start the longer ones. There is fungus near where you spawn. Kill that. There is also fungus SOMEWHERE on that part of the level... Lower left or upper left corner... Enter the passageway. Kill the fungus, and continue. Kill all the fungus until you get to the room with the ore in it. DANGER AREA! There are 3 fungus aliens here. Fire about 10 shots randomly into the room. If you didn't take any of them out (Will be confirmed by a little bang) Just enter anyway, and take the fungus out from inside by dodging the stuff they fire. Take the ore, and head back up to the refinery. Drop the ore in.

2-2. This level is your first battle with doors. Kill the fungus you see when you spawn. Go down the passage, and kill that fungus. Kill the fungus near the ore. I will explain doors. You must hit the little blue thing that controls them with your laser, they will open and grant you passage, but only for a short while. Getting hit by a door will kill you. Hit the blue switch with the laser BEFORE getting the ore. Kill the fungus in the upper passage on the other side of the door. Hit the blue switch on the other side. Get the ore. DANGER AREA! DO NOT LEAVE THE GROUND WITH THE ORE. Fire at the switch while hovering above the ground, then go through. This is to prevent you from mistakenly having the ore hit the floor. When you have hit the switch, guide the ore and the ship through the door. IF THE ORE HITS ANYTHING YOU WILL DIE! Go up the passage and drop the ore in refinery.

Tip 3: Press 'n' to drop ore. This is useful when the ore is on your beam and about to hit wall. The ore blows up, but goes back to the place where you first picked it up. Note: I have found that there a VERY slight push upwards or downwards when the ore explodes.

2-3. This level is basic, but dangerous. Kill the fungus you see where you spawn, and drop down the passage way. There is some fungus, which you should be able to kill easily. Hit the switch, and go through the door. Kill the one fungus that's below it. Proceed down the passageway. DANGER AREA! Shoot randomly about 20 times into there. There are 4 fungus aliens. If you go in there without killing at least one of them, you're in trouble unless you can dodge very well. Once you take out as many as possible, fly in and kill the remaining fungus. Beam up the orb. Go BACK through the passageway. This is a Tricky Bit.

Hit the switch, AND GET THROUGH THE DOOR, if you take too much time, it will hit the orb. If the orb gets stuck between you and the door, press 'n'. Continue up, and drop the ore in the refinery.

3-1. This level is easier than 2-3. Lot's of diamonds to collect for extra points too. Alright. Go to the RIGHT of where you started. Kill the fungus. Open the door, and go through it. Proceed down the passage, killing the 2 fungus that are there. There is a diamond near the refinery. Use your beam to pick it up for those 20 points. Now, go back up the passage, and re-open the door. Go the the LEFT side, and kill the fungus. Beam up the diamond you should see. Hit the switch and open the door. Go down the passage, kill the 2 fungus that you should see if you drop down far enough. Go to the right, and go down THAT passageway. Kill the fungus, get the diamond, and beam up the orb. Go up the passage, open the door, and go back to the refinery.

Thank you for taking the time to read my Kreludan Mining Corp. Guide. If you have any questions or comments, just send me a Neomail, and I will do my best to answer it. I hope everyone who reads this will take a little time and play a few levels of this game. :)

A special thank you to TNT for making the HTML guide, I would have been totally lost with making the HTML of this guide without it. :)

Do NOT steal any of my guides. I will get you iced if you do. If you wish to put them on a different petpage, you MUST request my permission and give me credit.

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