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A Wizards Beginning: Part Ten

by sirussblack


Book Three: Wizards Law

The Law of Saepherd

"Good morning," came a familiar voice. Ramek opened his eyes slowly and moved his head around, trying to spot the speaker. Once the green Ruki came into view, he closed his eyes again and tried to go back to sleep. "I know you're awake. Come on, we have work to do."

     Ramek grumbled and stuffed his head into his pillow. "I don't want to," he said, his voice muffled. He used his hands to push the pillow up against his ears, trying to block out all sound. "Please go away..."

     "No can do," came the reply from Tyvek. "I have a lot to teach you, specifically about the Laws of Wizardry."

     "The what?" came Ramek's muffled cry.

     Tyvek chuckled. "The Laws of Wizardry. You'll learn about them if you get up."

     Ramek rolled his eyes while his face was in the pillow but quickly got up from bed, resting on the side. "Can you make me some breakfast?"

     "Nope," Tyvek replied. "Not today, anyway. Tomorrow, perhaps. If I feel like it..."

     Ramek grumbled as he stepped onto the cold wooden floor. As soon as he felt that, he wanted to jump right back into the warmth of his bed. "Where's Delor?" Ramek asked, remembering the pink Zafara who had helped him through his Initial Journey.

     "Rachel gave her a spare room to sleep in. I figured I should let her sleep," came Tyvek's sly reply.

     "Oh, and you have to wake me," Ramek retorted.

     Tyvek laughed. "Of course I did. You're my student."


     "Okay, let's get started," Tyvek said, sounding excited and ready to begin. "A Law is made when something is proved in Wizardry. Of course, a Law must be passed before the Powers before taking effect in Wizardry. Before this acceptance takes place, a Law is called a Theory because it is unproven by testing or acceptance."

     Ramek nodded groggily. He understood it but he wasn't sure he would remember it if Tyvek continued to drone on.

     "Are you awake?" came a sharp and agitated question from Tyvek. "Come on, we have to get this done. I want to finish just as much as you do. The sunny beaches of Mystery Island await me..." The Ruki sighed dreamily as he said the last sentence. "Now, there are three basic Laws," he continued. "The first is the Law of Saepherd. This law is a very basic one and notes that no Verse can be conducted without the proper training. If a Verse is tried without the needed training, it will not fulfill itself."

     Ramek was puzzled at this. "Then how did the Verse work when Delor told me the spell to diminish the Dark Power?"

     "Delor has more authority than you think," Tyvek winked and continued on with his speech. "Argitarius Saepherd made this Theory about twenty thousand years ago. Quickly, this Theory was proven by testing and then taken before the Powers for judgment. It was then turned into a Law and stands as the only Law that has not been altered since its approval."

     "Okay..." Ramek replied, only paying attention to half of what came out of his Counselor's mouth.

     "What is wrong with you?" Tyvek said crossly. "Are you interested in learning this or do you just want to forget the Laws and when you try to do a Verse and something blocks you, you can't figure out the problem?"

     Ramek shook his head and looked down at the floor from his bed. "I...just have other things on my mind."

     "Like what?"

     The yellow Draik sighed and put his head in his hands. So much was running through his mind right now. He felt uneasy about...something. "I just don't know if I didn't the right thing, I mean...I want to do Wizardry but...I feel I did something wrong. I feel" Ramek couldn't find the words to place it. "I feel like I didn't complete my duty..."

     Tyvek sat down beside him on the bed and patted his back. "You completed your Journey better than any other Wizard could. You faced tremendous odds and you beat them with such power and force that even the Powers would be the slightest threatened by you. Let me tell you something. You are great. You are destined to...and I'm not supposed to tell you this in case it doesn't happen, are destined to be a Power."

     "What?" came the surprised exclamation from Ramek. "Me? Power?"

     Tyvek gave a quick nod and smiled. "But don't get too excited. It may fall through, but...your odds are looking good."

     Ramek was overwhelmed. Tyvek had said he possessed unique and special qualities but nothing of this extent. Nothing like being a Power. Nothing that great. Not from all he had heard about the Powers. They were the elite and the all powerful. And he had a good shot at being one of them. Him. "Wow..." Ramek said quietly. And that was the only response he could come up with. He was amazed beyond words.

     "Yes, I thought you'd be shocked," Tyvek said, getting up from the bed. "Actually, I knew you'd be shocked. Anyway, can we get back to the lesson. I want to get this done as fast as possible."

