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Meepy Creepy

by fip


PETPET PUDDLE - Think of the scariest Petpet you know. No, you know what - look in the Petpet Puddle. What Petpet did you choose? Gremble? Drackobunny? N-4 Information Re- Well, you know what - I don't care.

Seriously. Not being rude here, but I seriously don't care what you chose, because I'm going to tell you what Petpet is really the scariest of ALL!

-drumroll- The… MEEPITS!

Yeah, it's true! Don't believe me? Well, I'll prove to you that Meepits really are the creepiest of all…

#1: The Name!

You're probably thinking that I'm crazy - what's wrong with the name Meepit, after all?!

Let me explain this to you.

Meepit is an evil name.

Take for example the Feepit. What is more likely, that an evil villain would say - "Muahahahaha… FEEP!" or "Muahahahahaha… MEEP!" Isn't it OBVIOUS that it is Meep? There you go!

And for what is the 'it' at the end? Well, isn't that obvious? The evil villains want to spread their evilness, so instead of a complicated 'Paytheevilnessfoward' Petpet, why not a 'Meepit' (forward, but but then it wouldn't be a catchy name)?

#2: The Look!

Just look at it.

It's PINK. PINK. What better color for a villain but pink? After all, no one (except ME! =D) would suspect such an innocent color to belong to an evil villain? (Yes, I love saying evil villain… got a problem with that? Eh?)

Now, look at the EYES. Those eyes are beyond creepy. They're… they're… HUGE! They're boring their eyes into you… they're controlling your mind… they're turning you into a slave… they're - Hey, shake out of it! They almost got you there…

#3: The Description!

There is something awfully spooky about those big staring eyes...

Admit it - That says it all! Even TNT know that the Meepit is evil… but you know, his eyes aren't just spooky. I'll let you in on a little secret - behind those eyes are another pair of larger eyes (hence the big size of the Meepit's eyes - so there will be room for the pair of eyes behind). Who owns the pair of evil eyes behind the Meepit? Alas, it is none other than-

Oh, wait, I forgot. I'm not allowed to tell. Sorry.

#4: The Related Items!

Meepit Mirror

Look at that thing! He's a monster! The Meepit is eating the mirror… AHH! Run away before he eats you!

Meepit Lamp

Psst… I think the Meepit took over the lamp! Look at him… the Meepit's face turned into the lamp! :o Freaky. I don't think he's really satisfied with that choice.

Meepit Bean Bag

Who would want to sit on a pair of evil, Meepity eyes? I mean, seriously, imagine you were sitting on someone's face. Would you enjoy that?

Meepit Drawers

T-t-t-that Meepit has… has… 3 eyes!! I think the blue and red is a hurricane swirl thing and it's sucking into it all of the eyes it sees… I'd stay away if I was you.

Meepit Plushie

You see this plushie? This plushie is how the Meepit looked like before it was taken over by- Oops. Almost said it. Anyway, you see - he was dead! I think I prefer having a dead plushie than the real thing, though.

Meepit Chair


#5: The Game!

Meepit Juice Break

Technically, this game was made for a break for the Meepits from taking over Neopia (hence the name). Now, you probably think this is just a normal juice break. Well, you're wrong! (Muahahaha… I love saying that too). In those endless gallons of juice, there is one special chemical - Chemical X! Nah, just kidding =) The chemical is actually Chemical E - which is the evilness chemical. Therefore, the more you play this evil game, the more evil the Meepits turn! So, stop playing the game - to save Neopia! You'll be heroes! Oh, and you'll give me a bigger chance to finally get another trophy.

#6: The Merchandise!

There is only one merchandise item, which is the Mini Meepit Plushie. But did you know that if you check the Image URL of this item, you will discover that it is not regular but instead '//images.neopets.com/shopping/80x80/evil_meep_it.jpg'? Yes, it is!

Okay, it isn't. But I made you look! Well, some of you at least. Right? Right? -stares-

#6: The Enemy!

The Meepits' enemy is none other than the adorable Feepits! Now, look at them.

Look at these innocent little Petpets. They are so… innocent! They can never be the bad side, and since wars are always Good vs. Bad, in this case, if the Feepits are good, the Meepits are BAD! :D Anyway, compare the adorable Feepit items to the evil, evil Meepit items. It's obvious, isn't it?

#7: The [OVERPRICED] Price!

These evil, hideous (no offence to the Meepit Lovers -coughslavescough-) Petpets go for 400,000 - 500,000 Neopoints in the Trading Post! Would you believe that? It's OBVIOUS that the evil has taken over the prices! I mean, who would pay 500,000 Neopoints for some lame Petpet? Err... no offence. Well, maybe only a little. Anyway, as I said, the evil creatures have taken over the prices and made them uber expensive! If it was up to me, I would make them 1 Neopoint each (well, and then I would have bought them all and sold them for a million Neopoints each... I mean, nothing 0=D) because that's what they're worth! Tsk, tsk. If you stumble upon a Meepit, do not fall to the evil forces above who make you want to put them for 500,000 Neopoints! Just give them to me and I'll... uhh, do what everyone should do with it - demolish it. Err.. yeah.

Anyway, this is the end of my article! :) I hope you enjoyed reading it, snorting and saying 'Those are the lamest jokes ever' and checking out if the Mini Meepit Plushie's URL really is what I said! =) Now, children, run along to play outside and don't forget to stay away from Meepit strangers!

If you're reading this, it means my second article was published! :) To read the first one. look up 'twestie' [that's the name of my last account] in the NT search.

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