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Zor: Kidnapping - Part Three

by sirussblack


Chapter Three: The Story

"Sit down," the Wocky muttered.

     Zor was taken aback. After just attempting to attack her, Seremdra now asked her to sit down. "Why?" was what emitted from her mouth. It wasn't exactly what she wanted to say, but it proved fruitful.

     "Because I need to tell you the story," she said and motioned toward a bench. "Sit."

     The Faerie Zafara sat down cautiously and look at Seremdra who had taken a seat next to her. "When they accused me of killing Arkados, I was put in jail. And in there, I suffered for many months. Then came word that I didn't do it. And I knew I didn't do it but they were too stupid to see through that. So, I was let free and quickly changed myself into a different pet. People had seen me all over the news. My scars, my bruises, everything. So I couldn't stay the same. I got the potion quickly and took it. Then, I changed. My scars disappeared and my bruises faded. I disguised my voice so no one would recognize me. And I went on living, fear still lingering. I found an owner, changed my name, and he took care of me for a few months. Then someone came to the door. The had figured out who I was. They chased me through the house and I wrote a message in the journal, hoping a good detective would find it. Then I was taken away and put in a sack, exactly how I had said before. When I woke up, I found myself in a small and cold room, filled with boxes and on the wall were long wooden shelves with small items and toys piled on them. And there was someone there. A Krawk. And this Krawk told me exactly what I am about to tell you...

     "He said to give this message to you. I'm not exactly sure what it means but...hopefully it will tell you what Arkados did. I know. And you should to. 'Arkados' secret is hidden in AB77-22M-SS6M. Locate it and go to 772 Market Street. There, you will exchange the envelope for the item you need.' I can make two ways about that. I know I can't."

     Zor nodded and thought about the numbers. File numbers, no doubt. But how would she get the file? She couldn't get it without the proper clearance of Bipid and Bipid couldn't know about it. Zor knew him well and knew that if presented with this information, would not allow the security clearance. She'd have to sneak in. "Okay...I can...I think. But tell me something first..." Zor sighed before asking the question. "What is your deal? How were you involved in the case? Why was the Krawk looking for you?"

     "That is because of what I did in the past. The story I told Arkados a long time ago...I lied. I said I ran away. I didn't. I wasn't scared. I faced the people in that alley. And I threatened them. And they have wanted me ever since. And I thought...maybe, just maybe if I was in jail they wouldn't be able to harm me. And I thought no one would be able to find out that Dra-et was the killer. But...I guess I assumed wrong and doubted the system. And they found me and...after this...they'll..." her words trailed off and she looked up at the ceiling.

     Zor knew exactly what she meant they'd do. And...she felt sorry for Seremdra. " you want to go back to jail?"

     Seremdra shook her head. "Not again...not again. I hope they don't find me unless...I think they're watching me now."

     Zor looked around, monitoring all sections of the corridor. No one was in sight. "I hope you get away safely," Zor said as she turned back to Seremdra.

     "Go. Don't worry about me. I can fight by myself," Seremdra said and ran off into the hallway, where she fell down. Zor didn't race over. She knew exactly what happened. They had gotten to her.

     Zor hurried out of the hallway and hovered outside the file room. She peered through the window. No one was there. That was lucky. She opened the door silently and walked in. She stepped back into the hallway when she saw the file manager on the floor. No...they did this. They want you to get this file. Keep moving. She stepped over the body and into the room, searching around for the row in which her file was contained. Once she found it, she searched through the filing cabinets, glancing at the numbers as she passed by. AB77-22M-SS3M. AB77-22M-SS4M. AB77-22M-SS5M. AB77-22M-SS6M. There it was. She quickly pulled the file out and shoved it in her coat pocket. Now what was the address...

     Zor stopped in the middle of the aisle. What was she doing? Following some strange tip from some unknown people? No. That wasn't what she was supposed to be doing. She was supposed to be solving the case., this was the case. This is where the case led to. But she was doing something that was illegal. Should she continue doing it? What would happen if she didn't? Zor pulled the manila file out of her pocket and quickly returned it to the cabinet. No. There was no reason to do it. Maybe...maybe she should tell Bipid. How would he react? Zor didn't know. Hopefully it would be well.

     She hurried out of the room and into the hallway, which she exited and was released into the main frame of the building. There, she turned left and down another corridor, where two large doors were placed. Bipids' office. Zor walked into the office and closed the door behind there to see Bipid sitting at his desk, hovering over papers. "I need to talk to you," Zor said and took a seat in front of his desk. The words jerked Bipid from his reading to look up at the Faerie Zafara.

     "What is it?" Bipid asked, taking his glasses off the brim of his nose and placing them on his desk.

     Zor shuddered, thinking of the tale she'd have to tell again. And she told him everything. She started at the beginning. Fred, the kidnapping, the ransacked house. Then she told him about the Krawk and then how the Wocky returned. She then told him about the interrogation room, Seremdra, the story Seremdra told him, and what had happened to Seremdra. Then she told him the most recent things. The filing room, the filing manager, and then she told him of the conflict she had inside her. "...and then I came here to see what you think I should do," she finished and stared at Bipid, who looked puzzled yet understanding at the same time.

     The commander tried to get a few words out but was unable to. So he just sat there, staring at Zor. Then, he mustered up the strength to say what was on his mind. "Stay here. You have no idea what could happen in that place."

     "I also have no idea what would happen if I don't go to this place. Would they come after me... Will they...will...they kill me?" Zor, for one of the first times in her life, felt frightened. The last time she ever felt this way was when she was stranded on the mountain and then...after that she had found Dra-et and then...and then Arkados died. Then she was frightened. And now she was frightened.

     Bipid sighed and looked at Zor with caring eyes. "You know I care about you, Zor. I don't want anything to happen to you. This is dangerous stuff we're talking about here. We don't know what these people are capable of. And I don't want you to take that risk. I want you to go on with your life. I want you continue being a detective. I'm going to assume they have nothing on Arkados. Just a load of made up things. They just want to lure you there and..." Bipids voice wandered off but Zor knew what he would say, as she did when Seremdra said it.

     Kill you. That's what he would have said. And it was probably true. But what if they really had information on Arkados? What if Arkados was evil? No...she shouldn't think about Arkados like that. He was a good person. "I...I guess you're right, Bipid. I just...I don't know what is going to happen."

     "But I know you," Bipid said. "You'll be ready for when it happens."

     Zor looked up at him questioningly. "When what happens?"

     "Whatever they plan to do to you," he said and stood up from his desk and walked over to Zor, patting her on the back. "You can't go there. I just...I don't want anything happening to you. Don't..."

     Zor nodded. "I know...I shouldn't...but...what if...what if..."

     "Exactly. What if? Everything is a 'what if' in life. Nothing can be definite. But...I don't want this thing to be a 'what if'. I want you to be safe...and...and there will be no 'what if's..."

The End

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