     Ramek nodded, now fully awake and aware of what Tyvek was saying as he started to speak again. But the thoughts were still racing through his mind, now different than before. He was going to be a Power.

     "Now, Saepherd presented this to the Powers and, eventually-" His voice was interrupted by a knock on the door, followed by the creak of the door opening and Delor sticking her head inside the room.

     "We have a problem," she said abruptly and left the door open as she left and could be heard clomping down the stairs.

     Ramek jumped up from the bed and rushed to the door, Tyvek's footsteps following behind him. The Draik ran into the hallway and looked over the balcony. "What is that?" Ramek asked and pointed to the middle of the living room.

     "Oh...dear..." came the reply to Tyvek and he raced down the stairs. Ramek, confused by this point, simply did exactly what his Counselor did and ran down the stairs.

     Ramek arrived on the ground floor and ran over to the center of the living room, where a large gaping hole was placed. Inside all Ramek could see was a darkness that seemed eternal. A chill ran through his spine when he tried to go near it. He backed away from the hole to where Tyvek was standing, looking as if he was studying it intently. "What is it?" he asked.

     "Porthole. Or, in simpler terms, it's a transportation device to another area of the world or galaxy. But..." Tyvek ended in a state of wonder. "...only a Wizard can summon one and it's a Dark Magic, one usually only used in extreme circumstances or a Wizard relating to Dark circumstances."

     Ramek blinked. "In simpler terms?"

     "Someone opened this who most likely worships the Dark Power..." Tyvek said and opened his Manual, which Ramek noticed he always kept in his pocket.

     "Where does it go?"

     Tyvek continued flipping through pages, his head turned down. "I'm trying to figure that out now." He went on searching until he gasped and started to read a quick series of words in the Language. "It's a Porthole to...the Headquarters of the Dark Power."

     "Isn't the Dark Power dead?"

     "No...diminished. Not particularly dead," Tyvek noted, closing her Manual and putting it back in his pocket. "So...he could come back but...the chances. And so fast. He had help."

     "How can you be sure?"

     "Wizard's Instinct," Tyvek said. "You'll develop it one day. A sense about something that has gone awry...or something good." He smiled and sat down on the couch. Ramek took a seat besides him.

     "And what do we do?" Ramek questioned. "Do we...go in?"

     Tyvek laughed. "Apparently you have no Instinct yet. No, of course we don't. can't be closed."

     "So I'll have to live with a big gaping hole in my living room," the Draik noted sarcastically.

     Tyvek chuckled. "Maybe. But if the one who opened the hole decides to close it again, it would be fine. And unless Delor opened it, I don't think I'll be able to close it. Unless we had a Power..."

     Ramek smiled. He still was thinking about what Tyvek had said earlier. "Me?"

     "Impossible," Tyvek said, readjusting on the couch. "You have to be stated as the Power, not just destined to be one. But, with your energy and the Area Advisor-"

     Ramek interrupted. "Area Advisor?"

     "A Wizard who rules over a certain continent. This one we're going to have to see is Harken, the Area Advisor for Neopia Central." Tyvek said. "Now, we'd have to contact him and he'd have enough will power, combined with yours, that we may be able to close the Porthole if we all say the Verses. But it's a complicated mix of both the Normal language and the Language. It's...tough. And I wouldn't want you to but you up to something that you can't do or would be too much of a challenge."

     Ramek gulped. "How hard are we talking about?"

     "Rating of advanced expert, or twenty third," Tyvek replied, thinking before he said it.


     "Each spell gets a different Rating appointed by the Powers. First, there is the Basic rating, which is a very undetailed look at it. There are quite a few of these: beginner, advanced beginner, median, advanced median, advanced, expert advanced, and expert. Expert advanced it only used in extreme purposes, such as this. And then, to be more detailed and specific, a number rating is given basing the scale on twenty five. There are only two spells that received a Rating of twenty five, four that got a Rating of twenty four, and a very few who got twenty three. It's a confusing system, but works better in circumstances that the Basic Rating system isn't enough to pinpoint it."

     Ramek nodded through the mini-lesson. Every time Ramek asked a question, he'd get another speech. Informative, but they got boring at times. " where is he?"

     "You'll find out." Tyvek smiled and got up from the couch. "Let's go."

To be continued...

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