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Vulsimetra and Her Boss

by immortalmina


A spotted Aisha jumped into a window. He was wearing a tan trench coat and a brown Fedora hat. He looked around to see a Desert Aisha sitting in the corner holding a brown Snowbunny. The female Aisha had on a white toga and had a black crescent moon tattoo on her forehead.

     "So, you are Clyde the Aisha Thief. I've been looking for you," The female Aisha said as she placed the Snowbunny down.

     Clyde thought quickly. "I'm not Clyde. I'm Emerald__Weapon or EW."

     The Desert Aisha snickered. "Really? Then why are you wearing the coat and hat of Clyde. Also, you're holding an Essence of Everlasting Apple potion. You stole it from the Water Faerie from the Healing Springs."

     Clyde took off his hat and placed it and the potion up on a self. "So, you don't think I could have bought it from her, Vulsimetra?"

     "No. Okay, I won't tell your 'family' or owner if you do something for my boss," Vulsimetra said with evil in her eyes.

     Clyde shook his head. "Fine, what do you want?"

     Vulsimetra stood she waved for him to follow her out the window. Clyde did as she asked. He couldn't let the others know who he really was. He grabbed his hat and placed it on his head before jumping from the window.

     * * *

     Meanwhile on Kreludor:

     Artemisluv the Desert Aisha, who looked just like Vulsimetra only her moon tattoo was gold, sat on her throne bored. She watched as a green Grundo came in. The Grundo had black hair in dreadlocks, wore a messy red Zurroball tee, green uniform pants and a ripped biker jacket with patches of Neopia's best bands.

     Artemisluv smiled. "Hello, who are you?"

     The Grundo was about to answer when another Grundo came into the room. He was brown, had on a brown uniform on with gold crescent moons on the brown tie and left arm. On his head was a white "H". This Grundo had drunk a Swirly Rainbow potion and was not unable to touch things and be touched. He called himself a "holopet".

     "That's Lister. He was my bunk mate when I worked for Dr. Sloth," _A_J_ Rimmer told his Lady.

     Lister smiled and did a salute to Rimmer. "If it isn't goal post head. I see you have gone up the ladder. Just like you said."

     Soon Artemisluv's other Guardians joined the two Grundos. Chaney_Talbot was a Halloween Lupe with a torn biker jacket and a gold crescent moon scar on his palm. Zerendipity_ was a Christmas Zafara who wore a white leather outfit like Koya the Korbat Huntress and had a gold crescent moon birth mark on her wing. Lastly was Mordecia_ the brown Lenny. He wore Light Footed Lenny Boots and had a gold crescent moon birth mark on his beak.

     Rimmer beamed at Lister. He had a new job and it was a great one. No longer having to obey Dr. Sloth's every order. Artemisluv was a great leader and Goddess. "Yes, up the jig a roll lickety-split. Are you still working for the evil one?"

     Lister shrugged. "Yep, I'm here fixing the Neocola Machine. If I do it right I'll get to move to Maraqua just like me dream. I miss Zurroball." Lister didn't know why the cowardly Grundo now worked for the Goddess of the Moon. Who did he fool?

     * * *

     Back on Neopia

     Clyde followed Vulsimetra back to her boss's lair in the Haunted Wood. Soon the two Aishas stood before a red chair. The chair turned to reveal a Halloween Meerca holding a white Snowickle. The Meerca had a red scar over his nose. He wore a black top hat, black cape and black suite. He also had a black mustache that curled on the ends.

     "The great Clyde the Aisha Thief, it's about time we met. I'm sure you've heard of me. I'm Boris Von Evil," the Meerca said as she petted the Snowickle.

     Clyde had not heard of the Meerca, but decided not to offend Boris. The spotted Aisha bowed with his hat off then smiled. "Yes, of course. To what do I owe the pleasure?"

     "There is a Grundo on Kreludor that is known as Lister. You will know him by his dirty clothes and dread locks. He has the key to the Neocola Machine. I need you to get the key, or brake in yourself, and get me something." The Meerca smiled to Clyde as he pulled out a diagram of some gadget that was cup shaped.

