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Explore -- Tyrannia

by cyborg8000


Hi, I'm here to tell you about the worlds of Neopia. Are you ready to hear about Terror Mountain? Or maybe Tyrannia. Whatever the case, you'll learn things about these worlds. You might want to know what makes the Lost Desert so special, and why people even bother to visit Coltzan's Shrine. Maybe you want to hear secrets about what really happens on Krawk Island. Could it be that the Faeries of Faerieland aren't always happy and carefree? But why are we still standing around? Tyrannia's not getting any colder! Get your seatbelts ready and hang on…we're going to Tyrannia!

* * *

Today we'll be exploring: Tyrannia

I'm starting to wonder if TNT really likes multiple worlds with one click, or they just like making things confusing for everybody else. All the same, Tyrannia also has two sections. You can visit the lush valley and jungle of Tyrannia, or go and roast on the Tyrannian Plateau. Either way, you're in for a great time!

Tyrannian Jungle

*Top places to visit while you're in Tyrannia

While the inhabitants of Tyrannia only speak Ugga Ugga, there's still a lot of fun places to go. You could stop by the Volcano Run game and earn some quick Neopoints. This game used to be located on the "Volcano" part of Tyrannia, which was the third wheel in the Land of Tyrannia. I guess you can call Tyrannia a bicycle now, since the Volcano part no longer exists. More about that later. Or you could try checking out the other, new popular game at the Jungle. Everybody likes whacking at those little, colored plastic balls and hitting them through a windmill, so what's the difference when you're a Neopet in funny clothes and you're hitting a ball made out of dung?

Another place to go are the mysterious Cave Paintings. Although it looks like prehistoric Tyrannians didn't use rocks to draw these…all the same, click on the cave at the right hand side of the page to see some barbaric Neopets and for them to pop out of your printer. Wow!

A cool place to go is another one of the many "Wheels", located in the center of the page. This is one is called "The Wheel of Mediocrity". For those who are, let's say, "less smart", mediocrity means "a quality that is acceptable but not very good", so know you may have a better understanding of this wheel. A bored looking Jetsam runs it, only 50 Neopoints a spin, so why not? Look at the prizes before you slam a bag of NP on the table.

*Natives of Tyrannia

Pets: Scorchios (from the hot regions of Tyrannia, mostly on the Plateau and the former Volcano area), some Grarrls like to hang around Tyrannia as well, an occasional Chia, some Zafaras, Chombys, and Tonus

Petpets: Airax, Niptor, Reptillor, Icklesaur, and Scado

*A fun fact about the Tyrannian Jungle

Personally, I can't think of anything that is amazing and secretive about the Tyrannian Jungle. I'm trying to think, really, but the Tyrannian Jungle page hasn't changed very much. Although, I have heard some people ask why the sun is always in the same place on this place. And now, I have an answer for you people! *parade and everyone gets quiet* I have no clue! Very special.

Tyrannian Plateau

For the most visited place in Tyrannia, I think there is some contest for this spot. Keep reading, and you'll know what I mean.

*Top places to visit in Tyrannia

The real competition is between the Ticket Booth and the Giant Omelette. Yes, I said the Ticket Booth, not the Concert Hall. At the Concert Hall, you can see the bands play and hear music come out of your speakers and even get free stuff! But do you pay to get into the Concert Hall? Nope! You use your ticket. But where do you get your ticket? At the Ticket Booth. See, everybody is rallying and fighting against one another as they shove another user out of the way to grab that last ticket before the other. You can get to the Ticket Booth by (obviously) clicking on "TICKET BOOTH" or the little blue dude in the stall. Once you buy your ticket (after being told how much one costs and how many are left), you can make your way over to the Concert Hall which has a strange resemblance to Stonehenge in England. If you don't know what Stonehenge is, then forget I mentioned it.

The Giant Omelette is the place where your starving or dying Neopets will never go hungry again. Every day, you can get a free piece of omelette. These pieces can range from Plain to Bacon and Pepperoni to Carrot and Peas. You can only get one piece a day, so don't try to fake the whole thing by saying "Uh…um…er…that was my twin brother. Can't you see that there is a space after my username?" or something corny like that. But you must wonder…what giant creature lays one of these huge things everyday? Talk about tiring.

SOMETHING HAS HAPPENED! Another section has been added to this article!

*Top places NOT to visit in Tyrannia

The scariest place is Tyrannia is the Lair of the Beasts. It's this long series of pages (about 4 or so) where you see these pictures of sinister looking cave areas. The buttons keep saying 'are you sure you want to go?' 'Go back by clicking here!' and things like that. Your pet will plead you not to go, but if you eventually keep clicking through, you'll get to the beast. Here, turn your volume control down because it can really hurt your ears if it's on loud. The beast will start squawking and screaming and your pet gets freaked out. So just don't go.

The Wheel of Monotony. Give it a spin and then go make yourself a cup of hot chocolate or coffee. Grab a book and kick back and read. Minimize the screen and play some other game. Watch a movie. Practice your singing so you can make it to Broadway. Try to keep your pets from drooling all over that expensive toy. Glare at the Tyrannian Quiggle for a few hours. Try with feigned interest to capture a piece of floating dust. Do something so you won't die of boredom. Splash some cold water on your face…or even better, sniff a pile of dung. Then again, maybe not.

*Natives of Tyrannia

Same as above, I don't think there's much difference. Oh, but the petpets are different.

