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Top Ten Ferocious Pet Species

by brennamichael


ALL AROUND NEOPIA - Did you ever want to know about the most ferocious Neopians? Well not Neopians, pet species. Some may be obvious while others confusing. You might disagree, but this is what I discovered. Read on and find out about the top ten most ferocious pet species.

Number 10-Kyrii. Why, you ask? Kyriis are usually friendly, but if you mess up their hair, you’re in for a hurting. I accidentally dropped a bucket of sludge on a Kyrii once. Wow, that hurt. But the reason the Kyrii is not higher on the list is because they’re small. They could be a lot more ferocious if they were bigger.

By the way, the Kyrii I dropped the sludge on was Capara. Never make the mistake of messing up a Kyrii’s hair.

Number 9-Lupe. They are mean. Like wolves in the real world, Lupes hunt. I don’t know why, but I keep upsetting this species. I thought one’s tail was a paint brush. Boy did I get thrashed. If you’ve ever seen a Lupe lookup, you'll find they look ferocious in the battle pose. They don’t look like that just in the Battledome. If they simply get mad they look like that. Lupes would be more ferocious if they weren’t so loyal. Sorry.

Tip: If you see a mad Lupe, RUN!

Number 8-Eyrie. They look like fun loving pets. Wrong. They secretly hunt ground bound petpets. They have the advantage of flight, but no arms. If they were like Draiks, they’d be number 1. But, they’re not. One attacked me because I was protecting an Angelpuss. If you could see my back you’d see Eyrie claw marks.

I’m glad I don’t have an Eyrie. Too much PAIN!

Number 7-Krawk. VERY NASTY BITE! Only go near a Krawk if it’s trained or if it’s in the Petpet form. They cause a lot of mischief and cheat. Krawks dislike places with no water. That’s a disadvantage. They can cream anyone, except maybe a jetsam if they’re underwater. I went to the beach on Krawk Island. A sign said, “beware of Krawks”. Why do I never read signs?

Tip: If you own a Krawk, stay away from its mouth.

Number 6-Kougra. Sorry, it’s true. Kougras have an awful roar. They use it to get fruit down from trees. I got to close to one and it pounced on me. It used my head like a tetherball, and then it roared really loud. I was sent back like ten feet. It’s amazing my ears weren’t blown out. If only they weren’t half kittens, they’d be very feared.

You think Kougras are mean? Check out this next one…

Number 5-Tonu. And people think they’re nice. I was slammed by one and was blasted to the healing springs(good for me). And I was in Tyrannia! They have a nasty temper and sleep a lot. Whatever you do, don’t wake one up. You can calm one by only singing the Tonu lullaby. Too bad nobody knows it.

How to stop one from charging? Too bad. They don’t have credit cards.

Number 4-Skeith. Skeiths are ferocious. They are big and mean. They charge and can knock whole houses down. I almost was trampled by one once. That was scary. Now take King Skarl, he walks on two legs. If you tell him a bad joke he gets really mean. Skeiths are strong, that’s good, but extremely fat and slow. If you own a Skeith, you da man (or girl).

I just got back from the Healing Springs. I guess Hagan and Skarl read the Neopian Times.

Number 3-Jetsam. You guessed it. Yes, Jetsams. They eat petpets! I disturbed one once and nearly was eaten alive. They hate all Flotsams and try to scare people. Jetsams advantage is they’re fast. That’s why they can beat anyone in a battle if it’s underwater. Disadvantage, they can’t walk. They have to flop on land, which is very slow.

No wonder they’re limited edition, not many people want to get eaten alive.

Number 2-Grarrl. They are like T-rexes! They have awful breath and are often very hungry. If you let one stay hungry, he’ll feed on your items ‘cause Grarrls feed on almost anything. If you don’t get more items or food, he could eat you! Grarrls may be dangerous, but half the time are softies. They’re not extremely fast, but can catch up. Watch your back for Grarrls.

You think Grarrls are ferocious? Keep reading you’ll see Number 1.

Before we begin let’s review. Below is a list of the 9 contenders so far and the reason why they aren’t higher on the list:

Kyrii-Too small

Lupe-Too loyal.

Eyrie-No arms.

Krawk-Dislike places with no water.

Kougra-Half kitten.

Tonu-Sleep too much.

Skieth-Fat and slow.

Jetsam-Can’t walk.

Grarrl-20% softies.

Are you ready? Are you ready see the most ferocious pet species of all time? It is…


Yes, Chia. Everybody probably thinks they’re gentle. WRONG! They hide how ferocious they are through a spell. If you say no to one they start trashing the place. You have to say jolly to stop them. Another thing, there are more Chia villains than any other species. You think only two? Wrong again. There is Hubrid Nox, Jelly Chia, and Carassa. If you read The Most Evil Neopian in a past Neopian Times you would know why. Hubrid Nox was nice but then people said his name so much and he turned evil. And take those Chia ghosts on MAGAX: Destroyer. They’re the only ghosts that shoot at you. Chias also hide their real expressions. Chias are only 45% nice. The rest, monster. When they get mad claws sprout from their arms. They get hairy and grow fangs. I’ve seen one. They are ugly. Convinced now?

So you see that’s why Chias are the most ferocious pet species in Neopia.

So that concludes this article. Keep your eyes pealed for my next countdown, Top Ten Most Gentle Pet Species. You’ll be surprised on what’s number 1. If you ever have the urge to make a countdown for yourself, go right ahead. Special thanks to blue_fiery for inspiring me. I gotta go now! See ya later! Ouch!     

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