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Petpet Examiner

by chokato_tree



PETPET PUDDLE - Lets face it, folks. Out there, there are many Petpets that are ignored and basically put into exile – barely ever heard of or talked about. Well, my job is to introduce you to all the petpets that have been carelessly abandoned by us Neopians. Today, we are examining a horned, flying masterpiece – the Bartamus. I will go through several points about them, and by the end you should have a pretty good idea about how they look, act, and much more.

1. Pronunciation

Bartamus (BARR-TA-muss)

2. Visual Features

The Bartamus is a unique petpet -- not only does it walk on two legs like us humans, but it had two horns sticking out of the top of its head, and two lovely wings. But, don’t get me wrong. This isn’t an Angelpuss we’re talking about -- this petpet has two, sharp looking fangs that look like they can pierce through skin, as well as red and green eyes. A rather ghastly looking creature, the original has green feet with two yellowish claws, purple skin and horns, as well as the outline (the part with the bone) of the wings. The actual wing is a deep olive colour. The fangs I spoke of previously are a yellowish colour, like the claws. Wearing an evil grin on its face, it doesn’t look like a petpet you’d like to mess around with.

3. Colours

This interesting creature can come in four different colours so far, not counting the original colour (neglected by TNT as well, I see. =o). The colours are red, green, pirate and ghost.

Red Bartamus: It is red (no really – what colour did you expect it to be?), though the wings are a deeper red than the skin. One of least rare colours for a Bartamus.

Green Bartamus: Its skin is a lime-green sort of colour, like part of the eyes, and the outline of the wings are more of an emerald colour, the wings (once again) a deeper version of it.

Pirate Bartamus: Arr, matey! The pirate Bartamus looks ready t’sail the high seas! It wears a lovely red an’ white striped shirt (a tad ripped, mind ye), an’ its skin is a grayish-blue sort o’ colour. Its wings arr- I mean, /are/- a silver an’ dark silver. Too bad it’s not gold, matey! Harr harr harr…I cracks meself up. Luckily (to satisfy me hunger x3), it ‘as two gold rings on its wings, spiffin’ it up a bit, eh? Lastly, it ‘as a black eye patch on its right eye.

Ghost: Ooooo! *spook* =o This time, it has glowing red eyes…like blood…*cough*. Its skin is a turquoise-grey colour, same with its wings. And, as all ghost pets and petpets have, a light turquoise mist swirling around them.

4. Pricing

Sadly, after checking around, the Bartamus is too rare to find the price of, which is rather surprising to me. Who knows, the Bartamus could be over 1 million NPs! (even more than a Meepit!1!1eleventy!1) And I thought evil was everywhere…

5. Personality

Most likely, it is evil. Don’t the green, staring eyes and long fangs tell you anything? Certainly you wouldn’t think that it was a sweet-natured, kind little creature. I bet it uses those fangs to drink the blood of its victims, and perhaps those devilish eyes for turning things to stone, right on the spot. You never know…>x3

6. Interview

I have prepared a little interview with a ghost Bartamus that I found wandering around the Brain Tree, in the Haunted Woods, and luckily, with luck and fast running I managed to escape, all in one piece. x)

Petpet Examiner: So, you’re a ghost Bartamus, aren’t you?

Ghost Bartamus: Egh….what does it look like?!

PE: Do you have a name?

GB: I call myself…Foop. *grins evilly* >x3

PE: *stares* Ehm…o_O Right. So, what’s it like, living around here?

Foop: I like…bark. And eating things.

PE: *is uncomfortable* Would you like it if you were noticed more, by Neopians?

