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Grey Day

by platinumprincess99


SOMEWHERE GREY - In the eyes of a Grey pet, everything is miserable. Nothings happy, everything's drab. You might even say being Grey isn't worth it, or is it? Have we ever discovered the grey in ourselves? I'm sure when you think about it, you don't realize that you don't need that Grey Paint Brush to create a miserable scenario. Every day is miserable for a Grey pet, when only sometimes it's Grey for you.

I know I want a Grey pet. They are beautiful, expressing emotion that no other Neopet can. Other than simply smiling all the time, they look sad. Grey pets have a happy pose, but it doesn't look particularly happy to us. So what are they trying to get across? I'm happy but I don't look that way? Maybe they aren't trying as hard as the other pets to look happy, or maybe they don't even care. But their expressions have meaning. They express the misery, stand for the weak, and live for the end. As it may seem, of course. But have we ever tried to get into a Grey pets head, and tried to see how much it is like our own? I don't think so. We all know that we can't technically get into a Grey pet's head, but we can create a history for it- maybe relating to our own.

Being Grey means they have to look the way they do. But what they think is more a mystery than any other. I'm sure Grey pets think a lot more than Tyrannian pets. You don't become miserable because you were injured. It has to happen because they were thinking about something that made them sad. So what is it that makes them frown? What makes Grey pets cry? You have to wonder why they look like they are in such pain when the other pets aren't. Maybe the paint brush brings the Grey out of you, the sadness and depths of emotion. Just maybe, other pets are sad too but don't reveal it. Or maybe the Grey Paint Brush just changes the outer appearances and not the inner thoughts, and the pets are happy.

So what intrigues us so much about the Grey pets? Is it because they look like us on our bad days? Or do we have a secret soft spot for the broken? Why are we so attracted to this kind of pet? I don't think it's one specific reason but many at that. I like Grey pets because they have meaning. Other pets just have colour, and that simply isn't enough for me. I like to see a face that isn't showing a toothy grin but a sad face leading you to want to know more, or at least appreciate it. As more paint brushes are being released, there are more and more meaning behind the pets. Such as the Royal Paint Brush. What about these pets besides the fancy clothing and crowns makes them Royal?? The more and more paint brushes coming out the more questions we have for the pets, and about the pets leading us to want the newer paint brushes. The Grey Paint Brush isn't cheap, actually it's probably the most expensive paint brush out there! So does that mean that people want it way more than anything else? Why is it so popular?

My favorite faerie is the Grey Faerie, and my favorite paint brush is the Grey Paint Brush. I love grey things, grey Fuzzles, grey toys, grey plushies etc. Why does this colour own us all? I know I'm not the only one who wants a Grey pet. Grey is so wanted by everyone that it's become so rare. Everyone wants it so much, there's less of them because people figure they can keep it and make more NP later. No n00b has a Grey pet or Grey faerie doll. Only the very very very lucky or very very rich have them. If Boochi were a Grey pet zapping other pets into Grey pets, I'm sure he'd be chased like he were famous or something! Boochi would have to hide out from the fans instead of chasing them with zapping things!

When you picture a Grey pet, you might picture the owner to be very high class. Responding to n00b Neomails saying, "Yes. My pet is Grey and beautiful. Maybe you can get one one day. :) Good luck." Never saying too much, never saying too little, and always being polite. The owner has to be as deep as his pet. At least that's what I think. You can't have a Rainbow pet without the owner being cheery. You can't have a Pirate pet without the owner saying "Arg!" a few times. And you can't have a Grey pet without the owner being very calm and...well, grey!

What petpet does a Grey pet have? Does a Grey pet have to have a Grey petpet? Some petpets are so hyper, the Grey owners wouldn't be able to keep up. The Grey petpets are just like a Grey pet, but smaller and delicate. So are Grey pets and Grey petpets the only match for each other? If a Grey pet was paired up with any other petpet, it would be driven to be more active, being happy and resulting in being nothing like a Grey pet. So you'd have a depressed hyper pet. Quite literally the opposite of what you intended to get when buying the paint brush at first, I'm sure. So stay with the grey.

In conclusion, Grey pets have the most meaning out of all, and should be treated delicately. When making a pet page never forget a ":(" or a little bit of emotion. Meaning don't make the story all happy happy joy joy like, "I was painted on this day and I'm SO happy to be grey." Actually it is more of an oxymoron than anything else when that kind of thing happens. Grey pets belong with grey petpets, grey toys, and grey food if you can afford it. We want to treat our Grey pets with nothing less than what it wants. I will stop at nothing to make sure these Grey owners know about their Grey pets.

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