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Run Away to Knighthood: Part Two

by precious_katuch14


"So…tired…" gasped a blue Zafara as he traversed the path to the outskirts of Neopia Central. Grass and some small flowers poked out of the cracks in it, and the Neohomes were getting fewer. Angel and his Anubis, Morpheus, had been walking all night, trying to find the Zafara's original owner. Dawn was just about to break over Neopia.

     "I can't find my original owner," grumbled Angel. "They should have seen us by now. Let's just sleep, and maybe we can search when we wake up." He yawned, got off the path and curled up in a thick patch of grass, with his petpet beside him. Angel used his backpack as a pillow and got his blanket out of the backpack. Their eyes slowly closed and both of them started snoring softly.

     Meanwhile, just a fairly small distance away from the snoozing duo, there was some slight chaos afoot.

     "Search for him, we can't let him escape! He has been wanted in Meridell for a whole bunch of crimes we cannot count!"

     "He's slipped through our clutches several times, and we HAVE to throw him in the dungeon now!"

     Two Meridellians burst out of the bushes just behind Angel and Morpheus. One was a green Kacheek, clad in an outfit of tough material and was wielding a small dagger. The other was a red Kyrii dressed in nearly the same manner as his companion.

     "We lost him, Alphonse," groaned the Kyrii. "King Skarl will not like this…one of Lord Kass's old minions are still lurking about, and who knows what he's capable of?"

     "Tiberius is capable of anything, Roland," answered Alphonse the Kacheek. "But there's just one of him, right?" We…"

     But the Kacheek didn't get to finish his sentence as he tripped over a sleeping figure in the grass. "Who dares trip me?" he declared, waving his sword. He looked down and saw Angel, still snoring with his little blue Anubis. "Oh…"

     "Why, look! A weary young traveler! We must take him to Skarl!" said Roland eagerly. "We can turn him onto our side and help us search for the missing minion! He could be a knight, fight alongside the legendary knight of Meridell…"

     "You have such great ideas, my comrade," said Alphonse. He heaved Angel onto his shoulders. His partner picked Morpheus up, along with the backpack and blanket. "Come on, King Skarl hates to wait."

     "But he isn't even expecting this!" said Roland, running after the Kacheek.


     "ANGEL!!!" screamed Glitter as she sprinted over to Angel's bedroom. "It's time for breakfast already! And we're having your favorite…"

     She pushed open the door and found a huge lump in the covers. It was actually the pillow, but the Acara didn't seem to notice.

     "Glitter, is Angel awake yet?" asked Sweet, as he walked over to his sister, eating a huge sandwich. "Maybe I can get him a sandwich and leave it in his room." The Kacheek ran back into the kitchen and came back to Angel's bedroom, clutching a sandwich. Sweet put it down onto the bedside table and gently closed the door. "He must be feeling really under the weather," the striped Kacheek said to himself grimly.


     The blue Zafara opened his eyes sleepily. But instead of seeing a blue sky dotted with clouds and some trees around him, he saw many faces above him. A green Kacheek, a red Kyrii, and a blue Skeith were staring at him. Angel sat up promptly and gasped, trying to get a good look at his surroundings. There were huge posts all over the place, a big fancy chair was in front of him, and he and his Anubis were sitting on a red carpet.

     "How…how'd I get in here?" he asked, scratching his head. "And what do you want from me?"

     The blue Skeith, who seemed to be wearing a crown and fancy clothes, turned to the other two. "You said you would bring me a worthy fighter for Meridell, and you bring but a lowly little Zafara who isn't even fit to scrub the armor of my greatest knight? What must I do with you?"

     "Please, Your Majesty," pleaded the green Kacheek. "Let him fight. Let him be on our side. He can train under the greatest knight of Meridell and help us catch the notorious Tiberius! You must give him a chance, great King Skarl!"

     King Skarl rubbed his chin thoughtfully. "Well, although he's quite puny and skinny, perhaps I really must give him a great opportunity." He gently helped Angel up to his feet. "So, little Zafara, where do you come from, and are you willing to fight for Meridell?"

     Angel stood as straight as he could and looked into Skarl's eyes. "Your Majesty, I come from a distant land they call Neopia Central…and yes, I would like to be a knight! So can I be a knight? I'll fight for Meridell and help you catch that…er…rogue!" the blue Zafara declared.

