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Petpet Colors

by trappedelements


PETPET PUDDLE - I’m sure you’ve all heard of the Petpet Puddle, the mini Rainbow Pool where you can go and give your Petpet a cool new Pirate look, or turn it into a live plushie, or just look at all the available colors for your petpet and wish you could afford them. Well, this is not a guide to how to earn NP for that, for the two simple reasons that there are plenty of guides like that out there already, and that different people are good at different things. I could tell you to play Pterattack and win 3,000 NP, but what if you’re terrible at that game no matter how hard you try? There is always the rare case in which practice does not make perfect.

Choosing your Petpet

So, you’ve got your pet, and want to find a good petpet for him/her? Most people like to find a petpet that looks good with their Neopet. A Darigan Zafara and a Mutant Ona look great together, and have you seen a pet and petpet more alike than the Faerie Aisha and Faerie Kadoatie? Of course, not everyone can afford those colors, and some petpets are extremely expensive even unpainted, such as the Candychan, the Moltenore and the Geb. Sometimes, painted petpets are cheaper than the normal version, like the Blue Meowclops (can you believe that?). For those who don’t already know, there are all kinds of petpets, from the Spooky petpets to the Wintery ones, with prices ranging from one thousand to several million. Yep, several million, and keep rising. Also, with the help of a Petpet Paint Brush, you could change the most adorable petpet and change it to a tough-looking friend. Cool, eh?

So, you’re one of the many Neopians out there looking for the perfect petpet for your pet? Well, you’re the only one who can decide that, but here are a few suggestions that I think would look nice. Be warned, though, that the average Neopian may not be able to afford some of them, with the prices they are currently selling at.

Darigan Zafara with Mutant Ona

Koi with Goldy

Fire Scorchio with Faerie Moltenore

Faerie Aisha with Faerie Kadoatie

Blumaroo with Baby Blu

There are more, yes, but I’ll not list them all here and turn this article into a long and dull list. When you’ve chosen your petpet, or even if you haven’t and are only reading this because you’re bored, you may proceed to the next part of this article.

Caring for your Petpet

Well, you didn’t think that you were going to just buy your little friend and let them sit there uncared for did you? Different petpets require different care, as should know. Or you may not know, but if that’s the case you soon will. Here I will mention how to care for your little companion, no matter which kind. To communicate with your petpet, I suggest you read Deciphering the Secret Language of the Petpets. It is currently, however, not possible to feed them (unless your Neopets gets tired of them? I’m unsure of this) though this option may be added someday. If you ever can feed them, don’t give a Floud carrots ;)

Now let’s say you have a Meowclops - a Spooky petpet. And you give it a Faellie Morphing Potion, a Faellie being a Faerie petpet. Some petpets will adopt the likings of whichever kind of petpet they turn into, while others will just stay the same, save their appearances. Just wait and see if your petpet shows signs of being unhappy. If so, take the necessary steps in order to make them comfortable again.

Wintery Petpets

It’s best to keep these cute lil critters somewhere cold, as that’s what they are used to. They come from Terror Mountain, and this must be done in order to keep them more comfortable and make them feel at home (This must especially be done if you own a Powtry, or they just might melt, you know). And by this, I do not mean to stick them into the freezer. No, it’s best if you have and igloo or such built somewhere near their homeland. This should keep them very happy, occasionally causing them to jump around cheerily. Just make sure that breakables are out of reach from the Feepits and you’ll be fine. A last note, though, if your Neopet does not like the cold, Wintery petpets (apart from Powtry) will still survive in an average climate. But rest assured they will not appreciate it if you bring them to the Lost Desert!

Desert Petpets

These petpets, obviously, come from no other than the Lost Desert, which is where they will feel most at home. They love the sweltering heat, so don’t move them to someplace cold (such as a certain mountain in the north), they won’t like it and they may start shivering uncontrollably and catch a cold. If such is the case, Bring them to the Neopian Hospital, there should be a special room for sick petpets. If not, then just mix a few rays of sun with water from that river (I forget the name) from the Lost Desert and give it to them.

