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50 Items That Never Made It

by silver85349


NEOPIAN SHOPS - I was wondering around Neopia aimlessly one day, staring at the items in the shops though the windows. After nearly getting killed in a rush for my Uni to buy the Golden Hair Brush she just had to have, I started to look around the little shop we were in. I saw an assortment of items like Caramel Creams (guaranteed to give hours of relief from talkative pets), Feather Weeds (they tickle), and Buzz Honey (makes a lovely mess for you to clean up afterwards). I got to wondering, just how many odd items are there that didn't make it. So I went to Kayla, who knows everything, and asked. This is just a small portion of the list she gave me.

1. Yurble Egg - Do Yurbles lay eggs?

2. Wish Sandwich - Just two slices of bread and a "I wish there was something in the middle."

3. Wiggly Toothbrush - For some reason, no one like having their teeth brush by these squirming things. Personally, I love it.

4. White Chocolate Yo-yo - "Sheeshi, how many times do I have to tell you not to eat your toys before dinner?"

5. What to Expect When Your Expecting...To Take Over Neopia! - Written by the Meepits in retaliation of Slothy's Machine.

6. Whatsit - Nobody knows...(The trouble I've seen...Nobody knows but....Oh, Sorry. Continuing.)

7. Water Faerie Tent - Warning: Not Water-Proof! As a matter of fact, it's intended to be used in Maraqua.

8. Wand of Illusion - To go with the Wand of Reality. First you send them to their best hopes and dreams, then you snatch it all away! It never fails to confuse them!

9. Unromantic Notebook - The best way to tell them that you don't love them anymore!

10. Uni's Guide Making Your Neohome More Like You - "Mishka, stop putting roses in your petpet's bed. You know he's allergic to them!"

11. Ugly Neggs - Eat this an your pet will never ever win another beauty contest, again. Ever.

12. Tickets to hear Jhudora's Opera - Trust me, the girl can't sing.

13. The Worth Way More Dubloons Than Your Grandma Dubloon Coin - Can you imagine how many Neopoints that thing would cost?

14. Sugar Coat Paint Brush - I believe a Skeith invented that after a protest over the tanginess of Kikos.

15. Stone Toothbrush - That's just..painfull.

16. Stone Seeds - Now you can grow your very own Stones!

17. Stinky Soap - Doesn't that defeat the purpose of bathing?

18. Spooky Crablett - What's so scary about a crablett? I mean, really?

19. Secrets of the Hidden Tower - This book was just too short. There's only one secret to the tower, which is it's location.

20. Pre-broken Window - So the neighbor's pet doesn't have to! Ball and annoying neighbor pet not included.

21. Plushie Lupe Tales - The book was plushie, not the Lupes, and the stitches wouldn't stay on there.

22. Organic Chia Pops - But it's just water?!

23. Off-white Weewoos - The non-existent alternative to non-existent White Weewoos. *Huge grin at big words*

24. Worthless Dubloon Coin - For those who just like to collect them!

25. New and Improved Money Tree Action Figure - Now Kiko-Fu Action, for getting rid of those unwanted ghost!

26. Neverlasting Apples - Pfft! You take an organic apple and claim it has magical properties. Easy-peasy!

27. Native Cheese Goddess Costume - To celebrate the little known Mystery Island Cheese Goddess! Hey, the cheese has to come from somewhere.

28. Meuka's Carpet Cleaner - Do you know how hard that is to get back out of the carpet?

29. Labeled Tin Can - *Gasp!* Get that label off this instant!

30. Korbat Wing Stamp - It was literally made out of a Korbat's wing.

31. Kau Wings - When Kaus fly! *snort, snort, snicker*

32. Jelly World T-Shirt - But Jelly World doesn't exist....Does it?

33. Island Faerie Juice - Do you really want to drink something out of the Cooking Pot, where millions of pets dump TNT knows what? I think not.

34. Invisible Paint Brush Plushie - "Mom, I can't find my toy!"

35. Initial Charms for Aishas - It would throw the world of Aishas into chaos if they wore something other than their famous "A"s. How else will they know that they are an Aisha?

36. Illusen's Spell Book - What? To help me make my Neogarden grow greener?

37. Hannah and the Cobwebs Comic Book - A merging of Hannah and the Web of Vernax Game.

38. Green Royal Garlic Kabob - .... Or Not.

39. Glittery Invisible Cape - Well, it isn't invisible if you can see the sparkles. Oooh...Pretty shinys....

40. Glass Rose Potpourri - That would be painful to walk across if your petpet accidentally knocked it over....What does glass smell like, anyway?

41. Ghost Warning Signs - Unfortunately, ghost seemed to think this was a welcoming for them.

42. Dr. Sloth's Taking Over the World Machine - See number five.

43. Daisy Sword - Works only if your opponent is allergic. Other wise, what are you going to do with it?

44. Court Dancer Costume - Wearers kept getting rotten fruit thrown at them.

45. Cherry Orange Grape Chocolate Melon Chia Pops - The taste testers are currently being treated at the NeoHospital.

46. Bubble Popper - To stop those pesky Bubble Blowers.

47. Bottled Invisible Faerie - Just empty bottles. Invisible faeries do too exist. Who do you think keeps taking the socks that go missing in the dryer?

48. Banana Shortcake - They couldn't keep the Myncis out long enough to sell it.

49. Bag of Plushies - You can never have too many toys, right?

50. Angry Grarrl Mask - Frighten away anyone who annoys you!

At this point, my Kougra is doubled over in laughter. She's been reading this over my shoulder as I type, so I have to stop now to make sure she's okay. Kayla wouldn't give me anymore of the list, anyway. She says that there is so much more, that it would never fit into a single article anyway. There are, like, fifty-eleventy-hundered more. So I will put this away and we'll see. Perhaps next time I find out the list of nicknames for Dr. Sloth. Pookie sounds good, for starters....

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