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The Secret Art of Wasting Neopoints

by sato_master


Now many guides that have stricken the boards and Neopian Times have been on how to MAKE Neopoints, but why bother? With so many ways to get rich quickly, Neopoints are a thing of the past. All they seem to do now a day is sit around in our bank accounts. Anyone and their Skeith could get them; so much more fun can be made by spending or sometimes even wasting Neopoints. Besides, most Neopians don’t know how to waste or use their precious points in style, rather than falling to a scam or buying some lame-o all powerful weapon of Neopian conquering, or even having tons of shiny avatars that you can only show off one at a time. Rather than being that smart conserved shopper, be that person who shows they have no idea of boundaries on spending, and look like an eccentric king of Meridell. This guide should help you learn to become the ultimate in wasting those Neopoints, and even have fun at it too!

1. Pull the lever

In the Virtupets Space Station, somehow this little evil lever is extremely addictive. Don’t we all wish we could do something we shouldn’t, and then do it anyway? It’s probably the best and easiest way to lose your Neopoints quickly, especially since it takes 100 Neopoints a pop from you. You may be helping a cause by giving your Neopoints to some totally evil stranger named after a very lazy animal. Plus it looks cool and shiny. And cool and shiny things are fun to waste millions of Neopoints on. Hey, and if you like Dr. Sloth, you may be helping him bulk up his arsenal, and who knows what kooky and insane plot he’ll dish out at us.

2. Buy cool and shiny things

One of my favorite past times is buying cool and shiny things that can’t do anything and you possibly could never sell. Hey, I need the stuff to make my Neohome more comfortable for my pets, and look their best in the Battledome! Sword of Skarsden, who needs that when you could spend a couple more million and buy a Cobrall Wand? Like I always say, sometimes looking good is better than actually being good.

3. Giving your Neopoints to charity (aka donating to the Money Tree)

This one makes you always feel the best. Now giving your valuables and Neopoints to some stranger who restocks the tree and probably has millions seems bad and usually turns away potential donators, but maybe you give some new player the extra kick they need to become the next featheralley or munsterpoo. Don’t we all like giving to the poor people, it just makes us feel better? After all, if we want Neopia to spend more everyone needs to become rich, so they need that money! I mean, why would you let your Neopoints to be stolen by ghosts, when you could give them up before they come? Do the dead really need that money? No, so give it up yourself! Besides, you may get some better random events for more wasteful spending!

4. Wishing it away at the wishing well!

I love to spend 1,000,000 Neopoints on some medicinal soap so my neopet won’t be sick anymore. It benefits my pets health, and that makes me smile to see my pet in a happy state. Just throw your money in the well, and not only could you clog the well from the big bag of gold, but you may get something in return. I’m still wishing for that Super Attack Pea. Now, the Wishing Well has seemed to be giving more stuff away, so it seems to want to grant even more gifts. Even if you don’t get that petpet, just be happy you’re showing Neopia your so rich you don't throw in just a single Neopoint, but rather a mass amounts of Neopoints to make even the Thieves guild faint. Won’t the people cleaning out the well be shocked by the generosity of Neopia?

5. Waste it on yellow snowballs and dung.

One of those guilty pleasures has to be buying yellow snowballs or dung and throwing them at your friends. Not only do they leave a bad smell, but it will give you a good chuckle. But be warned, I wouldn't throw this at anyone you don't know or has told you not to do it may give you some serious problems.

6. Buy lots and lots of extremely overpriced and expensive food (and books)

Neopets are hungry and have a need of education too! Your Skeith needs to eat that Blue Draik Egg or your jade scorchstone. Doesn’t it make you feel good that you spent all your hard earned Neopoints, then show the world your so rich you can afford to feed your pet Draik Eggs? I thought so! And expensive books, why not? Your neopet will be so smart it will be really prepared to show those Neopian schools what for and how your pet is so smart.

7. Gloat and Give

Go on the boards, say you have a bunch of Neopoints, and give it to random strangers. Not only did your ego grow tenfold, but you helped out some random people. Not only will people think you’re rich, but also generous. That means even more people will like you, and you still wasted your precious Neopoints!

8. Buy inexpensive stuff you could normally get for free

“You know, that pretty bottle of blue sand would really look good in my gallery. How about I pay you 1,465,986 Neopoints for it?” That quote speaks for itself. This is the ultimate way to spend tons and be wasteful. Either that or go buy something at the Tiki Tack Shop, or buying really cheap stuff from stores for extremely high prices.

9. Make your pets sick and feed them overpriced medicine

Though cruel, on a really bored day, maybe you'll want to get that Sporkle Syrup to cure that nasty case of Ugga Ugga by giving your pet sporkle syrup. Why waste your time WALKING to the Healing Springs and get cured for absolutely nothing? I mean come on, who wants to do that?

10. Get the Pack rat avatar

To me, this one is a win/win situation. Not only do you get to waste tons of Neopoints, but you do it on a lot of stuff you’ll probably never use and just collects dust. And not only that, you get a groovy avatar that will top off that slime sundae of spending. And when the Pant Devil comes to raid you at night, he may be a blessing that has an underwear flag.

    11. Pay your taxes

Paying your taxes is great, it helps to keep the all of the great Neopian shops open, and that means they can create more cool and fun items for us to waste our Neopoints on!

12. Donate to Tombola

By giving up your Neopoints for a shop to reopen, your helping other Neopians to increase there luck, and see if they can pull out that lucky ticket and make a nice profit. Now sure, you may not get anything in return, but isn’t the idea of helping useful? Though, tombola man could be spending that money for that extra doughnutfruit in the morning, I like to see the pudgy man in sandals always smile, so let him fulfill his desires. After all, he doesn’t get too much business in his poor little shop.

13. Pay higher on the Shop Wizard

In the shop wizard, some people just don’t know how to price items. So why not give them a chance, and boost there confidence by paying that extra 2,000 Neopoints?

14. Be very lazy and don’t make any at all

Why spend it when you can just not have it to begin with? Then you can be lazy and complain you have none, and be that ignorant but still fun nOOb. Plus, you could laugh at the other people’s hilarious comments they make about you, sometimes even good enough to make the stubborn and grumpy old King Skarl himself laugh! After all, if we didn't have nOObs, they wouldn't have all the jokes to read and say. So help grow the nOOb population today so all of Neopia may laugh louder!

There you have it, the best way to waste your Neopian money and pools of resources. So now you know how to get cool junk eye candy that’s only worth feeding your Skeith or Grarrl or staring at for many hours while you drool all over on it or brag about. Now go out there and spend, and show those donation tree ghosts what for!

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