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Escape From Meridell Castle: The Guide (Levels 1-10)

by neostephania


Valrigard the Draik has been imprisoned for a crime that he did not commit. Your task is to help him Escape From Meridell Castle.

Some general tips:

  • Collect mystery boxes. Each box offers an array of points; you can find 1, 2, 3, or 4 points in apiece, and some can even contribute 100 points.

  • The key to getting a lot of points is to kill every enemy possible. Your sword works on most enemies.

  • Collect as many stars attainable. You will know if you have collected every star on each level if you check the ratio at the top of the game screen.

Enemies you will encounter on levels 1 to 10:

Monster: Grarrl
Note: Use your sword to slay these enemies when they are travelling toward you.

Monster: Spiked Ball
Note: Your sword does not work on these enemies. In most circumstances, you will have to fly over them.

Monster: Spikes
Note: Avoid spikes for the reason that your sword cannot destroy them.

Monster: Korbat
Note: These flying enemies are found on numerous levels and can be destroyed with your sword.

Monster: Dripping Blood
Note: Drips blood at random paces. They cannot be destroyed.

Monster: Cannon
Note: Shoots cannonballs approximately once every five seconds. Use your sword to slash the yellow parts of cannons. This does not kill the cannon; they will still shoot, though you’re given points. You can only collect these points once.

Level One:

Fly upwards and collect the prize from the mystery box, then kill the Grarrl. Fly up to the first ledge on the left then to the other ledge above it. Fly towards the Grarrl and slash it - do not try going through the spikes. Fly upwards, collect the stars, and kill the other Grarrl. When flying through the spikes, place Valrigard’s fore toe at or just before the foot of the first dark crack on the platform, then fly straight up and proceed to level two.

Level Two:

Slash the Grarrl and collect the prize from the mystery box. Fly diagonally from right to left onto the ledge. Kill the Grarrl on the left platform, followed by the one on the right, then head up the right side and collect the prize from the mystery box. When you head back down, fly up onto the little ledge atop the spikes on the right side and collect the stars on the left. Fly upwards and kill the Grarrl on the right-hand side, then collect the stars on the left. Keep proceeding upwards. Kill the Grarrl on the mini-platform then swoop down and slash the Grarrl below. Collect as many stars as possible then proceed to the exit.

Level Three:

Be prepared to kill the Grarrl that appears right before you. Kill the Korbats, collect the stars, then guide Valrigard up the left-hand side of the dividing stone wall to collect the three stars. Fly downwards towards the right side of the dividing stone, then diagonally left and up - make sure your energy is maximised first. Do not fly attempt to fly through the spikes on the left side! Disregard the mystery box on the left side immediately above the spikes; instead, fly onto the large platform atop. Fly diagonally from left to right onto the ledge, kill the Korbat and collect the stars. Slash the final Korbat and collect the remaining stars then proceed to the exit.

Level Four:

Slash the two Grarrls, then fly up and slash the other two Grarrls. Be sure to kill the Grarrl on the small platform before collecting the prize from the mystery box. Proceed left, let your Draik fall to a small degree, then proceed up the left-hand side onto the conveyer belt. Kill the Korbats then collect the two mystery boxes that can be found up the right side. Come back down, proceed left and up the left side towards the exit.

Level Five:

Fly directly upwards onto the ledge on the left-hand side, then over to the ledge on the right side. This is just to ensure you won't run out of energy whilst flying. Kill the Korbat beneath for additional points then fly back onto the ledge. Collect the stars, but keep an eye out for the dripping blood! Fly onto the ledge onto the left and slay the Korbat, Flying diagonally from left to right, slay the remaining Korbats. When heading towards the exit, collect as many stars as you can and steadily fly Valrigard over the spikes to the exit.

