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NNLHT: Dental Hygiene

by go_girls_2003_twin


NNLHT Headquarters - Hello, reader! I am a journalist from the National Neopian League of Healthy Teeth, or NNLHT. I was asked to do this article because of my experience in rejection. I'm not sure why that mattered. Anyway, my job is to teach you, the reader, how to make sure your pets properly brush their teeth. I will teach you everything you need to know. You will learn what supplies to use, how long to brush, how the toothbrush can do more than one thing at once… and much, much, much, MUCH MORE!!! Now, onto the learning.

#1 What to use

One of the most important things in brushing teeth is, of course, the toothbrush and everything else. Without the toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, and mouthwash, how can you brush your teeth? You can't! So here is a list of the only NNLHT approved brush-wear in Neopia.

Toothbrush to use: A deluxe blue toothbrush and a deluxe pink toothbrush. You need both. I will explain this later on.

Toothpaste to use: Peppermint toothpaste, because the head of NNLHT likes peppermint.

Mouthwash to use: Green mouthwash. I like green, so that makes it the only mouthwash you can use. Or your teeth will rot.

Floss to use: Dental floss. It's dental, meaning it was made at a dentist. Which makes it better. I think.

So, those are the supplies you will need. Before you read on, go buy them.

#2 Getting your pet to brush his/her teeth

This is a crucial step. If you don't do this step, your pet won't brush his/her teeth, and that would make this article pointless.

There are many ways to make your pet brush his/her teeth, but I will only list two of them here. The first one is, the most unlikely to work, and the easiest to do. All you have to have is a calendar. Just tell your pet to mark an X on the days when it brushes its teeth. Of course, you will have to see them brushing to make sure they don't cheat. When your pet has have put an X on 30 days or more, take them on a trip to Faerieland. This won't work if you live in Faerieland.

The second way to make your pet brush its teeth is not as easy. Do this with all your pets (If you have more than one) at once. You need to do this because then your Neopets will not get as bored. Make sure your pets don't have any dangerous Battledome items. Calmly lock your pets in a room with nothing but a sink, a small amount of toothpaste, a small amount of mouthwash, some floss, and your toothbrushes. Tell your pets that they can't come out until they've brushed their teeth. Make sure there is a (small) hole in the door so you can watch them. Let them out when they have brushed their teeth. Then run for your life.

#3 How to brush

You need to know HOW to brush your teeth before you can actually do it (and teach your pets how)! I have divided the process of brushing your teeth into steps.

Step 1: Load up the brush

The first step is, of course, getting your brush ready. Take your deluxe blue toothbrush, and put a glob of peppermint toothpaste the size of an attack pea on it. Wet the toothpaste. Now you are ready for the next step…

Step 2: Begin

Take your toothbrush, and begin brushing your bottom row of teeth. Go in a side-to-side motion on each tooth. Stay on each tooth for about two or three seconds. Just do this until it's been about one minute. Do all the sides of every tooth. Once you are done with the bottom row (once you have brushed for a minute) you are ready for the next step…

Step 3: The top row

Put down your deluxe blue toothbrush. Follow step 1 exactly, except with your deluxe pink toothbrush. Then follow step 2, except with your top row. Still make sure you brush for about a minute. Once that is done, go onto he next step….

Step 4: Cleaning

Once you have finished all they above steps, turn on your sink. Rinse out both of the brushes. Then, take a cup or mug or whatever, or just cup you hands, paws are whatever you have, and fill it/them with water. *Drink a little, then spit out. Keep doing this until you have gotten rid of all the toothpaste. Once you have done this, congrats! You have finished brushing your teeth! Now go teach your pet (Good luck with that…)!

*Do not do this with cloud or dung sinks

#4 Using mouthwash and flossing

Using mouthwash is pretty simple. Just put some mouthwash in your mouth, swish it around for a minute or so, and then spit it out. Moving on to flossing…

To floss, take a piece of dental floss about a ft. long, and roll it around your finger. Unroll a bit of it, and push it down the gap between your first two teeth. Wiggle it from side to side a little, and then pull it out of the gap. Roll the part of the floss you used onto your other finger. Repeat until you have done all the gaps. If you run out of floss before you are done, just get some more floss.

#5 Multi-tasking

If you pet doesn't have much time in the morning before Neoschool, then use this trick to get them there on time. To do your pet's makeup and teeth at the same time, tie the same color of lipstick to the bristle side of each toothbrush, so when they brush, they are also putting on their lipstick.

#6 What not to do

The things listed here are strictly against NNLHT regulations, and it is essential that you not do these things in order for you to have clean, healthy teeth.

DO NOT use anything but the supplies in this article to clean your teeth. They are the only products NNLHT sells, so you must use them.

DO NOT use the same toothbrush on each row of teeth. It is unsanitary to do otherwise. Also, we will make more money if you buy two.

DO NOT brush for less than one minute on each row. If you do less, your teeth will not be thoroughly cleaned. If you finish the row before the minute is up, then just start over again.

Thank you for reading my article. I hope I have informed you about proper tooth care and I also hope that I will become the most respected member of the NNLHT.

Author's Note: I am not actually a member of the NNLHT. To my knowledge, it doesn't even exist. Also, none of the information in this article is true. Well, it may be, but probably not.

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