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Clowning Around

by tyleraapje


Sure to bring smiles to the young and the young at heart, clowns have certainly found a home here in Neopia. The most famous of course being the Chia Clown. But that is not to say that we must rely only on the "professionals" to bring out a happy mood in us when all else seems to be clouded over in grey. At one point or another, each of us finds ourselves in a position where we desire to brighten the day of another, for whatever reason. Some of us strive to do this more often than others and in doing so, they have begun their path to a professional life as a loveable jokester and party pal.

Are you among those that wish to learn how to fine tune your laughable talents? Then this article is just what the doctor ordered. That is right folks! With this guide, you too can be buffooning with the best in no time at all!

Step One: Find Yourself a Mentor

The most obvious choice, and rightly so, is our very own Chia Clown. With a squirting flower in hand and a colourful outfit to boot, Chia Clown is never short on high spirits and is always ready to spread a little good humour around. Take notice of the constant smile on the face and the light step in Chia Clown's walk. Watch how the cheery demeanor never falters, even when faced with incredible challenges such as the Carnival of Terror. It is things like that that aspiring clowns need to make note of and try to emulate in their own day to day interactions with others.

Step Two: Educate Your Funnybone

Do not assume that just because you can crack a good joke and get a laugh or two from your friends, that you know all there is to know about being a clown. Learn to buff up on jokes that are tried and true. Read about the various techniques of physical performances, such as the fine art of plate spinning and handling animal props properly and cleanly, without the hazard of bites. Overall, the best resource for this type of information and in getting to the meat and potatoes of a new clown's education is the Neopian Library where you can submerse yourself in the great works of written humour that abound here in Neopia.

Jokes To Make Skarl Laugh

Hilarious Chia Jokes

The Jovial Jetsam

Clowning Around

Poogle Performers

Quiggle Joke Book

Uni Cycles

Court Jester Jokes

JubJub Jokes

Lenny Magic

Bruces Magic Guide

Wocky Magic

Skeith Magic

Magic for Beginners

Advanced Magic

Acara Magic

Those are just to name a few, but you get the general idea of what kind of materials you will need to become familiar with. You may be surprised how far a well-planned juggling act or disappearing trick will go with an attentive audience and a reliable assistant. So keep the books near and hand and when a free moment in-between performances presents itself, study, study, study.

Step Three: Make a Face

Literally and artistically, making a face can mean the difference between making a good impression and finding yourself "booed off the stage". Specifically, face painting can play a significant role in putting you and your audience into the right frame of mind for your humorous antics. While performing as you would appear every day can achieve much the same result, especially if your juggling talents are superb, the resultant laughter and amusement are ten-fold when accompanied by the right facial applications. Kougra Face Paint is an easy solution if you find yourself lacking in the area of clown worthy make-up, since it is suitable to anyone, and not just Kougras, who would like to enhance their appearance with a few well-placed strokes and dabs of the brush.

Step Four: Dress for Success

Again, parading around in your everyday street clothes might work at times, but if you really want to give the crowd something to cheer about, it is imperative that you wear the right clothes for the job. And remember, the more colourful and eye-catching a garment or accessory is, the better.

Usuki Clown Set - For the small in stature or those that like to carry around a doll.

Clown Chia Zeenana Ice Cream - For the clown on the go. A nice after-juggling snack.

Bow Tie - For the professional clown. The gaudier the better.

Blue Bandana - Perfect for the "achoo!" act or just to have something to wave to the cheering crowds.

Poets Hat - For the bardic clown. The bigger the feather the better.

Feather Tickler - For the clown with a soft touch and a knack for tickle torture.

Ticklegum - For those that want to smile on the inside too.

Laugh Grenade - For the clown that wants to go out with a bang!

Funny Pen - For humorous dictation or just something to hold and giggle about.

Puppet - Whether it be Whack-a-Kass or Mynci, a comic-relief "sidekick" always adds to the show.

Kougra Face Paint - Not just for Kougra's, and can add just the colouring you need to brighten someone's day

Bouncy Ball - Blue, yellow, red or other, these are essential for the Juggler.

Magic Wand and Hat - For tricks of the trade. Never leave home without them.

With a little imagination and a lot of umph, you could find plenty of additional things to utilize in one way or another to enhance your performance.

Step Five: Practice, Practice, Practice

Never cease to hone your skills as you go along in your studies. Make an effort to perform at every possible occasion as you can, such as the upcoming Cybunny Carnival, any and all birthday parties, guild get-togethers, Neofriend anniversaries, and other notable social events. Even gathering a few close friends around a tray of cookies and milk and having a fun time of entertaining them is enough to keep you on your toes and them on the floor in laughter.

Final Thoughts

Games like Carnival of Terror can help to exercise your pie-dodging techniques. Grumpy Old King is great for testing your joke skills. If you can at least get a chuckle out of him, you're well on your way to becoming a top notch Neoclown. Just remember from now on that behind every clown with the funny clothes and the goofy face-paint, there is a kind hearted Neopian who wishes to bring a smile to someone, like you, and that generous gift is in itself something worth smiling about.

Thank you to all those Neopian clowns, both professional and not, that have brought me a chuckle or two. :)

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