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The Crystal Eye Prophecy: Part Two

by vanessa1357924680


All the faeries stepped back as they saw their old friend turn evil. Jhudora just watched dumbstruck. How could this have happened? she thought. Watching the Fire Faerie test out her new powers, Jhudora couldn't help but feel a longing for the powers once more. However, she couldn't just stand there and watch. The best chance of escape was now, when the Fire Faerie was still testing her powers.

      Knowing from past experience with the Orb also, Fyora used a great deal of her power creating a force field around the tower, casting the Fire Faerie out in a blaze of green light. Using up all her power, Fyora then collapsed to the floor."You know you can't keep me out forever!" the Fire Faerie cackled from outside, and it was true. She could easily break the force field once the true power from the Orb finally took control, but for now, this was all they had.

      Jhudora couldn't remember everything from the time she had possessed the Orb. After her rampage, Fyora took most of her memories away. Some still lingered in her head, but none were very important and with Fyora on the ground, there was no one there to help. The other faeries hadn't been in the ancient war and had no clue of the destructive power of the Orb. Not to save everyone, but to save herself, Jhudora took charge.

      All the faeries were talking at once so Jhudora had to shout to get their attention. Using her "unique" way with words she yelled, "QUIET!" at the top of her lungs. The faeries all froze for a moment and Jhudora started to talk. "Listen, we need to find a way to defeat the Fire Faerie before she destroys us! We need a plan!"

      "Why should we listen to you?" the Water Faerie asked with an edge to her voice. The Water Faerie was usually very quiet, so just her speaking up made everyone freeze. Since she was right next to the Fire Faerie when it happened, she probably felt the worst. However, Jhudora didn't ignore her comment.

      "Listen," she hissed to the faerie. "If you want to die because of your 'friend' the Fire Faerie, so be it! But, if you actually want to live, you may want to help me!"

      "Fine," whispered the Water Faerie with tears brimming in her glossy light-blue eyes.

      Jhudora then went over to Fyora, her enemy. Right now, she was so close to her that she could rid Neopia of her forever, however, if she did that she probably would be killed by all the faeries around her. Revenge or death? She weighed the pros and cons and with a heavy heart, she decided against it. Jhudora then called Illusen over to make a bed of leaves. Putting Fyora on it, they brought her to a bedroom in the Hidden Tower. Illusen then decided to stay there to keep watch over her.

      Back in the tower room, Jhudora organized the faeries into two parties. The first consisted of herself, The Battle Faerie, Air Faerie, Water Faerie and Light Faerie. This group would fight the Fire Faerie right then and there. The next group was of the Space Faerie, Soup Faerie, Tooth Faerie, Negg Faerie, Jhuidah and Taelia. Their job was to go out throughout all of Neopia to warn every neopet, to gather weapons and to hopefully get some help. As for the Gray Faerie, she was sent to watch Fyora while Illusen was to be included in the first group.

      When they all were divided, the second band of faeries stepped out of the force field. However the Fire Faerie didn't see them thanks to the Invisibility Potion they all had found in the Hidden Tower shop. They then spread out all over Neopia to give their message.

      After they left, Jhudora noticed that the force field was about to break. The Fire Faerie had been steadily throwing flames at the tower and now her efforts were paying off. With a sound like broken glass, the force field shattered.

      When the faeries all saw the Fire Faerie now, they gasped. Her hair was flaming red fire, her eyes had gone completely black and as she laughed, she grew taller and larger until she was as lofty as the tower itself! As for the Orb, it hung around her slender neck.

      Once more, Jhudora felt that longing in her heart, but she shrugged it off as she yelled, "CHARGE!"

      Running to the giant faerie, Jhudora and her group began to shout spells to stop her. However, as the spells hit their target, no damage was done. The Fire Faerie just stood there as if she felt nothing.

      "Is that all you can do?" she laughed. Her roar shook the ground and caused it to split apart, revealing flames. Motioning with her hand, the fire hurdled up into the air and fell upon the faeries. Luckily, before the flames had hit them, the Water Faerie used her healing magic to prevent burns. However, the faeries were still sore and burnt after the attack had hit them.

      Looking at the sorry bunch, the Fire Faerie wondered if she should just dispose of them, but decided against it.