Foop: Yes. Yes. That would be good. Then I could lure them over here and feast…

PE: O-o-okay…t-t-hen I w-w-ill g-go n-n-now. *runs away*

As you can tell, my interview was very successful. Just for all you Neopians out there…don’t try that. Ever. Unless you have a death wish. *hopes she won’t have to do any more interviews with dangerous creatures* o.x

7. Habitat

I got this, based on the information Foop gave me. You’d probably find a Bartamus lurking around in the Haunted Woods, feasting on poor pets and petpets that wander astray, killing recklessly with no mercy and stripping the bark off the bare, haunted trees…or maybe at the Spooky Petpets shop, where most Halloween petpets are found. x3

8. History

A long, long time ago, when Cave Neopians still roamed the ancient Tyrannia, there was a river in the Haunted Woods; beautiful and flowing, like a silver ribbon. In its clear and pure waters were small creatures, made from the rays of moonlight that hit the water. Each ray formed a small, circle of light. Each had their own characteristics, and each, in 100 days would become a something that we now call a haunted petpet. Each and every haunted petpet was formed from the moonlight, and their rays came in different colours. Everyone who went and saw a ray of light enter the river disappears, exactly 99 days after they saw it. One day, a young Pteri visited the river, on a night when the moon was said to shed the rays of moonlight into the river for the first time. The Pteri sat by the river on a smooth rock, waiting all night for the spectacular event to occur. Then, just as he was about to drift to sleep, he heard the first rays descending onto the river. Each was unique in their own way; one was gold and black, one was a deep red and one was an olive green. But there was one in particular that caught his eye; one that was a mix of deep purple and lime green. He gazed in awe and it shot down silently, his eyes glued on the miraculous sight. As soon as it hit the water, he leaned over the river and peered in, searching for the purple and green orb of moonlight. Then he saw it, floating beside a gray and beige rock. He smiled; finally he had seen it. Then, after staying a few more moments, watching the orb of moonlight throb and pulse, he flew back to his home.

99 days later, and he was gone, just like that, without any notice. His sister had mourned with the rest of her family over the loss of her brother, and she had a strange feeling that she had to finish what he had started. Tomorrow was the 100th day, and the orbs would turn into something. What, she did not know, but she wanted to find out. She went through her day, with the thought of visiting the river glued to her mind.

Soon enough, it was time. The sister flew off, heading towards the river, and sat in the same spot as her brother had. All the time she was waiting, she hoped that she wouldn’t have the same fate as her brother, that she would live on to tell others of what happened. Minutes later, the river erupted with colour, glowing with every colour imaginable. The sister stared, amazed. Then, she saw it. The purple and lime green orb that her brother had told her about, before he disappeared. She leaned over the river and stared at it. Then, the colour was gone, and each orb became a strange being. They walked out of the river, their fur and skin perfectly dry. The sister then saw something walking towards her; a being that walked on two feet, with horns on its head and miraculous wings. Then, it spoke. “I am the first ray of moonlight that your brother saw. I took all of his fears at the time when he saw me, and they formed me.” It said, its voice sounding like dripping poison. “Without fears, your brother was nothing, so he is gone now.”

The sister stared at him, not believing her eyes. “In memory of my brother, I will name you Bartamus, which was his name.”

And so, the Bartamus was born.


I have gone around and collected comments from our fellow Neopians about the Bartamus. Here are some of them! (I got a good laugh out of some of these xD)

“A little scary, but funny. Would suit Halloween pets.”

“A Bartamus is the ugliest creature in Neopia…other than the Esophagor.”

“Kind of cute – if you like fangs and green eyes.”

“It looks a little like it’s sulking, or it knows something it doesn’t want you to know and it’s not going to stop glaring at you until you leave it alone.”

They sure have good observations skills! XD

Well, that’s it! I hope now you understand how a Bartamus lives, what it is like, how it looks and what others think of it. I myself have my own opinion -- the Bartamus, yes, it is evil. Almost as evil as a Meepit (I dare to say that x3). Perhaps, it just lacks recognition. Now, I hope you look at the Bartamus in a new light (just don’t get anywhere near it), and treat it with a new respect that all petpets should have! (unless they are about to kill you and you are running for your life, then you have a pretty good reason to loathe them with all your heart and every grain of your being whether you are dead or alive or -- x3 yes.)

Author's Note: This is my first ever article has been published! I want to thank everyone who helped me out in the comments section (you know who you are). I’d also like to thank Foop and pray that he won’t come after me in my sleep. x3

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