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The Concert Hall Rocks My Socks!

by plushiesandslushies


Tyrannian Concert Hall --- Music has always been a good source of solace for a lot of people. This is probably the reason why the Concert Hall is always packed with excited Neopians no matter how sweltering the heat is inside this place. It is interesting to note how they patiently endure long lines while perspiration continues to trickle down their foreheads, and how the gargantuan “SOLD OUT” sign at the Ticket Booth always bursts the best of their bubbles. But have you ever asked yourself why concerts remain the ultimate stress busters around? Well, I guess not. So, without further ado, let us delve into the classy Tyrannian Concert Hall and explore why it never fails to rock our socks.

1. The Avatars

     Let’s face it. Though many may seem absolutely nonchalant about unlocking secret avatars, quite a few people are still hooked about getting the latest and the most recent of them all. And why wouldn’t they? Avatars not only look good on message boards, they are also a good means of self-expression. For instance, if you feel groovy, you may use the Groovy Chomby avvie. Or if you dig rock music, then by all means use the I Love Rock avatar. Whatever the case is, avatars truly add more color (literally and figuratively) to the lives of Neopians and aliens alike.

And since concerts are a good source of spiffy avatars (three as of now), Neopians clinch the opportunity to unlock a few ones of their own. Well, who knows? They might be able to use such to their advantage someday.

2. The Freebies

    Tell me, who in his or her own sane mind would not be willing to accept interesting, if not expensive, freebies? Only the wealthiest of the wealthiest, perhaps. Because not all Neopians have an Ultimate Riches account attached to their names, they habitually watch gigs in high hopes of getting the elusive freebies that can only be obtained in Tyrannian concerts. Take the Jazzmosis Elephante Plushie (currently an unbuyable), for instance. If you are fortunate enough to receive one, you may sell it for thousands of Neopoints -- a far cry from the money that you may get from random events or from playing games.

To make things clearer, here is a more convenient way of stating the above: A simple and unexpected gig may definitely change one’s life forever.

Well, let’s just cross our fingers and hope these people do not forget to stock up on four-leaf clovers and lucky charms.

3. Autographs and Pictures with Idols

    FACT: Every ardent fan always hounds his or her idol for an autograph or two.

And what better way to obtain an elusive signature than in concerts! After every gig, bands allow a one-hour autograph-signing and picture-taking session for their fans, which provides a two-way communication between the latter and former. Hence, people seize this chance in order to see their favorite bands up-close and to take several pictures that would bulk up, so to speak, their already encyclopedia-thick photo albums.

Another reason why concerts click is the possibility of getting acquainted with the band members. An avid concert attendee once claimed that she just went backstage and ended up “becoming friends with Yes Boy Ice Cream”. While most bands are unassuming and friendly, some are quite the opposite -- cold and obnoxious. These include those who constantly snub fans and refuse to hand out autographs. However, such groups are absolutely rare, so do not fret as there are still a number of welcoming bands in Neopia.

4. Photo Opportunities

    Journalists and reporters are ubiquitous in concerts. Everywhere you look, you would be able to spot a person with a microphone jostling through a horde of enthusiastic fans. This is where attention-seeking Neopians come in. Unbelievably, some people watch gigs just so they could appear at the most in vogue magazines and newspapers around. To quote Neopian Times photojournalist Kammie Kacheek, “Once, I tried to get a photo of Gruundo as they entered the Concert Hall. When I had it developed, an unidentified Acara was smiling widely at the far right hand corner of the photo! I was utterly disappointed because that picture was aiming for the front page.”

Sadly, some Neopians would really go out of their way to seek attention. And this includes sneaking in at seemingly perfect headline-worthy photos and decreasing a photojournalist’s chance of taking a whack at promotion.

5. Interaction with Other Fans

    Concerts are a good way to get acquainted with several others who share the same interests as you do. To some, the Concert Hall is just a place where wild rockers and screaming fans gather. But to others, it is a place where they feel they truly belong. Here, people can do anything they want without the fear of being rejected. No inhibitions are present, no barriers to keep their true selves from surfacing. With people sharing similar interests, differences do not really matter in concerts. Consequently, everyone feels happy and content with themselves.

It is thus believed that concerts provide a healthy relationship among friends. They [concerts] give buddies the chance to strengthen ties with one another. The mere swaying of hands during a mushy song or the simultaneous singing of the audience is considered a bonding experience. Balthazar notes, “I didn’t expect the Ghost Lupe to like Sticks N Stones. Once, we bonded during a concert night and we have remained friends since.”

So if you want to find friends who would stick with you for the rest of your life, then go see concerts. It is worth a try, after all.

6. Pure and Unadulterated Fun!

    Madonna the Usul once claimed that “girls just wanna have fun.” But believe me when I say that boys, pets, and faeries do, as well. Concerts, be they rock, pop, or jazz, are a good way of grabbing F-U-N. Here, you may dance to rock music, admire the singing prowess of the lead vocalist, or simply exhaust the full capacity of your larynx without having a care in the world. Nobody is going to castigate you anyway because everyone is doing the exact same thing. So, don’t hesitate to stop by the Tyrannian Concert Hall once in a while for pure, unadulterated fun!

    There you have it. Six remarkable reasons why concerts are indeed special. Now tell me, who said that the Tyrannian Concert Hall is worth nothing?

Author’s Note: I would like to take this opportunity to thank Kammie Kacheek, Balthazar, and an anonymous concert attendee for sharing their insights on my first attempt to get published. I’ll forever be grateful.

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