      "When you all are worthy to come face me," she said with a smile, "come back." With a fake girly giggle, she turned her back to them and took off into the early morning sun.

      However, the Battle Faerie wasn't done yet. Taking her sword, she bent it into the shape of a boomerang and flung it at the cord that held the Orb onto the Fire Faerie's neck. Clean and quick, it cut the cord and the boomerang returned to her, however, the Fire Faerie caught the Orb as it dropped from her neck.

      Using her fake voice, the Fire Faerie said, "If you wanted this, all you had to do was ask!" She then threw the Orb to the Battle faerie who just stood there confused.

      When the Fire Faerie was out of view, the Battle Faerie spoke. "How come she doesn't need the Orb anymore? I thought if she didn't have it, she doesn't have its powers!" Jhudora then took the Orb from the Battle Faerie and held it tight. Its familiar buzz of energy wasn't there and it no longer had the bright light emitting from it.

      "I know why," Jhudora spoke as a memory from the past started to return. "The powers merged with her when the light touched her body. She doesn't need the actual Orb because it was just the power's container. We're not battling the Orb now, instead, we're battling pure power."

      The faeries all shivered with that thought and then headed back inside the slightly scorched tower.

           Back inside the meeting room, they all attended to burns and bruises and after that, Illusen magically created food to eat. After a rushed meal, the Light Faerie asked a question that had been on all of their minds, "What are we going to do?"

      Jhudora sighed, "The only thing I can think of is to keep fighting, but she seems unstoppable!"

      They all were about to give up when they noticed that Space Faerie's group was back, however, they all entered silently with their heads down. "What's wrong?" the Air Faerie asked them, but instead of an answer, the faeries started to attack them!

      Quickly, the Air and Water Faeries froze their evil friends with the magical blue ice, wondering what had just happened. However, Jhudora explained it, almost as if she had read their minds.

      "It's the Fire Faerie. She took over their minds and sent them to us as a surprise. She could be doing this to the rest of Neopia right now!" Jhudora shouted. "We need to stop her NOW! If we don't... let's just not talk about that."

      "But we need a plan!" Illusen insisted.

      "I know, I know..." Jhudora muttered under her breath. Her eyes were tightly shut in deep thought as she tried to remember how she was defeated one thousand years ago. However, as much as she tried to remember, the memory was gone. As she banged her fist on the table in frustration, the Gray Faerie came back from Fyora's room.

      "What are you doing here?" Jhudora hissed. She was not in the mood for the Gray Faerie's constant sobs and complains. They were in trouble and it was not the time for petty matters.

      The Gray Faerie muttered something quietly that no one could hear and Jhudora finally lost it. "What's wrong with you, faerie! OUT WITH IT!"

      Still whispering, but speaking louder, the Grey Faerie said, "F-Fyora woke up f-for a second and t-told me to t-tell you about a mirror, the

     M-Mirror of, um, F-Fate or something..."

      Jhudora had no clue what the Gray Faerie was talking about and was ready to start shouting at her again when she suddenly remembered the Mirror. The Gray Faerie quickly ran away and Jhudora told the rest about the Mirror of Fate.

      "One thousand years ago, when I possessed the Orb, I was defeated by the Mirror of Fate. Fyora held up the Mirror when I attacked her and the Mirror chose who would win our battle based on destiny. Unfortunately for me, the Mirror reflected the spell back and neutralized my powers. The Orb then disappeared back into the other dimension. We must find the Mirror if we want the Fire Faerie stopped!"

      All the faeries agreed on the suggestion and they all scattered throughout the Hidden Tower. However, after thirty minutes of search, the faeries still couldn't find the Mirror.

      Sitting in the meeting room, they all were about to give up when suddenly, the blue ice covered mirror on the wall started to glow. Jhudora slowly got up and touched the mirror's surface, but her hand melted through the ice and glass and she pulled out a small gold hand-held mirror. It was seemingly very plain, but the faeries all could tell of its power.

      As Jhudora held it, she knew what she had to do. "I must face the Fire Faerie alone," she told the others.

      "But you can't!" the Water faerie protested. "What happens if the Mirror decides that you must lose! You could be killed!"

      Jhudora was touched by the faerie's care, but her mind was made up. She had to face the power she once had, even if it meant dying in the process.

