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The "Mischievous" Mists of Avalon

by keiri_sato


Avalon, a Mutant Ixi, awoke on the day of mischief: April 1st , or April fool's day as some like to call it. He had it all planned; he was going to play a trick on each of his siblings this day. First there was Myncibabins, his Chocato sister. He knew that she would be the easiest to scare, so he decided that he would scare her first.

      Avalon knew Myncibabins was fast asleep in her bed when he came down the hall. He carefully opened her door, as not to wake her, and crept into her room. Avalon was well aware that Myncibabins was tremendously terrified of bugs, so this would be a walk in the park. Avalon had purchased a spider on a string the previous week just for this occasion. He would place it on the pillow close to her head, so when she woke up she would see the spider and would be terrified. Avalon took the string in one hand, placed the spider on her pillow, and threaded the string through the crack in her door. He was going to tug the string to give it animation, and make it seem alive. Avalon called to Myncibabins from the hall, "Mynci! Wake up for breakfast!" Myncibabins picked her head off the pillow, stretched her arms out wide and rubbed her eyes. She saw the spider on her pillow and---- Nothing! She didn't give it any thought, just pushed it off her pillow and made her bed.

      The shocked Avalon tugged the string of the spider and when it came into reach, grabbed it and replaced it in his pocket. This was a failure, but he had two other brothers that he had tricks for! So, he walked away to do his 2nd evil deed.

      Stitch wasn't very easy to trick, but he was definitely easier than his oldest brother, Katamaisie, so he was to be next.

      Avalon found Stitch at the end of the hall, getting ready to go to outside and play. Stitch said, "Hey Avalon, wanna come outside and play kickball with me?"

      Stitch was the more athletic of the siblings, mainly because he was a Christmas Kougra, and Avalon's evil little mind had already factored that into his plan. "Sure do! I will go get the ball you go outside and set up the bases."

      Stitch smiled and turned to head outside. Avalon then headed to his room to get the ball. He had planned on playing kickball with Stitch, but with his brother asking him first, it made it all the more perfect. Then he wouldn't look conspicuous. Avalon grabbed a bright red, round object from his room and started down the stairs. He pushed the door open and walked across the lawn towards Stitch. "Got it!" yelled Avalon across the yard to Stitch.

      Stitch called back, "Okay, who wants to go first?"

      Avalon replied, "Well since it's the two of us, let's see who can kick it the farthest. I will let you go first this time."

      "Fine by me," said Stitch.

      Stitch took position on the mound of dirt that was home base. He readied himself to kick the ball as far as it would go. He backed up and waited for Avalon to roll the ball. Avalon pulled the ball back as far as it would go, then rolled it rapidly towards home base and Stitch. Stitch kicked the ball, but the ball flew backwards into the bushes that lied under the window of the house. "I will get it!" shouted Avalon as he ran towards the house.

      Avalon disappeared behind the bushes and reappeared a few moments later. "Got it!" he said to Stitch.

      "I will let you go again," said Avalon. "The last kick doesn't count 'cause it didn't go forward."

      "Suits me," Stitch said as he shrugged his shoulders, then walked to the base again and waited for the pitch.

      Avalon looked at the ball, nice and round, but it looked a bit different from the one that he rolled to Stitch just moments ago. Avalon chuckled to himself and got ready to pitch once more. Stitch was ready at the plate as Avalon launched the round object towards him. Stitch pulled his foot back and kicked the object.

     "SPLAT!" went the ball, but it wasn't a ball at all, it was a melon. Avalon fell to the ground riddled with laughter and looked towards Stitch, waiting for him to get angry. The melon has splattered all over Stitch's face and the sticky juices caked his hair. What was amazing was Stitch didn't get mad as was assumed. He actually laughed and said, "Good one Avalon! I guess I should be more careful next time!"

      Stitch was getting perturbed because his 2nd big scheme was ruined as well. He was supposed to get mad but in fact was the opposite. Avalon only had one more person to scam, "so this one better not be a dud," he said to himself.

      Katamaisie, his mutant Lenny brother, was found in the family store in town stocking some shelves for the customers. They only had a few more items to sell before the entire store became a gallery. The last few sales were to fund the last few items needed in the gallery, so their sale was very important. Katamaisie pulled all the items to the front so they would be easily seen by the customers. Avalon walked in and the chimes on the door rang. Katamaisie turned to see his younger brother at the bottom of the stepladder. "Hello," said Katamaisie.

