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FACE OFF: Turmy vs. Wormy

by faeriegurl4lyfe


THE ICE CAVES: the home of the dreaded Snowager... Spending most of his days guarding the treasure, in the vast ice cavern. Greedy little ice worm, who will blast you the second you come near him. But sometimes... if you're lucky enough, you can catch him sleeping, and try grabbing some treasure before he wakes up and blasts you with his... Icy Blast... Brrrrrrrr!!!

(...and... ) MERIDELL: the home of the mighty Turmaculus... Spending most of his days sleeping like a lump of wood somewhere in Meridell - Doing absolutely nothing but snoring 23/7. Yet when he does wake up - his favorite meal is your Pets PetPet, that's right - so watch out.

FACE OFF: and now, to the actual point why I wrote everything you already know. There seem to be quite a few resemblance points between those two beasts -- and considering the Neopian Times was (and still is) filled with articles, comics, and short or long stories on the Snowager -- it seemed only fair to include maybe just a little bit of the Turmaculus, as well.

Criteria #1 - Lurking Place:

Snowager - The Ice Caves - dark, gloomy, and very cold - the perfect villain spot. 10/10

Turmaculus - Meridell - boring, gets attacked every other Wednesday, easy to approach. 2/10

Criteria #2 - Appearance:

Snowager - Gigantic worm made out of ice with dark and light blue stripes... gigantic worm? 5/10

Turmaculus - Humongous beast with yellow fangs and purple, orange and khaki brown colors - very blending if you're up for a prey... Well at least in Meridell... 9/10

Criteria #3 - Occupation:

Snowager - Guarding a huge pile of treasure from the hands of curious Neopians. 8/10

Turmaculus - Sleeping in late. 3/10

Criteria #5 - Petpet version:

Snowager - Snowickle -"This demanding little beast loves to collect shiny things and cries when you take them away from it." Lizard like dark and light blue stripes, greedy as much as the real thing, but maybe not as threatening. 6/10

Turmaculus - Turmac - "If he eats a lot, a Turmac can grow up to be big and strong." That's quite a promise. Nothing much changed except for the size. 9/10

Criteria #6 - Stamps:

Snowager - Snowager Stamp - Rarity 89, Cost (approx) is 2,300 NP, 35k(ish) SWV (Shop Wizard Value). 7/10

Turmaculus - Turmaculus Stamp - Rarity 89, Cost (approx) is 1,300 NP, 15k(ish) SWV. 5/10

Criteria #6 - Neopedia:

Snowager - Simon and the Snowager and The Snowager. 8/10

Turmaculus - "Sorry, your search returned no articles." Aww, that's a real shame - but I'll give him points, anyway... For the effort. 10/10 (mwahahahahahaha)

Criteria #7 - Neogreeting:

Snowager - "Your search did not return any results." - I guess he's too important to pose for a greeting *coughs* 2/10

Turmaculus - "Tired Of Missing You" - snoring Snowager with a shell on his back. (??????????????) 6/10

Criteria #7 - Neopian Times:

Snowager - "We found the following 56 result(s) for the keyword 'Snowager' " (Though I'm not going to list them all, so if you're really that interested go check it out yourself. 7/10

Turmaculus - "We found the following 18 result(s) for the keyword Turmaculus" see above. 4/10

Criteria #7 - Not on my watch!!:

Snowager - When he does goes to sleep (that good for nothing lazy bum), Neopians snatch toys and scratch cards from it around 3 times a day at random times you can find at... *Unidentified Flying Asparagus hits FGs head* never mind. 3/10

Turmaculus - When this dreamy creature does wake up, one random hour each day, he loves to give out random gifts or eat your PetPet. Now that's my kind of villain!! 10/10

Criteria #8 - Cards:

Snowager - "The Snowager" - Rarity 90, Cost (approx) is 5,772 NP, 10k(ish) SWV... the old Neopets collectable cards, 'nough said. 9/10

Turmaculus - "Turmaculus (TCG) / Turmaculus Strikes! (TCG)" - Cannot be found on the NeoPets search box -- and we all know what that means -- ultimate rarity. 10/10

Criteria #9 - Approx Age:

Snowager - Considering the Ice Caves were discovered before Meridell (that is if my time line isn't too messed up) that makes the Snowager technically older than the Turmaculus. 8/10

Turmaculus - See above. I personally like them young, but oh well... 7/10

Criteria #10 - Nick Names:

Snowager - Snowy, Ice Worm, Wormy, Snowaster etc'... 5/10

Turmaculus - Turmy, Turmac, Turminator etc'... 5/10

Criteria #11 - Spell Faeries:

Snowager - Negg Faerie - Loves to collect Neggs and Tokens, Snow Faerie - Loves to give out expensive quests and from time to time pretty good prizes, to. 8/10

Turmaculus - Illusen (Earth Faerie) - Pretty nifty Faerie that even has him own name (take that Snow/Negg Faeries!!) and has an awesome Glade of him very own. 9/10

Criteria #12 - Hobbies:

Snowager - Hitting random pets with ice blasts on occasion. 9/10

Turmaculus - Sleeping. 3/10

Criteria #13 - Neighbors:

Snowager - Sharp ice crystals. 8/10

Turmaculus - The infamous scratching tree. 8/10

Criteria #14 - Quotes:

Snowager - *roar roar* 10/10

Turmaculus - *snore snore* 5/10

Criteria #15 - And of course, the most important criteria there is - FGs Personal Opinion:

Snowager - BOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! -5/10

Turmaculus - WOOHOOOOOO!!!!!! 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000/10

Final Count:

Snowager - 113 - 5 = 108 points

Turmaculus - 105 + 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 = 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,105 points

Well lookie here, what a surprise - the Turmaculus has one this Face Off - TAKE THAT SNOWAGER!!! Until we meet again, this is FG signing off before the Snowager catches me. (Thanks neo65629 for helping me out!!)

Personal Note: I am not in love with Turmaculus. The fact that I have posters of him all over my walls and I visit him every hour with his favorite flowers and PetPets hoping he would wake up and get a glimpse of those hypnotizing eyes and leaving him secret letters under his claws is a complete coincidence. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

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