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Meridell, Her Home

by blubblub317


Illusen the Earth Faerie awoke with a small smile tugging at the corner of her lips on a particular bright and cheery morning. She gazed outside of her window, where lines of pets were already beginning to form for their try of her daily quests. She emitted a small cheerful sigh, and threw off her woolen covers that had burrowed her warm body.

     Yawning, Illusen eyed herself in the mirror, combing her hair carefully at the same time. "I just love Illusen Day," she sang, performing a small dance. "Everything is just so…perfect!"

     "Oh my gosh, look everyone! Illusen's awake!" a blue Blumaroo with crowding buck teeth suddenly yelled from outside, peering through Illusen's bedroom window.

     Illusen gasped. She had been caught! "Get away!" she screamed, sliding up her window and shooing the obnoxious pet away. He blew his tongue at her, and pounced off, laughing off with friends who were smirking and giggling as well.

     Unfortunately, for Illusen, this didn't aid the situation. Soon, the crowds began displaying their short-lived patience. "HURRY UP! HURRY UP! HAND US OUR QUESTS! HURRY UP!"

     "I'm coming!" cried Illusen, brushing some strands of messy auburn hair away from her face. "At least let me freshen up!" She then abruptly slammed the window shut, feeling frustrated with the annoying and troublesome pets. What a lovely start for this day that had been completely dedicated to her.


     Ten minutes later, Illusen stepped out of her small cottage that stood on the edge of Meridell. The line had doubled in length, dropping Illusen's spirits to an even sour note. She had hoped that maybe pets would understand that today she would have liked to relax and celebrate and not have to work recklessly. But unfortunately, this wasn't the case, and she had even more work to complete then usual.

     "Who's first?" she groaned, seating herself down on a long and shiny green stool that stood behind a tabletop. A rainbow Acara walked up, looking apprehensive and nervous. "Um, what is it that you need, miss?" The Acara turned back to her owner, who was smiling and giving her thumbs up.

     Illusen smiled as well, and replied, "If you could bring me a Green Short Hair Brush, that would be great."

     The Acara bobbed her head. "No problem, miss!" she exclaimed, and then rapidly sped off to chat with her owner about her first experience on an Illusen's Quest.

     This was the entire routine for the remainder of the morning. By noon, Illusen simply wasn't in the mood to hand out quests anymore. Most of her potions had already been completed and had been handed over to the Faerie Queen for some top-secret plans. Now she was simply asking for items to make measly medicines like Magic Goop. Deciding that enough was enough for now, Illusen taped a sign in front of the tabletop that read, "Out for lunch! Be back later! Thanks!"

     She smiled, and hoped that the pets would understand. There was no one in line at the moment, so Illusen simply entered back into her home to have herself a nice Faerie Banana Sandwich.


Knock, knock! The door rattled as it was boomed on violently.

     "Huh? What's going on?" Illusen softly fluttered her eyes open, and suddenly bolted into an upright position. She looked around quickly, wondering where she was. She then peered down, and saw a half eaten Faerie Banana Sandwich lying still on the plate. The memories hit her like a pile of bricks.

     "Oh my gosh, I feel asleep!" shrieked Illusen, throwing herself up from her chair. She could barely imagine the horrors outside that were occurring.

     "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry!" cried Illusen, dashing out of her small cottage. However, it was too late. Mounds of pets were already engaged in a fit of rage.

     "Fire Illusen! Get her out of here! She doesn't care about us! Jhudora is even nicer then her!" These were just some of the nasty remarks being snarled out by the pets.

     "I-I'm sorry," whispered Illusen, tears welling in her saddened eyes.

     She swiveled towards her cottage to find it astoundingly egged and vandalized. Remarks of how she didn't hold any magical powers and how she was a fake were written all across the outside, causing her to stand paralyzed in horror and shock.

     "W-w-who wrote this?!" she shrieked, running up to see the writings more closely.

     "All of us!" the pets yelled in unison. "Go back home! We've been waiting here for three hours and we've had enough!"

     Illusen turned back to the enraged crowd. "But I put up a sign!" she yelled, racing over to her table to show the sign to everyone. However, upon arriving to the table, she found the sign to be completely shredded in tiny pieces.

     Her eyes widened in astonishment. She was deathly afraid by what was happening. Never had she been treated in a horrific matter like this before.

     "Please, everyone, calm down!" she sobbed, whirling frantically around.

     But all she saw were angry expressions. Ones that chilled her to the bone. Ones that made her want to hide herself under the covers of her comforting and warm bed. Ones that made her want to disappear from this world. Not knowing what to do, the frightened earth faerie ran back into the shadows of her home. The crowds soon began to die down, and then fully disappeared.


     Tears dripped down Illusen's gentle face as she wrote in her diary about the events that had completely shredded her day apart.

