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A Wizards Beginning - Part Five

by sirussblack


Book Two: Wizards Journey


Training had passed quickly and easily for Ramek and Tyvek had immediately said he must start his Initial Journey. The voice of the Counselor Ruki sounded panicked, as if someone or something was coming to get him. Worry burrowed deep inside the Draik and he started to fear what was up ahead. Something was wrong. He could sense it.

     "You remember everything I told you?" asked Tyvek, who was now pacing around nervously in Rameks room, his face looking despondent and fearful.

     Ramek nodded, checking his pocket for a small book Tyvek had given him listing a few more advanced spells that he should use in time of dire need. He also checked his opposite pocket for a small stick that Tyvek had given him. He had said that is would provide him power in certain times of need. "Why are you nervous?"

     The Ruki stopped and looked at him in a strange way. Ramek could tell he was trying to hide his expression. "Because...something has come up in the Wizard world may be sent on the Journey if you don't move." He said the last word loudly and then rushed over to where the Draik was standing and patted him on his back. "It'll be okay," he whispered in his ear and quickly turned away and started to return to his nervous pacing.

     "What about my owner? She'll be worried," Ramek said, wondering how his owner would fare without him. It seemed sometimes that Ramek was the only thing she had after the accident Ramek dared not to even think about.

     Tyvek smiled while walking over to Ramek yet again. "It'll be taken care of. Everything will while you're gone."

     Ramek gave a small smile, though doubt was written across his face. "Okay..." he muttered and then looked back to his Counselor. "How am I supposed to get to my starting point?"

     "You'll be there as soon as I say the incantation," the Ruki said and pulled out a small book from nowhere. Ramek didn't jump back in surprise - he was used to things like this. "Okay, I need your full name."

     "Ramek Thomas Feefley," he said with a groan. He had always hated his middle and last name but his owner had said it was a tribute to... Rameks mind wandered off, trying not to think about it.

     Tyvek patted the Draik on the back and then turned back to looking at his book. "Okay, we're all set. I'll just say this and--" He stopped when he saw the look on Rameks face. "Don't be afraid. Everything will be okay. You can take my word for it," he said as he winked and then turned back to his book. Before reading again, he looked up and said, "Good luck." and then returned to the small red book.

     Ramek gave a nervous smile and Tyvek started to read from the book. "Ramek Thomas Feefley is about to start his Journey into and through the Unknown. I, his Counselor, have deemed him worthy of progressing farther in this task and to eventually return and continue the Art of Wizardry. Let him go forth and complete his Initial Journey..."

     Rameks mind wandered off as Tyvek continued to read from the book. Where would he go? Would it be safe? Would he know enough to get by and survive his Journey? All his questions would be answered soon enough. He gulped as he awaited the moment that he would be thrown off into the Unknown and not come back until he completed the Quest. The Draik took one last stare around at his room, listening to Tyvek in the background. It would be the last of the room he would see for a long time... Maybe he shouldn't have started the Art. Maybe he shouldn't have read the Statement. No turning back now, though.

     "And by the power deemed to me by the Powers who rule this world, I send Ramek Thomas Feefley off onto his Initial Journey and wish him great luck," Tyvek finished speaking and watched carefully as he saw Ramek start to twist and turn in many directions, his molecules being rearranged for the Journey ahead.

     It was a strange feeling. Ramek was sure his feet were planted firmly on the ground, yet it felt like he was flying through the air, gravity pulling him apart in different directions. He felt queasy, yet at ease as he flew through a black void. The void wasn't empty, though. He could make out a faint glimpse of Tyvek, standing there, continuing to watch intently, the book he was reading from now closed at his side.

     Ramek closed his eyes as his whole body lurched and flipped in mid-air. Then, he felt his back slam into something cold and hard, definitely not the empty void that he was in a moment ago. He lay on the ground, his eyes shut tightly. Pain rung through his body, surging down and up his legs and swiftly passing through his arms. The initial pain went away rather quickly, but while still lying on the surface, he started to experience many aches and pains that his body could barely handle.

     He gritted his teeth and tried to move his body up out of the position. Slowly, he moved straight up until he was in a sitting position. Then, he craned his head around to look at his surroundings. He was in a small lobby, glinting with gold on the railings, floor, and steps. A polished bronze desk was in front of him. A few pens and pencils were placed on the desk but no receptionist was present. Behind him, he could see a closed off door but to the side were windows that displayed a street in ruins, papers flying through the air. The outside was deserted and the inside wasn't much better.

     Ramek got up from the floor and limped over to the desk and peered over it. Nothing was there, besides the floor and a small step that the receptionist must have went on to reach the counter. He turned around and started to walk through the lobby, looking at the silver valances hanging from the windows and the draping curtains under them. Benches were scattered throughout the room, all made of what looked to be the finest of gold. He started to examine one of the benches, running his hand across the smooth surface.


     The Draik quickly whirred around after hearing the voice. He flew back into the wall when he saw a tall figure standing there. He was cloaked in a dark cape so his face was invisible. Only two gleaming eyes stared out from under the hood. The figures boots were black, though they gave off a malicious glow that made Ramek shiver.

     The figure loomed before Ramek, it's glare continuing to burn through his skin. Ramek shivered again as the thing repeated his name. "Ramek," came its hoarse call. "Raaaamek."

     Ramek was too scared to answer. All he could do was stare at the person in front of him and think who he was and what he was doing here. Was this the person who we was supposed to "take care of" on his Journey or was this someone who just happened to pop up while Ramek was in the lobby? Ramek started to stutter as he tried to get a few words out. "Wh-wh-wh-who are you?"

     The figure chuckled, rubbing his hands together. "I am the Dark Power, ruler of the Faraway Worlds and the Closeby Dungeons. And you have been sent to defeat me and try to control me yet again." A chuckle followed this sentence. "I was told that you had a 'special quality' which could be found in no other Wizard. Today you will try to prove those skills to me. If, of course, you can find me." Before Ramek could utter another word, a cloud of smoke surrounded the Dark Power and shrouded him into darkness. The mist quickly cleared, leaving nothing where the Dark Power had been standing except for a small yellow piece of parchment.

     It took a few moments for Ramek to notice the paper but, once he did, he rushed over to the paper and unfolded it. Written on it on very neat handwriting was a single word, which was all Ramek needed to know to get farther in his Journey. "Up."

     The Draik looked around the golden exterior. There was no sign of any way to get up. The lobby was without doors, excluding the one that led outside and that wouldn't help, considering it was closed...

     Ramek then almost slapped himself for being so careless. He rushed over to the door, trying to recall the unlocking spell that Tyvek had taught him during his Training. What was that incantation again? Ramek thought as he stood in front of the padlocked door.

     The Draik pointed his clawed finger at the padlock and concentrated his mind and eyes on it. As usual when he did a spell, the words rolled off his tongue without him even thinking of them. "Open away."

     Ramek watched as the padlock started to shake and twist on the door. He could see the metal getting rustier and even a bit thinner. Then, with a small explosion, the lock blew up in a tiny puff of fire.

     Then, the Draik pulled the door open and shivered as he went into the ransacked street that he would have to travel through to get "up"...

To be continued...

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