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The Neopia Security Agency 2: Loose Ends

by undeadfortune


Neopia Security Agency 2: Loose Ends

(Author’s side note. This short story is in the form of a play. This story takes place three days after the first Neopia Security Agency story.)

Act 1 – Prologue

Setting: One year earlier. It is a large training room. The walls are bare and the floors are covered with a soft padding. The only source of light comes from the windows, which let in the setting sun.

(Gabe (a spotted Bruce) and Smalls (an orange Yurble) are circling each other, both in a different fighting stance. The Chief (a shadow Grarrl) is standing nearby, watching their movements attentively.)

Gabe: Is that the best you can do?

Smalls: (Breathing quickly.) You’d think with all this training we’d have finished our courses by now.

Gabe: You know the Chief; she won’t say we’re done until we’re exhausted and we can’t move.

Chief: (Shouting.) Again!

(Gabe and Smalls rush towards each other and meet in the center of their mat on which they are training. Smalls leans back and swings this left leg hard towards Gabe’s middle, but Gabe catches the attack with his right hand and pulls Smalls towards him. With his sudden loss of footing, Smalls collapses onto his back.)

Smalls: (Winded.) I should of saw that coming. You always were the defensive one. (He stretches his hand out.)

Gabe: (Helping Smalls up.) Just remember the basics Chief taught us as they can be used in any situation.

Chief: Again!

(Gabe and Smalls return to their original spots. Smalls makes his way towards Gabe but turns and tries to maneuver around the spotted Bruce at the last moment. Smalls quickly attempts a jab in Gabe’s direction, but Gabe catches the blow and spins Smalls around, holding Smalls in place. Gabe lets his friend go, and Smalls walks slowly back to his spot.)

Smalls: There’s just no beating you, is there?

Gabe: (Chuckling.) Don’t let it get to you. I bet one of these days you’ll beat me.

Smalls: I just hope there’s a witness! (Sighing.) There’s no way anyone believe me if there isn’t.

Chief: (Shouting.) Again!

(Gabe and Smalls dash towards each other yet again. Blackout.)

Act 1 – Scene 1

Setting: Smalls’ corner office at the NSA, present day. His walls are decorated with assorted medals and certificates. A broad window rests behind Smalls’ desk, which overlooks downtown Neopia Central.

(Smalls sits at his desk and reviews a stack of papers. Shaking his head, he leans back and takes a sip of his mug. There’s a knock at the door.)

Smalls: Come in.

(The door opens, and Chief, along with a spotted Meerca walk in.)

Smalls: (Sitting forward.) Oh, hello Chief. Do you need that paper work now?

Chief: (Waving her hand.) You still have a few days to turn that in so don’t worry.

Smalls: (Shifting his gaze from the Chief to the spotted Meerca.) And who is this?

Chief: This is Wade.

Smalls: Nice to meet you Wade. (He extends his hand.)

Wade: (She takes it.) Likewise, I’m sure.

Chief: Wade was just transferred here from the NSA’s own training facility up on Terror Mountain.

Smalls: (Laughing.) So Wade, do they still make you go on camping trips during blizzards?

Wade: Oh yes (Smiling.), and it isn’t until you’re already out there when your commanding officer mentions you have to find our own food.

Smalls: They never do miss a trick, do they?

Chief: (Cutting in.) What would be the point of just letting you graduate? We like to test our students before sending them into the field.

Smalls: Heh, at least I was prepared.

Chief: I hardly think five pounds of chocolate was, “being prepared.”

Smalls: (Recalling.) At least I passed… regardless of my being sick.

Chief: Anyways. Wade is to join you on your newest assignment, which is-

Smalls: Locating ‘The Patience,’ who we now know to be Gabe.

Wade: (Her eyes widen.) Wasn't that your previous partner?

Smalls: (Sadly.) Yes. I learned from an assassin that Gabe was actually a double agent, and now enough evidence links Gabe and ‘The Patience’ as being the same person.

Chief: That was very good work on your part, Smalls. (Looking towards Wade.) And now that you have a partner again, I can send you back into the field.


Act 1 – Scene 2

Setting: Aboard the Virtupets Space Station. The walls are made of a dark painted metal and the room is an icy cold. The lights are kept down, casting long, gloomy shadows around the corners of the room.

(Two figures are standing in the room, but the shorter has their back to the other.)