      "I must go," Jhudora said plainly, shaking her head, and with that, she stepped out of the tower and flew into the orange morning sky. As she drifted out of sight, however, something happened that had never happened before, someone was crying for Jhudora.

      With her wings flowing gently behind her, Jhudora forced herself not to turn around. Those faeries had actually cared for her and that was something that no one had ever done for her in her life. Stricken as an outcast because of being born a dark faerie, her only friends were anger and hate, and that was what she had become. Selfish and power-hungry just like the rest of the world. Maybe she couldn't change the past, but if the Mirror gave her one more chance, her entire life would be changed. Trusting in herself and the faeries back at the tower, she flew onward until she could see the Fire Faerie in the distance.

      Sensing the dark faerie's presence, the Fire Faerie turned around and faced Jhudora. The Fire Faerie was still as tall as before but you could tell she had changed. Her aura was dark and the sky around her was black even though it was morning. The true powers were starting to kick in and it seemed like it would take a miracle for the Mirror to work, but Jhudora stood firm and waited for the Fire Faerie to acknowledge her.

      "So, you've finally worked up the courage to come and face me," the Fire Faerie cackled. "However, you know that you will never win. These powers give me control over everything and make me invincible!"

      "Those powers may give you control, but you aren't invincible!" Jhudora pointed out. "I was beaten even with the help of the Orb!"

      "HA!" the Fire Faerie laughed. "That was only because of Fyora and her magic little mirror. I can see that you carry that piece of junk in your hand right now, but tell me, do you really think the Mirror will spare you? Jhudora, you're a dark faerie and dark faeries never win. If you want, we can try out that toy right now. I'll tell you, no matter what, you're going to lose!"

      Jhudora thought of what the Fire Faerie said and realized that it was true. She was a dark faerie and dark faeries never won. However, something inside her had changed and she knew she had to take that risk. Looking right into the Fire Faerie's black eyes, she whispered, "Take your best shot," and with that the Fire Faerie launched her attack of fire and power.

      As the fire came closer, Jhudora wondered if she should even bother to try the Mirror. She could tell it was over, that she had lost and the Fire Faerie had won, but deep inside, she was thinking only about one thing and it made her change her mind. It was a tear. Putting her faith in the Mirror and the faeries, she held up the Mirror a second before the fire came rushing at her face.

      When the attack hit the Mirror, however, it absorbed the force into itself and the Mirror flew out of Jhudora's hands into the black sky. Then it just floated out of reach, wondering which faerie to spare. With its decision made, the Mirror slowly turned around and faced the Fire Faerie. Suddenly, the Mirror unleashed the power and with a shout of "NO!" it hit the Fire Faerie and hurled her to the ground.

      When the attack from the Mirror hit the Fire Faerie, all of the power inside of her was neutralized. Then, the original power from the Orb flew out of her body back to the actual Orb which then disappeared in a burst of light. The Fire Faerie then stood up rubbing her head. With a confused expression on her face, she asked Jhudora, "Where am I?" Jhudora then flew the tired faerie back to the Hidden Tower.

     * * *

      When Jhudora returned to the Hidden Tower, all the faeries were pressing her for answers. The Fire Faerie, worn out from her morning of evil, was asleep in the bedroom where Fyora had stayed. Fyora was now up and running again. However, before all the faeries could leave, Fyora called them back into the meeting room for a final speech.

      "Fellow faeries, I would like to thank you all for your help in solving this prophecy, but I would mostly like to thank, you, Jhudora." They all clapped and a few faeries whistled, but they eventually calmed down for Fyora to finish.

      "As great of a time this was, I believe that this experience should not be remembered." When she said this, everyone went quiet. The Water Faerie protested, claiming that Jhudora was a changed faerie, but Fyora wouldn't listen.

      "This prophecy may cause too much pain remembering and it should be forever stricken from our minds." Fyora concluded. With her mind made up, Fyora chanted a few words and Jhudora's mind went blank and her vision, black. When she opened her eyes again, she was at home in her lair and her memory of that day was gone. Then, because the memory of her becoming good was also gone, she began her day writing evil plots on how to take over Neopia, not even noticing that the sky was still tinted black and the ground was still scorched from flames.


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