      Dear Diary,

     I'm confused. I'm scared. I haven't the slightest clue of what to do. Today's Illusen Day, and so far, it's been a disaster. Not one person has even had the slightest bit of kindness in them to wish me a happy day. Instead, my house has been egged and vandalized, I've been ridiculed, and by tomorrow, I'll probably have lost a quarter of my customers. This is all one big nightmare, to be honest. Why is that people who try to bring good to this world are penalized while the ones that create evil get rewarded? I mean, for Jhudora Day, she had an entire parade planned for her. And what's in store for me? Nothing. I bet no one even remembers it's Illusen Day. Well, anyway, I'm going to read some books and then maybe take a walk through the forests of Meridell. The tree will maybe give me some advice. Luckily, the next time I write to you, some good will have re-appeared in this day.

     Illusen slowly closed the leather-bound book, and rested it on her mahogany bookshelf. She sniffled as she stood up from her crimson-colored armchair. "Hmm, maybe I should just skip the reading and take a walk," said Illusen to herself, gazing outside her window.

     No one was around, meaning she could have a peaceful walk instead of having pictures taken and signing autographs. But just to be sure, Illusen grabbed her sleek black cloak from the kitchen table, and enveloped it around her body. She felt at peace with herself once inside the cloak that had been given to her by the Faerie Queen herself. Finally, she swung open her door, and left her disastrous-looking cottage.

     The cool wind of the month of Running comfortingly whipped past Illusen as she strolled down the dirt-strewn paths of the area. The air was gingerly and the sun continued to radiate its heat. It would have been an absolute perfect day for Illusen, but like always, the pets had ruined it all.

     Illusen made her direction towards the forests of Meridell, one of her secret hiding areas where she could relax and let her thoughts run. The trees also always gave her some good advice, so she was looking forward to their saying of what she could do on this unfortunate day.

     Entering the forests, Illusen immediately knew where to go. The trees were already calling out for her; she could hear it and feel it. Her pace grew faster, her feet crunching on the dead leaves loudly. She panted and continued to go faster and faster, closer and closer.

     And at last, she was there. At the tree of Elisotan, the tree that she had discovered when she was a young faerie in training and had been practicing on her spells. Illusen let a small smile form on her face, and closed her eyes.

     I am listening… she said in her mind.

     The tree replied with only one single comment. Happiness can be found in the oddest of places.

     Illusen flashed her eyes open, a pang of confusion hitting her heart. She had been hoping that the tree could have given her a lot more of advice, but she had only been handed one mere sentence. One that she wasn't too fond of, but was going to listen to anyway.

     "Oddest of places," Illusen muttered, her eyes darting across the area as she made her way back out of the forest. "Where could that be?"

     Illusen's mind whirled with questions as she stepped out of the shadowy forest. She peered around the eastern section of Meridell, attempting to find an odd place that she didn't visit much. Cheese Roller, Turmaculus, Turdle Racing: these were all places that she visited often.

     The faerie looked frantically around for that one place. That one place where she could find her desired happiness. Ye Olde Petpets, no. Shape Shifter, no! Kiss the Mortog, NO! Where was this place?

     Illusen suddenly came to a halt. Her mouth widened as her eyes gazed upon the sight before her. Towering over the petite faerie was King Skarl's castle, casting a looming shadow on Illusen.

     "This is it!" she whispered excitedly. "This is the oddest place. I haven't visited this place in ages, because of that doofus Skarl!"

     Illusen grasped onto her cloak tightly, and raced to the castle where two guards were stationed at the entrance. They both immediately let her through, for they had received strict orders to allow anyone of high importance enter the castle and Illusen was one of them. She dashed through the bridge, into the Great Hall, and was suddenly blinded by the cheers and screams that encircled her.

     Illusen fell on her behind from the shock. More then one hundred people were standing beside long and wide tables, clapping and cheering wildly for the faerie. Decorations were scattered all throughout the hall; golden streams at the ceiling and rainbow-hued balloons floating everywhere. One banner in particular caught Illusen's attention: Happy Illusen Day! Best Wishes from King Skarl and Meridell!

     King Skarl stood up from his throne, and trudged down the hall to help Illusen up. She looked around in awe.

     "What is this?" she asked, her eyes still as wide as dinner plate.

     King Skarl smiled, and replied, "This is for never believing in your abilities and treating you as an idiot. You've helped Meridell so much through good times and bad, and you definitely deserve this day."

     Illusen seemed confused. "B-b-but what about those pets who were so cruel?" she exclaimed.

     "Those pets were sent by Jhudora," sneered King Skarl. "She can never seem to find a day where no one pays attention to her."

     Illusen gasped. "I should have known that witch was up to no good!"

     "Well," started King Skarl, "it doesn't matter now. The real Meridellian pets all love you, and we're here to have a good time, especially you."

     Illusen heaved a big relieved sigh, and flashed the biggest smile in her life. "Thank you so much, King Skarl," she stated. "I love Meridell with all my heart, and it shall always be my home. Especially on Illusen Day."

The End

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