The Patience: Is it done?

Gabe: It will be soon enough, as I’m working on the last details of the plan.

The Patience: Excellent, but I want you to activate the others.

Gabe: (A sense of anger in his voice.) Do you really think-

The Patience: (Cutting in.) Think? THINK! You do not question me about thinking. (She points to herself and turns.) I want them all activated and to join you before your next report.

Gabe: Yes… of course. Anything you say, Chief.

(The Patience begins to snicker.)

Gabe: (Quickly drawing his Fungus Ray.) Who precisely are you? ‘The Patience’ never laughs.

(The Patience backs gradually away from Gabe until the room’s shadows engulf her.)

Gabe: (Shifting his weight and waving his Fungus Ray.) You have three seconds. (He counts to one in his head.) Three…two…

Voice: Wait.

(Gabe lowers his weapon.)

Gabe: ‘The Guise’…

(The Guise makes his way out of the shadows, a stretched hood hiding his face.)

The Guise: Chief’s already contacted me and I’ve taken the liberty of calling in ‘The Precision.’

Gabe: (He feels like he was hit in the stomach.) What did you say? Does the boss no longer have faith in me?

The Guise: No, she has always trusted you (Pause.), but she will not tolerate failure. I’ve been asked to make certain you don’t underestimate the enemy. I am now in control of this operation.

Gabe: (Shocked.) You’ve got to give me another chance! I have to prove myself to the boss, I must!

The Guise: I already have given you one, as you are still here. (He signals to the figure behind Gabe.) Take our comrade here to his room… (Gabe turns towards the door and is caught off guard when all he sees is a black cape making it’s way over. His right arm is suddenly jerked towards the door.)

Gabe: (Surprised.) So that’s how you’re the greatest… you’re invisible.

(A soft voice speaks from within the cape.)

The Precision: But sadly- I can’t have you talking about what you’ve learned. I’ve kept this secret safe for too long.

(Gabe is led away and The Guise follows. Blackout.)

Act 1 – Scene 3

Setting: A small, yet peaceful park somewhere in Neopia Central.

(Young Neopets and their Petpets can be seen running about playfully. Smalls and his new partner, Wade, are chatting about their work.)

Wade: (Laughing.) You can’t be serious.

Smalls: I’m not joking with you. I went to arrest this one character, and suddenly (He acts out the scene.) pulls a Sword Of Skardsen on me. Seeing this, I just about give up; but then I notice something about the sword.

Wade: (Interested.) What was that?

Smalls: It would wobble around whenever the guy would swing it. Considering this, I knew the thing was a fake, and the guy must have picked it up thinking he was making a good deal on it.

Wade: (Stopping, and changing the subject.) Why’d Gabe do what he did?

Smalls: (Sitting on a large rock that is protruding from the ground.) Personal wealth, probably... Neopoints can do a lot to a person.

Wade: (Nodding.) I’m sorry to hear that…

Smalls: Don’t be. The only thing you should be sorry now is anyone standing in Gabe’s way.

Wade: I did examine the file on the current case… seems you’ve handled it pretty well so far.

Smalls: I’ve only done what I’ve been trained to do.

Wade: I don’t think defeating three highly skilled mercenaries unaccompanied comes as part of the training.

Smalls: (Sighing.) No, but thinking on your feet and adapting to the situation is. Lets just get on with our assignment.

Wade: Whatever you say; you are the senior agent.

(Smalls and Wade make their way across the park to an elderly white Elephante. The Elephante is feeding Weewoos, who seem to gather in his presence.)

Smalls: (Holding out his hand.) Vander, I presume?

Vander: (Smiling.) You presume correctly. (He shakes Smalls hand.)

Smalls: We hear you know something concerning a certain Neopet I’m after.

Vander: Just like you Smalls. There’s never any time for small talk.

Smalls: Vander…

Vander: (Laugh quietly.) Can’t an old Neopet have fun with a famous agent like yourself?

Smalls: Vander, I’m the one calling in the favor, remember? Your flattery barely works when you require something from me.

Vander: Heh, heh, ok. Here's what I understand. Seems you’re old friend Gabe is setting up shop in the new amphitheater being constructed in down town Neopia Central. The locals believe is a charity deal, but that’s only the disguise for what Gabe is really planning.