     "Very well then…Roland! Alphonse! Fetch some spare garments and dress this willing knight-to-be!" said Skarl, smiling. "Find him a nice room in the castle, and get Jeran as well!" The Kacheek and Kyrii dashed off in different directions to fulfill the king's orders. After a few moments, Roland the Kyrii came back with a bundle of clothes and forced Angel into them. Just as the Zafara finally put on a matching little cap, Alphonse sprinted back with a regal blue Lupe following after him.

     "Great King Skarl, what do you want me to do for you? Has Tiberius been sighted yet?" The knight knelt down before the king as he said this.

     "Ah, Jeran. You are the knight I wanted to see. Feast your eyes upon that little Zafara behind you, who aspires to be a knight. Teach him well so that he may help apprehend the Darigan rogue and dedicate his life to serving Meridell!" said Skarl formally. Jeran whipped around to see a smiling blue Zafara clad in a squire's clothing, an Anubis at his side.

     "Your Majesty, your needs are to be fulfilled! Come, my page, for I shall teach you the ways of the knight!" Jeran took Angel's paw. Angel, in turn picked up his backpack and Morpheus. Alphonse shoved a key into the Lupe's free paw. "This is young Angel's room," said the Kacheek shortly. Then he and his compatriot bowed before King Skarl one more time before running to the front door of the castle, escorted by a couple of Draik guards.

     Jeran and Angel walked through the wide corridors of the castle, reaching a spiral staircase guarded by two Draiks in shining armor and clutching huge spears.

     "Sir Jeran," mumbled one of the guards. "He shall pass." The Draik and his companion stepped backward slightly, giving way to the two. Then the pair made their way up the stairs, Angel gaping at all the doors in the next hallway. Soon they got to a pair of red and gold double doors.

     "This," said the knight, "is your room. You will be staying here when you are not in banquets or in training, or when you are just bored and have nothing to do. It is right beside mine, so in case you need any help, I'm nearby."

     Suddenly a yellow Aisha came running towards them. She wore what looked like a homemade shield over a neat little blouse and a matching skirt, and clutched a little toy Rod of Ultranova in her paw. Her black shoes made clopping noises as she ran towards Jeran and Angel, and she adjusted her red spectacles that hung askew.

     "Jeran!" shouted Lisha excitedly. "Jeran! Look at what I found in this ancient book in the library!" Before she could shove the tome in front of her brother, she stared at Angel. "I'm Lisha. What's your name?"

     Angel looked at the Aisha timidly. "I'm…Angel," he murmured. "I want to become a knight, so I'll be training under Jeran."

     "That's wonderful!" said Lisha brightly. "Good luck, and you know, my brother is really good at defending Meridell! I don't think you'll have any trouble!"

     Jeran just grinned and took the book Lisha was holding. "Lisha, this is great! I've found some neat strategies to use when we find Tiberius, that runaway rogue…I've heard he's got some followers, and he may well be gathering more! He's following in Kass's footsteps, remember?"

     His sister nodded. "You can keep it with you for a while," she said. "I've got to go! Kayla needs help on her latest potion!" And with that, she took off towards a wooden door with a sign that said, "Alchemy".

     "So that was your sister?" asked Angel curiously. "She seems quite nice…"

     Jeran nodded vigorously. "Yes, she's been a great help to me. Now, Angel, make yourself at home for now. We'll have someone get you for lunch." The Lupe knight set the Anubis and the Zafara's backpack down on Angel's new bed and left.

     Angel lay down onto his huge bed and sighed contentedly. "This is going to be great, Morpheus! I can't believe it…I'm going to be a knight, the great hero Jeran will be teaching me, King Skarl has agreed to take care of me…it's actually a dream come true!"


     "Angel must really be tired, since he hasn't come out of his room all day," said Kat as she scribbled on her notebook on the dining table. An Acara, Aisha and Kacheek were digging in a jar of cookies.

     "Maybe we really should check him out…" said Fluffy thoughtfully, popping the last of her cookie into her mouth. "One of us should, since Kat is just so busy all the time."

     "I'll do it," said Glitter, her mouth full. She swallowed and added, "Later, after dinner. He's probably napping anyway."

To be continued...

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