      "Hello, 'Maisie!" replied Avalon. "Need some help?"

      "Why, yes I do. I need someone to take care of business for a minute while I go to the bank and get some more things from the deposit box. Would you mind?"

      "No, absolutely not. Go right ahead," said Avalon.

      "Thanks, Avalon!" said Katamaisie, "I will be right back."

      Avalon smiled as Katamaisie walked out the front door, down the street, towards the bank. Avalon was planning to take all the nice items and hide them, then tell Katamaisie that someone came in and stole them. Not long after Katamaisie had left, Avalon checked the store for customers then walked over to the shelves and began to take the items down. All of a sudden, the chimes on the front door rang. Avalon got down from the stepladder, and what did he see but the Pant Devil. The Pant Devil saw Avalon and said, "Oh, look! Nice items you have there! Hand 'em over and I will be on my way!"

      "No, you can't have these!" said Avalon. "They belong to my family!"

      "Not any longer," replied the Pant Devil as he snatched the items away from Avalon's grasp with amazing force. "These items are mine!"

      Avalon tried to rebuke, but the Pant Devil pushed him in the floor, laughed and evil laugh, and then left the store with all the precious items in his hands.

      Not long after this had happened, Katamaisie returned with items in his arms. He saw Avalon on the floor just staring at the door with a look of astonishment plastered across his face. He was like stone.

      "What happened?" asked Katamaisie.

      It took Avalon a moment to respond, as he was still in shock. Then he began slowly, "The-the Pant Devil came in here, and stole all of our items for sale."

      "WHAA-" said Katamaisie, shocked to hear such news. "That's a lie! The Pant Devil doesn't steal from stores! This is just one of your stupid pranks! WHERE ARE THE ITEMS?!" he yelled.

      "I swear Katamaisie, it's true! I couldn't believe it! I was just going to hide the items as a trick, but as I was taking them down, he came in and took them from me! When I said no, he just pushed me down and walked out with the items! PLEASE, believe me!"

      Katamaisie came close to Avalon, and Avalon cowered in fear. Katamaisie glared at him and then---began to laugh?! What was this about?

      "Why are you laughing at me?" questioned Avalon.

      "This is what you get for trying to trick us! We got you back!" said Katamaisie between chuckles.

      "What do you mean?" asked Avalon, puzzled.

      Katamaisie walked out of the front door, around the corner of the store and came back with the Pant Devil that had just robbed them. He still had all of the items in his hands.

      "Ahhh! There he is! He came back for more!" screamed Avalon.

      Before Katamaisie could say a word, Avalon had pushed him out of the way and with a large "CLONK!" had knocked the creature over the head with a Jhuidah cooking pot.

      "OUCH!" yelled the Pant Devil while rubbing his head. He dropped the items and reached around his head and pulled. A mask fell off of his face and Avalon saw that it wasn't the real Pant Devil it was---

      "Stitch?! What are you doing dressed up as the Pant Devil?" said Avalon.

      "Teaching you a lesson! We knew that you would try to trick us today, but you need to know when it's okay to do something like that. When you do it all the time, it's not funny!"

      "Okay, Okay. I'm sorry you guys. Well at least Mynci is the good one, she wasn't in on this."

      "Well, actually-," said a voice from the back room. Myncibabins appeared from the doorway. "Don't count me out just yet!"

      "Oh, well I understand. I will try to tone it down a bit more from now on." Said Avalon. "You guys got me good this time, though. I had no idea! I was wondering why none of you fell for the tricks that I had pulled today."

      "Yeah, we were all aware that you would try something today, so we were ready for you!" said Myncibabins.

      "Well I guess I learned my lesson alright! Let's all go home for the day, and play kickball with a REAL ball. What do ya say, guys?" said Avalon.

      "Sounds good!" the three all said in unison.

      Avalon put his hands in his pockets and felt a large hairy object. He chuckled to himself and threw the items in the floor.

      "Hey Mynci!" he said.

      "What is it, Avalon?"

      "What's that on the floor?"


The End

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