Smalls: And this information is good? (Thinking.) Nothing like that last wild Spardel chase you sent me on with the coin thief?

Vander: (Smiling.) What can I say… I have a great taste in coins. (His smirk turns back into a serious expression.) But this information is good. He’s building some kind of device over there, and I don’t like it. Lets just say, it’s not good for business.

Smalls: (Nodding.) Thanks for the help, (Points at Vander.) And stay out of trouble.

(Smalls and Wade head off.)

Vander: No Smalls (Looking at Smalls’ Neopoints bag which he took.). Thank you.


Act 2 – Scene 1

Setting: The newly constructed Neopia Central amphitheater. Rows upon rows of well furnished seats face a large, vacant stage. Construction equipment and assorted tools are still lying about, waiting to be cleaned and collected.

(Smalls cautiously makes his way through an opened side door, allowing Wade to cover the back exits. His Fungus Ray is drawn and outstretched in his hands, as he was taught to do at the NSA. Checking his surroundings as he slowly makes his way down an aisle, a weapon suddenly discharges. Upon hearing this, Smalls dives for cover behind a chair.)

The Precision: (In a loud, shocked voice.) Impossible!

(Smalls attempts to locate the source of the voice while trying to remain hidden. Soft wisps of smoke rise from a gapping hole in a chair, two rows behind Smalls.)

The Precision: (Calming herself down.) You live up to your name, Agent Smalls.

Smalls: (Shouting.) Really? And how do you know me?

The Precision: I consider myself the best, Agent Smalls. I complete my missions with every detail in mind, and I never fail. Unlike the rest of the unit, I do not rush into matters that I do not study from every angle first… and you (Pause.) Agent Smalls (Pause.), I have studied.

(Smalls slowly half-crawls, half-runs across his row of chairs, while attempting to stay out of sight.)

The Precision: Fair enough, Agent Smalls… Lets do this the hard way! For I am ‘The Precision’! My un-Neopet like accuracy will be the end of you!

(Smalls once more tries to spot his attacker, but to no avail. An abrupt movement catches his eye, and he turns to see a dark black cape resting on a scaffold, near the opposing wall. Believing that is his target, Smalls moves to take new cover, and opens fire.)

The Precision: (Surprised.) There you are!

(Although she is invisible, Smalls attempts to follow his target with his Fungus Ray, while watching the cape fly off of the scaffold and onto the stage. She returns fire with her modified Garoo elite blaster, causing Smalls to retreat behind a column.)

The Precision: You cannot run Smalls! I never lose my quarry!

(With that, she rapidly scans the room and satisfied, quickly fires her blaster, ricocheting it off a ladder, and hits Smalls in the leg.)

Smalls: (Falling onto his good knee.) Argh!

The Precision: (Gleefully.) Do you feel that Smalls? That is my victory!

(The Precision makes her way off stage, but after only a few steps, she stops. Hearing someone behind her causes The Precision to stop in alarm.)

The Precision: (Turning.) Who the-?!

Wade: (Shouting, with her Fungus Ray out.) Freeze invisible Neopet! NSA!

The Precision: No… no…! (Stunned.) I am the best! There is no one who can defeat me!

(Out of options, The Precision draws her blaster, but Wade, seeing this, fires off two rounds. The Precision fires back, but looks down at her firearm when nothing happens. Upon quick inspection, she can see the two shots damaged her Garoo elite blaster is beyond repair and use.)

The Precision: (Defeated.) I was never told about an additional Agent…

Wade: Really now? (Smiling.) You should have done your homework.


Act 2 – Scene 2

Setting: A few minutes later, outside the towering amphitheater.

(Smalls is holding The Precision and is waiting with Wade for their backup to arrive.)

Smalls: Thanks for the help in there.

Wade: Don’t worry about; I’m sure you would have done the same for me.

Smalls: Well I’m still grateful you came in when you did. (Turning.) How did you know I was in trouble?

Wade: I heard a blaster go off and it didn’t sound like a Fungus Ray. (Looking at Smalls’ leg.) You need to have that looked at when we get back. I hear the NSA has one of the best doctors in Neopia Central.

Smalls: (Nodding.) I’ve had my fair share of visits to hospitals and doctors.

Wade: I just hope our backup arrives on time to take our friend here off our hands. (Looking at The Precision.) I’m surprised she’s been this quiet… Most criminals enjoy trying to talk their way out of going to a Meridell prison.