Pirate Petpets

The petpets from Krawk Island. These include the famous Weewoo (check the Petpet Puddle under Red, Green, and Pink, you’ll have a surprise! Hopefully TNT will fix this soon). You can find these Pirate Petpets at the shop called “Lil’ Nippers”. They’ve always got the same stock, people do not seem to buy from there (you need to pay with Dubloons), they prefer to buy what they want off other users. These nippers can live in any climate, though they especially love somewhere they can smell the sea air. Some of them (such as the Octorna) can even live under the sea!

Faerie Petpets

Most Faerie Petpets are little beings who love to flutter around your home. These, also, can live anywhere (save underwater) though if you want to give them a treat bring them to a place high up, where they can look down on the world and smell the fresh air. They love to sleep on your bed, so unless you have no problem with this, you should provide them with their own pillow. But watch the Flouds, they float around until they bump into something, occasionally knocking things down. Also, note that the first word of the descriptions of these petpets is “most”. The Zumagorn, unlike the other Faerie Petpets, likes to play tricks on people, much like the Fire Faerie, hence its description “Zumagorn are mischievous little faerie petpets who like nothing better than playing tricks on other petpets.”. However the Zumagorn is very rare, which is a pity as it is the only Faerie Petpet with that personality.

Medieval Petpets

These are the petpets from Meridell, a Medieval land ruled by King Skarl and also where Illusen the Earth Faerie lives. Some of them can fly, some can bury themselves underground, some can do neither of these things, but none can do both. Perhaps these petpets inhabit Brightvale also, or maybe Brightvale will someday open a petpet shop of its own. Medieval Petpets like wandering around your Neogarden, staring up at the gnomes, and playing hide and seek with each other. Dwarf Trees and Fire Bushes are their favorite places to hide. Or, if you don’t have a Neogarden, they will just use your NeoHome instead. Fun, right?

Aquatic Petpets

The only ones to live underwater. They can survive only briefly outside the water. Do not be fooled just because TNT removed the fish bowl! Kois, Kikos, Peophins and other aquatic Neopets can understand these petpets better than anyone - did I mention that? These fun friends come from Mystery Island and can be bought at the Rock Pool, though it is said that they originally come from Maraqua. These petpets make a habit of floating around and blowing bubbles at each other.

Robot Petpets

Coming from the Space Station, these little robots love to zoom around the house, some beeping, others just running around in circles just for the heck of it and end up dizzy (though it takes a VERY long time for that to happen, so there is usually no need to worry). You may need to repair them every once in a while, but that’s just a minor detail... they are still lovable petpets! A warning, though: Whatever you do, DON’T get them wet!

Spooky Petpets

Ah, the Spooky petpets. They come from the Haunted Woods, and some of them look like they’re painted Halloween, but don’t be fooled. Even so, some of these CAN be painted Halloween, making their already Spooky appearance spookier. Others, such as the Green Tentacle, look just as non-spooky as the non-spooky looking non-spooky Polarchuck. Spooky, no? They prefer dark places, though most won’t refuse to be brought out in daylight.

Tyrannian Petpets

It’s obvious where these little Tyrannians come from. Some are very primitive, but nevertheless friendly. Do not be surprised if they snap at you at the beginning, but they will get used to you eventually. Just make sure the carnivorous ones are full and you’ll do fine. Just kidding, they won’t eat you, they’re actually really nice once you know them!

"Main" Petpets

And finally, the “normal” ones. The “original” ones. The ones you can buy at the Main Petpet Shop in Neopia Central. These include the Turdle, whom I at first believed to be from Meridell for some odd reason... Most can live anywhere, and are very friendly to have around.

Other (Yes, I’m almost done)

So here you have it. Everything you ever need to know about Petpets. Yes, finally, you may think, my long rant is over. But who knows, TNT might release a Space Petpet Shop in Kreludor (in fact, they really should), or even one in Jelly*World... but that’s just me. So, if you want a petpet, get it now, prices are constantly going up. Things that can make them jump in price are: they may get retired, an avatar may be released for that petpet, or it may have a special day of its own.

Well, I hope you enjoyed it, feel free to Neomail me with comments!(though insulting mail with no suggestions to make this article better will be ignored). Note: Parts of this article are not meant to be taken seriously!

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