Petpets: Sauropod (I have one of these, they're so sweet), Stego, Uggatrip, Gruslen, Acko, and Donksaur

*A fun fact about the Tyrannian Plateau

You used to be able to click on that volcano in the distance, which would lead you to the third part of Tyrannia. There didn't used to be much there. Things that were on the Volcano page have now been moved to the Jungle, the Plateau, or elsewhere on the Neopets Site.

Tyrannia's Concert Hall

Here's a little bonus (obviously about the Concert Hall, if you couldn't read that, then you can't understand this so just go away then). The top 3 favorite bands (in my opinion, and in others) are:

1) The Twisted Roses. The Twisted Roses are probably the most popular band because they are all girls, and that they look and sound cool as well. These girls are an Ixi, a Shoyru (yeah!), and a Zafara. These girls are tough, and won't let anyone bother them. When the band showed up, it was the newest craze…everybody wanted to see a Twisted Roses concert. Even me. I only recently got to see a Concert, about a month ago. My pet who got to see it was so excited and she was going crazy at the concert. Some merchandise that you can get from this wild band are: Twisted Roses Key Chain and Twisted Roses Poster. By the way, the ticket looks cool too.

2) Jazzmoisis. This is a cool, unique band without saying anything. Then again, I am a jazz fan so I guess that makes it higher in my eyes in the first place. This band consists of a Grarrl, a Blumaroo, a Chia, an Elephante, a Nimmo, and a Kyrie. Jazzmoisis was doing okay, but it hit the sky when the new avatar came out. At first, no one could understand how to get it. Then, all of a sudden, on all the avvie help pages it said…SEE A Jazzmoisis CONCERT! Well, I took that as a "go do it now!" They play every Thursday at the Concert Hall, so I rushed over there to get a ticket. SOLD OUT! When you get to the Concert Hall early in the morning to get a ticket, and find out they're sold out, you start to realize how many other users there are in Neopets that are collecting those avvies. So, I ended up having to use the Shop Wizard. In my desperate want for this avvie, I spent 19,000 Neopoints on a ticket. I was lucky though. I saved a whole 1,000 Neopoints. Still, it didn't make much difference when my bank account amount dropped. Most Jazzmoisis tickets (if not bought from the ticket booth) are being hoarded by those who got there at 12:00:01 AM NST and bought all the tickets possible, only to sell them later to you for 18,000 Neopoints more.

3) From the hit game, comes Chomby and the Fungus Balls band! This band was already doing really, really well before the avatar came out. Their music was pretty good, I have to admit, even if I only saw my first concert for this band a few weeks ago. It's a very nice avvie though, so that made me happy. A friend of mine has a pet who is crazy about Chomby and the Fungus Balls. So I did her pet a favor, and used her pet (a Nimmo named Prozzie) and put him into one of my stories which I submitted, along with mentions of Chomby and the Fungus Balls. All the same, this is a lot of fun to take your Neopet too, since they enjoy it as much as you!

You could check out a Two Gallon Hatz concert if you want a taste for some true cowboyish/tyranniaish music! I'm not sure if either of those are words. I bet you a Neopoint they aren't…oh, and the members are some funny looking guys that look like they jumped out of Year 2.

The Blue Kacheek Group has a similar vibe as the Blue Man Group, which can be seen in many places. You can see three Blue Kacheeks as the members of this rock band.

The Hikalakas are an original, island music band. If you're looking for some calming music, this is the band for you. You can see an Island Techo, an Island Acara, and an (you guessed it!) Island Wocky.

Or you could watch a MYNCI concert, with these 5 Myncis (all with weird, but cool looking hairdos) making some happy, carefree music.

If you look very carefully, you might be able to go to a Philharmonic, with some old-time…what's that word? Oh, I forget it now, but it's sort of classically. A Lenny, a Zafara, a Kyrie, a Lupe, a Grarrl, and a Meerca are all part of this group.

Grab a Moehawk ticket and listen to some rock music while three slick-looking Moehogs jam and make a general cool, but very odd (and at some points, disturbing) music.

Don't forget to grab an avvie on your way out of a Sticks N' Stones concert as a Grarrl, Blumaroo, Lupe, and Nimmo make their tunes. There seem to be a lot of Grarrls and Lupes on stage…haven't seen a Kau or a Flotsam yet.

If you're a Wocky and Tyrannia fan, then you should see a Wock Til You Drop concert. Three Wockys are the stars of this concert (well, mostly two because one is stuck in some sort of case).

Yes Boy Ice Cream is the perfect band for all you Shoyru fans (which would include me). Three Shoyrus dazzle as lights flash and they make some great music. These Primary Shoyrus are Primary Colors. Check it out!

Around Christmas Time, you'll be able to catch some Christmas-like songs. Chomby and the Fungus Balls put their Santas hats on and their music has a different tune. The Jazzmoisis Christmas Concert is something to see also, even though some of the band members aren't there, but they're singing Jingle Bells with real words! Great tune. They've got a different attire as well.

* * *

Well, that's it for today! I hope you enjoyed learning about Tyrannia and its lands and bands! Next on our traveling agenda is Space! How is that possible, you ask? Well, we're going to check out the Virtupets Space Station and Kreludor, Neopia's moon. Like, what's with the giant Sloth head in the Mining Corp. on Kreludor? Find out when we go exploring again! Over and out, from Cyborg8000.

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