     Clyde nodded. "Why should I do this?"

     "You'll do it or I'll tell them who you really are. That or I'm sure the Aisha Avenger would love to put you away," Vulsimetra said as she took her mask off to show that she really was a Darigan Aisha with a black crescent moon tattoo. Clyde looked at her wide eyed and nodded.

     Clyde then found himself in a space ship headed from Kreludor Neopia's moon with the drawing in paw. He wanted so much to see Artemisluv, his crush and Goddess of the Moon, but he was on a mission.

     Once on the moon Clyde found his way to the Neocola Machine. He took out a few of his thief gadgets and fiddled with the lock. After a bit the door of the Machine popped open. Clyde smiled and then looked inside. There weren't any Neocolas just odd weapons. The spotted Aisha looked for the one in the drawing and soon found it. It was made of steal with a lid and had buttons and lights on it. Clyde shut the door and put the plunder in his jacket.

      "It can't hurt to visit." Clyde told himself as she headed for the Palace. Only those pure of heart could find it.

     Inside the Palace Clyde found all the Moon Goddess Guardians in front of Artemisluv. He also saw a green Grundo that had dirty clothes and dread locks. He tried to hide the gadget in his jacket better.

     Artemisluv saw through her guardians to see a spotted Aisha in a tan trench coat and brown Fedora. She squealed and ran over to him. She couldn't help but give him a hug and a kiss on the cheek. "How have you been Clyde?"

     Clyde blushed and smiled. "I'm good. How have you been, My Lady?" Clyde bowed to her with his hat removed. He placed the hat back on his head and pulled it a bit down. He didn't want her to figure out that he was EW.

     "I've been good. It's very beautiful up here. I miss you, my house mates and Immortalmina, though," Artemsiluv said with a nod. "So, what brings you up here?" She hoped it was her, but she didn't say it.

     Clyde smiled and chuckled. "You of course." He couldn't tell her the truth. Clyde, of course, wanted nothing more then to stay with her, but they lived in two different worlds. He couldn't leave his life of crime and he knew she had to stay on Kreludor.

     Artemisluv giggled. "Do you want a tour of the Palace?" She pulled him by the collar. Clyde fixed the gadget in his jacket and off they went up the stairs. Chaney followed close behind them.

     Lister took out a Strawberry Wiggle Cake and began to eat it very messily. He spilled it down the front of his shirt then used his fingers to lick it up. Rimmer watched with a horrified look.

     "Still eating those? They cannot be good for you."

     Lister shrugged. "Yes, ah I'm sure they're fine." Lister laughed.

     "If you don't want taste buds that is," Rimmer said as he shook his head.

     Clyde enjoyed his tour and so did Artemisluv. Once back in the throne room he bowed to her. "I must be off. Sorry for the short visit. I hope to stay longer next time." The spotted Aisha kissed her paw and left. Artemisluv cried a few tears as Chaney hugged her.

     Clyde got into the space ship and soon he was in the Haunted Woods. Clyde took the gadget into Boris. Boris smiled and grabbed it. "Thank you!" With that he opened the lid of the gadget. Boris then placed inside a can of Achyfi. "It keeps them cold!"

     The spotted Aisha looked astonished. All of that work for an Achyfi cooler? What kind of weapon what that? Was Boris insane? Vulsimetra showed Clyde out.

     Clyde now looked to the fake Artemisluv. Vulsimetra said, "He is a bit off. Anyway, that was a good job. Such a good job that Boris would like to use you from time to time." She began to laugh.

     "Fine," Clyde said and began to walk home. How could this have happened? Why didn't he just leave Immortalmina and the others after Artemisluv left? This would have been avoided. Or would it? They would have figured it out had he left. Clyde was lost and confused.

     Once back home he hid his coat and hat. He sat on his bunk with Bonnie, the brown Snowbunny, in his lap. "Are you going to tell the others that Vulsimetra is bad?" Bonnie asked.

     Clyde shook his head. "I can't. I have to keep myself secret. You know that." Clyde sighed as did Bonnie. This had been a bad day, even if Clyde did get to see the beautiful Artemisluv.

The End

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