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Anger Management Game Tips

by chris_loves_sany_q


Anger Management Class

Did the Pant Devil steal your favorite PB? Did the Tax Beast unjustly tax you? Did the Bug Brothers steal all of your NP? Were your pets threatened by the Grundo Commander? Or did you just simply "misplace" your Neopoints? Don't take it out on your computer! Take it out on a couple of games, and earn some Neopoints while doing it! After completing our anger management class you will learn how to beat stuff with a stick, clunk people on the head, destroy castles in one blow, run into things with minimum damage, and most importantly aim and shot! If there was a currency exchange to change Anger into NP this would be it!

Whack A Kass

First off, why not practice your swing with Whack A Kass! This fun, and fairly quick and easy game will allow you to take your anger out on Kass. If you have never played Whack A Kass before, I'd suggest you try, you can get on average three hundred and some Neopoints per play! To start off you must use the loaf of bread. You can't get many points using this, so I'd suggest not sending in your score until you unlock the next level. The next level isn't very point friendly either, so I'd once again suggest you keep Whacking the Kass until you get enough points to unlock the final level. Unfortunately it won't be as easy as the last one, so keep trying.

Here are just a few tips to beating Kass with a stick. Wait till the wind is extremely high, in the 7s 8s or 9s, if you want the highest amount of points possible only hit in the 8s and 9s! If it starts out or heads extremely low, which I think 3 or below is just push space (or mouse click) to make the Kass fall and don't hit it. When the "Restart" button appears just hit space or mouse click anywhere else on the picture to get a new try. When it does hit a high number hit space, and wait till the Kass is about at the Blumaroo's ear height to hit it. When you hit it, don't leave go of the space bar (or mouse button) instead wait until it reaches the peak of it's flight (when it starts to turn) and then release. Once it gets ready to hit the ground get ready to hit the button again. When it hits the ground hit and release to make the Kass bounce father. Keep practicing and within no time you will be a Kass Hitting Machine.

I would suggest not sending in your score until you reach over 900 points, however this is only possible on the last level. This will give you at least 360 Neopoints per play!

Whack A Staff

Next head on over to the Neopets office, this one already really ease your pain. What could be more better than hitting those on the head, who made those stupid random events anyway? There isn't much to know about this game, it's actually kind of easy, or for me at least, on average you can get around above 350 NP. The first level is to get you used to the weapon of choice, a mallet, just aim the little cross at the staff members forehead. After that, however, the aiming device is gone, vamoosed, simply not there. To get over this change just make sure the handle of the mallet is close to center of the staff member's forehead, and is most often touching their nose. Other than aiming, all you need to know is how to chose who to hit. Neopets must have something for ladies, most of them are worth a lot more than the men, so hit them first. Then go around 1 by 1 hitting the rest of the men left. There are a couple men, however that are worth more than some of the ladies, but you'll just have to figure that out on your own;) Speaking of figuring out, when your hitting the people notice who is worth more points, and then in later rounds try to hit them first.

I would suggest not sending your score until you reach 1000 points or more this will insure you that you will get over 350 NP per play!

Castle Battles

Well, I don't know about you, but I'm getting kind of tired of hitting people, so if you are too and have shockwave head on over to Castle Battles! If your like me you'll like destructing the castle of King Skarl, who probably sent the tax beast after you! If you don't have shockwave you mis-well skip to the next game, because this isn't going to help you (Now, there's a good reason to take it out on your computer.) From this game you can get on average 400 NP To start off you must chose a castle, I prefer the bigger one because it has much more "defenses" but if you were like me and wondered why you'd want the little one, it is because of the two flags out front, they are very hard to knock down, and the more flags you have standing after each round the more points you get! You must defend your treasure, while attacking King Skarl's sadly you can't move it while your playing, so you must put it in a very good spot to begin with. After you chose your spot I'd suggest first knocking down King Skarl's castle towers, to get points for flag captures before going after the treasure. You also get points for damaging his castle, so if you feel confident enough about your treasure attempting getting points by doing this.

Places to keep your treasure are hard to come by, and if you put it in a good place the first level, that place won't be there anymore the next. For the first level I'd try to be "clumsy" and place it somewhere that’s not that safe, and somewhere where not much can be knocked down. This will allow you to get more points for your flags standing up and have a safe castle in later rounds. If you lose this round just try again, I figure if it got hit in the first round it wouldn't be that safe in later rounds anyway, however this philosophy isn't nice if you don't have much time, so chose your own favorite way of doing it. For the second round I like to hide mine behind the left tower closest to the gate. For some reason if you do this he has a hard time knocking this tower down, plus the other side of your castle is completely safe. Once you pass that level your on your own, if that side's towers are still standing you could place it there, or you could play it safe and place it behind the right side towers. Finally you have the choice to put it inside your castle, safest place if you've used both sides would be behind the door

I would never suggest sending your score in the first few times you play it, unless you think you did extremely well. I'd suggest sending it once you reach over 300 points earning you 300 Neopoints as well!

Bumper Cars

Take your anger out on things that go bump... in the daytime! This classic game allows players to take their anger and turn it into road rage and score on average 450 Neopoints. To start the game chose your controls, and to make the countdown go faster puss and hold in a button (Neopoints will only be given for 1 player.) The most important tips for the game are Don't Bump The Rear, Don't Drive Between Cars, and Watch Out For Bombs And Gas. If you bump a car in the rear it has the tendency to somehow bump right back into you, causing more damage than if you were to bump it from the side. Driving between cars or getting into a pile up is a no-no I try to stay away from most of the cars and single out the one who's left out, if you don't your health is going to pay. Bombs and gas are also a must not, bombs will destroy your car(20 hit points) and gas will make you spin out and do doughnuts.

Other than those helpful tips, all I can say is the levels get harder as they go on, base your aggressiveness on the level and your health. The first few levels you need to be very aggressive, this will be the time you can stack on a few points, but don't be overly aggressive either, you don't want to die the second level. The next few, as long as you have a good bit of health you also need to get right into the attack, but be sure not to get into a pile up. When your health starts to get low you need to back off and wait for another car to wonder out to attack you.

I would suggest not sending your score under 400 points this way you get 400 NP every time you play!

Ultimate Bullseye

Now that at least some of your anger is relieved we can finish up with a game of bow and arrows. There’s not much advice to be given, other than get used to the “arrow machine.” When setting up for the target looks back and forth between the arrow and the bullseye, and then focus in between so that you can see about what angle you need to shot the arrow. Every time you get a special use them, however some may not be as helpful as others, just try them out. You’re pretty much either good at this game or not, but if you practice I’m sure you can become as good as anyone else!

Never shoot your arrow at full power, it will end up missing the target, estimate the distance in-between the arrow and the bullseye, be very careful, learn from your mistakes and try to change the outcome.

If you get up to 35 points I would submit the score, this would get you 280 NP

The Outcome

If you follow this guide you should hopefully have some of your anger relieved (if not, please find a psychiatrist!) and made a good bit of NP. In fact, if you got the minimum amount of NP I suggested for every game you would get exactly 5,070 NP! That’s half of your NP in one day if you are on a 10K a day plan! So not only do you gain half of your 10,000 NP, but you don’t lose half of your 10,000 real money on a treatment, or on a new computer. Trust me, this plan works… I’ve had to use it myself.

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