Level Six:

A lot of people have their own strategy for this, but I always begin at the left side facing in the right direction. When the nearest Korbat flies towards the right wall, immediately fly up and slay it. Fly back down to boost your power then use the same technique with the second Korbat. Fly onto the ledge and kill the Korbat. Once the spiked ball moves toward you, jump over it and fly up to the next ledge. Kill the Grarrl and collect your prize from the mystery box. Boost your energy on the platform to the right of the stars, collect as many stars as you can, then aim for the ledge within the stars. On your way out, collect any remaining stars and stand back on the nearest ledge. When the nearest Korbat reaches the stone wall on the right side, fly up and slay him immediately when he turns around. Use this technique to slash the remaining two Korbats. Fly onto the platform on the left side, beyond the spikes. Before you fly to the exit, make sure you have full power.

Level Seven:

This level gives out a substantial amount of points. Slay the Grarrl before you collect your prize from the mystery box. The next part can be tricky. When the spiked ball reaches the wall on the right, immediately fly up and follow it to the left wall. When you see the open space above you, quickly fly up and onto the next ledge. Collect the three stars. When the spiked ball is moving leftward, follow it to the four stars and DO try to get the star nearest the left wall, it is possible! Fly onto the next ledge and slay the Grarrl, collect the stars then slash the Grarrl on the platform above. When flying past the dripping blood, wait for the drops to drip down the right side of the path. When flying up the path, fly on the left side. Kill the Grarrls and collect the stars. I try to dart through when going through the three blobs. Kill the Korbat and fly over the spiked ball to the exit.

Level Eight:

The cannons on this level are worth a lot of points. When slashing cannons, ascertain that you can predict when the cannons are going to shoot before you use your sword, or else they will kill you. Everyone has their own strategy, but I always begin by standing beneath the rightward cannon. Fly up, slash the cannon directly above you, collect your prizes from the two mystery boxes, then fly left and slash the other cannon. Collect the four stars, fly up the leftward side and slay the Grarrl. Slash the two cannons, collect the stars and slay the other Grarrl on the right side. Fly upwards and slash the two cannons then stand on the left or right ledge. Slay the Korbats then fly up and slash the cannon tucked between the stone blocks. Fly back down onto the nearest ledge to maximize your energy then fly up to the next platform. Collect the stars and mystery box prize but do not go for the cannon between the spikes. Fly back down onto the platform and fly up the rightward side to the exit.

Level Nine:

Collect the mystery box prize, fly up and stand on the ledge beside the spikes - be careful! When the Korbat is flying rightward, fly up and slay it then fly atop the mystery boxes. Maximize your power then swoop down and collect two mystery boxes. Fly back up to re-gain energy then collect your remaining mystery box. Fly upwards between the spikes and towards the right to the ledge. Fly upwards and hold your energy until the spiked ball moves leftward, then briefly stand on the ledge. Fly up to the ledge on the left when it is safe to do so. Maximize your energy and fly right and atop the conveyer belt. Walk left until the Korbat comes near and slay it. Fly up and slay the other Korbat then back downwards onto the conveyer belt to maximize your power again. Do not try to use your sword against the cannons, they will put you in danger.

When you see the blood dripping down the wall on its right side, immediately fly up and onto the small ledge on the left. When it's safe, fly upwards and collect the stars - be careful of the spikes above and below. Fly upwards and slay the Grarrl. When travelling past the dripping blood, stop in between the two “sets” and walk past the last set when it is safe. When flying atop the spikes, simply hold the UP arrow key and you will pass them safely. When the spiked ball reaches the point closest to you, immediately fly across onto its platform and fly up when you see the open space. Fly up past the spiked ball and into the star pit on the right side. Collect the stars then fly down onto the platform. When your energy is maximized, hold the UP arrow for about two seconds, let go for about half a second then hold it down for another two seconds, etcetera. This lets you fly higher up with the same amount of energy and you will need this strategy on level 12, too.

Level Ten:

Fly upwards and slash the cannon. When travelling past the dripping blood, ensure the spiked ball is not in your path. Collect the stars and mystery box prizes and slay the Grarrl. Fly diagonally from right to left and onto the ledge with the spiked ball, when it is safe to do so. Collect the mystery box prize then fly onto atop the next ledge and maximize your energy. Fly up and right onto the ledge, and slay the Korbat. The next part looks tricky but it is quite simple. From the ledge, use the right arrow key to “step” off the ledge then fly up onto the next ledge to the exit.

Good luck!

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