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Your Awesome Guide to Castle Battles!

by rampage_rock


Games Room - BOOM! Castle Battles has just exploded on to the scene. If you haven’t played it yet, I recommend you hurry over there and do. This game can be found in the action section of the game room. The game is based on the sibling rivalry of King Skarl and King Hagan. In their younger years, Skarl and Hagan were always building castles out of their Plucko Blocks. These two then took turns trying to destroy down each others castle. In this game you play as King Hagan and try to destroy Skarl’s castle. This article will discuss how you get points in this game, will give you tips on how to play, and even tell you about some of the rare hidden gems.

Choosing Your Castle

In this section, I will explain how to choose the best castle. When you start the game you have the option to choose from two castles and as the game goes on you are able to unlock more. There are three castles you can unlock, which gives you a grand total of five to choose from. To unlock castles you have to defeat Skarl in the castle you don’t have. When the game starts Skarl uses the first castle on the select castle screen, when you beat him he uses the second, after you beat him the second time he uses the first unlockable castle. If you beat him in this castle you get to use it whenever you want. This means you would have to beat Skarl in the two castles you begin with, and the one he uses after those two, to unlock the third castle. Then you would have to beat Skarl in those three castles, and the one after those three, to unlock the fourth castle. I think you get the idea for the fifth castle.

Now that you know how to unlock castles, I will explain how to choose the one you want to use and give you my view on which one is the best. The castle you see when you go to choose castle screen is the first and worst castle. This castle can easily be knocked down in one shot. I wouldn’t recommend using this one. The next castle looks like a large box. I would use this when I start. It has a large area for you to position the treasure and isn’t as easy to knock down as the other beginner castle. The first unlockable castle looks a lot like the first castle. It has the same shape, the differences is that this castle has a door in front of it, longer side walls, and a back wall. This castle isn’t the greatest because you can also knock it down in one shot, but it does have an advantage. As Skarl knocks down your castle, the blocks fall and act a lot like a road block. The tight design of this castle makes it likely that blocks cave in and cover the treasure. The next castle is very complex. It has a small box where the treasure starts and three walls branching off of it. I like this castle because it has a lot of places where you can put the treasure and make it extremely challenging for Skarl. The fifth and final castle is my favorite. It has a single box that is three blocks high. This allows the blocks to cave in and bury the treasure. If Skarl cannot hit the treasure, the game is much easier. I would recommend choosing the newest castle you receive and use it until you unlock another. The castles get progressively better, so why give Skarl an advantage by not using your best.

Positioning the Treasure Chest

The position of the treasure chest is the key to winning. You don’t want to put it out in the middle of nowhere and leave it undefended. That would make the game too easy for Skarl. You can only move your treasure on the choose castle screen. To move your treasure, you click on the green box surrounding it and drag it to where you want. I like to position the treasure in the middle of my castle until it is knocked down. After Skarl has knocked it down a little, I like to place my treasure under the biggest pile of rubble. Positioning it under rubble makes it harder for Skarl to get a clear shot at it.

Aiming the Cannon

Now to the fun part, no more talking about defense, let’s talk about shooting the cannon. To aim the cannon you use the arrow keys, and to fire the cannon you use the space bar. The longer you hold the space bar, the harder your shot will be. The aim of your cannon is shown by the crosshairs. Where the two lines cross is where your shot will go. One thing that a lot of players find annoying is the fact that when you hit the arrow key to adjust the aim the crosshair seems to jump. It takes awhile to get used to this and there is only one way to get used to it, PRACTICE. As the saying goes, practice makes perfect.

If you are wanting to knock some of Skarl’s castle over, you would want hold the space bar down longer. I call this shot the “Destructor”. Another shot I like is the “Grounder”. I use this when I have a clear shot at Skarl’s treasure. I aim in front of the treasure and hold the space bar down about half way. The cannonball then rolls on the ground and goes right into the treasure pushing it out of the square. A rare occurrence, with the cannon, is to get a super-giant cannonball. This cannonball won’t fly as fast or far, but will plow through the castle doing a lot of damage.


There are four ways to earn points in Castle Battles. The most common way to get points is castle damage. To get castle damage points you have knock over some of Skarl’s castle. All blocks will give you the points, even those little flags. Castle damage points vary depending on what level you are on. The next way to get points is called flag capture. To get flag capture points you have to knock over any of Skarl’s flags. Every flag you knock over is worth 5 points. The third way to get points is the treasure chest. You get 50 points if you move Skarl’s chest out of the box it is in. Moving the chest out of the box also allows you to move on to the next level. If Skarl moves your chest out of the box you lose and have to start over. The final way to score points is called accuracy. You get this bonus if you knock Skarl’s treasure chest out of the box on your first shot. This bonus is very hard to achieve and is worth 10 points. To score high in this game you have to do a lot of damage, capture the flag, and knock the treasure out of the square. To get on the high score list you need to do this over and over and hope Skarl doesn’t move your treasure. People who have the top score claim to take hours repeating this process.

Final Notes

I find this game highly addictive and in writing this article I hope to share my knowledge of it. I hope I have made some of you go play this game for the first time or just improve your score. If your score is good enough you could even get a trophy for everyone to see on your userlookup. Good luck to all of you who like this game. If you have any questions about the game or this article feel free to Neomail me.

Author’s Note-I’d like to thank all my friends who encouraged me in writing this article. I’d also like to thank the wonderful people who backed up some of my information to make sure it was 100% right.

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