Smalls: Aren’t those the greatest kind of prisons? At least she’ll have friends there, as I her that’s where ‘The Misery’ is being kept.

(Smalls turns to see three armed NSA agents heading towards Wade and himself. Smalls waves, and a senior agent returns the gesture.)

Felix: (Motioning for his fellow agents to seize The Precision.) Ello there Smalls, I’m Felix. I’m here to take this unlawful Neopet away for you. Good work by the way, you sure bag yourself another winner. I bet the Chief will promote you for sure.

Smalls: Felix! (Excitedly.) I’ve heard an awful lot about you. Aren’t you the agent who foiled those crooks who almost robbed the Hidden Tower? You’re a legend!

Felix: I just got lucky with that case, but you, Smalls; you are really doing well for yourself. You’ve already captured two members of ‘The Unit’ and I bet you’ll get their leader in time. (Looking at his two fellow agents.) Well, looks like were done here; I think we’ll be heading back to the base. (Looking at Smalls leg.) Also, you might want to get that cleaned up… Garoo elite blasters tend to cause bloaty feet.

(Felix and his two companions start to head off with The Precision.)

Wade: Wow, he’s such an experienced agent, he could even tell the type of weapon she was using.

Smalls: Yea… that is pretty amazing… come on, let’s head back.

(Smalls and Wade head back to headquarters. Blackout.)

Act 2 – Scene 3

Setting: Smalls’ office at the NSA.

(Smalls sits behind his desk and is talking to Wade, who is sitting on a couch nearby.)

Smalls: Did the search team turn up anything?

Wade: (Holding a pad of paper.) Negative. Seems the place is clean from the report can tell me.

Smalls: (Shaking his head.) I don’t like it. Vander is never wrong when it comes to leads… That’s one of the reasons I still use him.

Wade: Everyone makes a mistake once and awhile. You know how the saying goes, “To error is Neopet.”

Smalls: Yea, I heard that once before… Maybe Chief said it.

(There’s a knock at the door and the Chief enters.)

Chief: (A serious look on her face.) I have some bad news.

Smalls: What kind of bad news?

Chief: ‘The Precision’ never arrived in Meridell. Who exactly met you at the exchange?

Wade: Wasn’t it that Agent Felix?

Chief: (Quickly.) Felix! What are you talking about! Agent Felix is on an undercover operation that only I know about. He won’t be returning till the end of this month… You must be mistaken.

Smalls: Can’t be Chief, Wade and I both saw him. He also knew all about how I captured most of ‘The Unit.’

Chief: Impossible. Felix has not communicated with myself, or any of the NSA to protect his mission.

Smalls: (Holding up his hand.) Wait a minute.

(Smalls quickly opens a report and begins to read. Chief glances at Wade, who returns a curious look. Smalls stands up when he finds what he needs and walks next to the Chief.)

Smalls: Look at this!

(Wade moves behind Chief to read the report as Smalls hands it over.)

Smalls: I knew I forgot about the last member of ‘The Unit!’ The report says that no one has ever seen his true face, since he keeps it hidden under a hood. Something about a morphing potion mishap that allows ‘The Guise’ to shift between any species and colour at will.

Wade: (Pointing at the report.) According to this, he drank nearly twenty potions over the course of a day! (To Smalls.) How can ones body take such a beating?

Smalls: (Shaking his head.) I don’t know… But we’re going to find out. Lets go Wade.

Wade: Where to?

Smalls: Back to where this started.


Act 3 – Scene 1

Setting: The sun has set, but a cloudy sky blocks any light from the moon.

(Smalls and Wade enter the dark amphitheater with their weapons drawn. They split up, Smalls on the left and Wade on the right side of the room. Suddenly, the room erupts with a bright haze of light. Starry lamps that surround the seats turn on at once, and Smalls and Wade are forced to cover their eyes for a moment.)

Gabe: (Calling out.) Smalls… dearest of all my friends!

(Smalls looks and sees Gabe on stage.)

Smalls: You always did like to be at the center of attention.

Gabe: (Ignoring the remark.) You’ve caused too much trouble for us, Smalls. I’ve been sent to deal with you personally.

Smalls: (Raising his Fungus Ray.) Really? This won’t last long.

Gabe: (Turning his back.) I’m unarmed Smalls, you wouldn’t shoot an unarmed man… would you? Join me on stage Smalls. Let us see who is the better agent!

(Smalls throws his weapon down in disgust, and looks at Wade.)

Smalls: Wait here… and if he tries anything dirty, feel free to lend a hand.

(Wade nods and Smalls makes his way down the long aisle. Finding the stairs to the stage, Smalls slowly makes his way up. Gabe backs up, allowing a good twenty steps between the two.)

Gabe: (Laughing.) Just like old times… eh Smalls?

Smalls: No Gabe. We were friends then.

Gabe: I only did my job then, Smalls. Chief trained us for a reason. Do you know what that reason was? We were to be her apprentices. Not for the NSA, or anything like it… but for the crime syndicate she ran! (Pause.) You see Smalls… Chief is ‘The Patience!’

Smalls: I don’t believe it Gabe! You are! And after this, we’ll no longer have to worry about ‘The Unit!’

(Smalls rushes towards Gabe and delivers a quick high kick. Gabe ducks low and swings out his own leg to trip Smalls. Smalls crashes backwards, but firmly plants his hands over his head as he falls downward. With this new balance, Smalls kicks Gabe in the chest, while he completes a backwards cartwheel.)

Gabe: (Stunned.) Impossible! (He smiles.) You’ve honed your skills!

Smalls: Allow me to show you what else I’ve learned.

(Gabe takes the offensive and jabs towards Smalls’ middle. Smalls catches the arm and begins to spin himself and Gabe around in a circle. During this, Gabe uses his own free hand to grasp Smalls’ outstretched arm, and attempts to spin Smalls back. Now with their arms crossed, and facing, Smalls pushes away from the spotted Bruce and allows his feet to come up. Before Gabe can react, Smalls kicks off of Gabe, and lands on his back.)

Gabe: (Stumbling backwards.) Sorry Smalls, but when it comes to winning, I’ll do anything. (He removes a lost desert dagger from a belt around his waist.)

(Smalls turns to Wade, but is shocked to see a hooded figure standing alongside her. Wade is unarmed and The Guise is pointing his own Garoo elite blaster in her direction. Smalls turns back to Gabe as Gabe begins to attack. Gabe uses quick, short slashes as he attempts to near Smalls. Smalls in turn continues to sidestep Gabe’s attacks, trying to find an opening. Gabe slashes out again, but this time, Smalls grabs the outer part of Gabe’s wrist with his right hand, and turns Gabe around, twisting the dagger free of his hand. Smalls then pushes Gabe away from him and looks for Wade, but she and The Guise have left.)

Gabe: (Defeated, and falling to his knees.) Unbelievable… defeated by the likes of you.

Smalls: Are you ready to talk or am I going to have to do this the hard way?

Gabe: (Collapsing on his stomach and whispering to himself.) Forgive me Chief…

(Smalls walks over to Gabe and begins to drag him away. Blackout.)

Act 3 – Epilogue

Setting: The Patience’s new office room. The entire theme of the office is Zen, with a rug placed squarely in the middle.

(The Patience sits on the rug, listening to The Guise talk.)

The Guise: It was a success.

The Patience: (Not opening her eyes or turning.) Really?

The Guise: Yes mama… The female agent had access to Smalls files, and I was able to find the rest of the plans in his office.

The Patience: Very good, very good indeed. And Gabe, what happened to him?

The Guise: (Turning slightly.) Smalls defeated him.

The Patience: (Surprised.) In what form precisely was Gabe defeated?

The Guise: Hand to hand, unarmed, and from what I saw, Smalls is almost as good as you.

The Patience: (Smiling.) He’d better be, for I taught him.

The Guise: It’s a shame we can’t get agents like that for ‘The Unit,’ we’ve lost just about everyone. That plan I acquired better win us all of Neopia. What exactly was it?

The Patience: (Smiling.) The plan is for a mass form of… mind control.

The Guise: You’ve got to be kidding me! Sloth said himself that attempting to control more then one Neopet at the same time was unimaginable!

The Patience: That was then my friend… (The door opens, and a robot like Wade enters.) ‘The Guise,’ I’d like you to meet your new partner. Together, we shall shortly have every Neopet on Neopia under our power!

(The Guise smiles and exits with Wade. Blackout.)

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