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Star Chaser

by blubblub317


The night is wrapped around in a blackened purple sky. A bundle of twinkling stars are etched into it, radiating ever so lightly upon the world. I stand at the top of the grassy hill, gazing up above, freeing my soul. Eyes closed, a waft of fresh air enters my nose, and I sigh. I can feel the night encircling me, calling out for my presence. I am here.

     My purple-hued fur softly ruffles in the cool wind, and my eyes flutter open. The star should be coming soon. I know it. I can feel it.

     Suddenly, a flash of light appears in the sky. It speeds by, and my heart skips a beat. "A shooting star," I whisper breathlessly. "I was right this time."

     Excited and nervous at the same time, I inhale a deep breath, and start speeding down the hill, always eyeing that shooting star. It's gorgeous, absolutely gorgeous.

     I wish I could find my family, I say to myself. This is my wish every time. Always.

     This is my third shooting star in the past month. The first one led me to the Lost Desert, where the Grarrl who works at the Food Stall look dumbfounded at me and said that I reminded him of someone that he had met years ago. I knew that it had to be my mother that he was speaking of. She had been a famous adventurer in the Lost Desert. No clues have directed me towards this fact. I've just simply seen it in my dreams.

     The second one led me to Meridell, where Illusen told me that she remembered someone who resembled very much like me that had looked so distressed and flustered when doing one of her quests. I knew that it had to be my father that she was speaking of. He always tried to make Neopoints for the family. No clues have directed me towards this fact. I've just simply seen it in my dreams.

     And now here I am. Racing through the hills of Meridell, chasing and catching my new star. Who knows where it will lead me next. All I know is that it will hand me information about my brother. I know I have one. My heart tells me. I wonder if he'll like having a brother.

     I pant and pant, run and run, sweat and sweat, but I never stop. I continue to follow that star. For hours during the night, I do this, never a thought of stopping crossing my mind. The night continues to burrow me in its warmth, lightening my spirit. Night is my favorite time of day. All is serene, and I can think. Think of my family.

     What feels like minutes to me are actually hours, and to my surprise, the creeping light of sunrise slowly begins to make its way across the landscape. Soon, the sun has risen, and I finally stop, realizing that the star is no longer there. I look around, a feeling of excitement running through my body.

     I'm in Tyrannia. The dusty land and blaring sun abruptly come into clear view, and my throat feels sticky and dry from all of the running.

     "I need water," I whisper, pacing around the area that I am in.

     Not too far off, a giant steaming Omelette is lying on the ground. People are bustling like lunatics to grab a piece. I can see some pets steal a second piece. Selfishness; I despise it.

     "Where must I look, star?" I ask aloud, my eyes shifting swiftly to catch any area that might be a help to me.

     "Excuse me, sir. Is there anything I can help you with?"

     My head cocks down. A little brown Mynci is standing before me, an artificial smile glued to his face.

     I shake my head, flustered. "No, I'm fine," I say briskly, walking off.

     "Are you su-whoa, you have almost the exact same face of a young Kougra who came by here today to play Kacheekers."

     I halt in my tracks, a tingle of anxiousness and excitement racing through my spine. I swivel towards the Chia, one eyebrow raised.

     "W-what Kougra?" I inquire nervously.

     "He was a Tyrannian Kougra, not too big in size. Seemed smaller then his usual type," explained the Chia. "Seemed lonely, almost depressed. Something about him struck a chord in my mind, but I'm not sure why."

     My breaths are becoming quicker and smaller. "Did you see where the Kougra went?"

     The Chia scratches his chin, pondering carefully. "Hmmm, I think I saw him head over to the Giant Omelette, but he didn't take a piece. He just kept walking."

     I gasp, sweat collecting itself on my fur. "Thank you!" I cry out, as I race off towards the direction that my brother went.

     My brother is a Tyrannian Kougra in my dreams. This is the one. I know it is. I'm going to meet my brother! The stars have led me in the right path!

     I feel like screaming out in joy, but I hold it in. The only visible trace of my happiness is a small grin that's managed to creep up on my lips.

     I keep running and running, faster and faster. I can't stop. I have to find my brother. I want to be able to see him. I want to know his name.

     "Brother!" I yell. "Are you here?! BROTHER?"

     "Brother?" a small voice suddenly cuts in. "Is your brother lost?"

     I unexpectedly stop and stare at what's before me. A Tyrannian Kougra stands there, a thin layer of tears formed on his vibrantly blue eyes.

     "Y-y-yes," I stammer, almost scared to death. "I-I-I can't find him."

     The Kougra stares at me with wonder. "I have a brother too. I see him in my dreams, but I can't find him."

     My mouth hangs open in shock. "I see my brother in my dreams too. And he looks just likeā€¦"

     "You," we say in unison.

     My brother and I stand still for what seems like hours when only a minute has passed. I gaze into his eyes, and see that desperation of hope. Hope of finding a family that he never had. Just like me. His brother.

     "What's your name?" I breathe in awe.

     "Kuijo," the Kougra replies, amazed as well. "Y-yours?"


     You've found your brother! You've found him! You've finally found a part of your family!

     I smile, and walk towards Kuijo. I open my arms, and he runs right into them, clutching as tightly as possible. It's almost as if he's scared I'm going to disappear.

     "Don't worry," I whisper reassuringly, "I'll be here with you at all times. Everything's going to be okay."

     My heart feels like it's going to shatter when I hear a sob come out from Kuijo. "I'm so glad to have found you, Miko," he cries. "I've wanted a family for so, so long."

     "So have I," I say calmly. "The stars have led me to you."

     Kuijo looks at me with confused eyes. "S-stars?" he whimpers. "Why haven't I seen any stars?"

     I give him a squeeze, and whisper soothingly to him, "Now that you're with me, you'll be able to see them, and we'll find mom and dad."

     "O-okay." Kuijo shakes for a few more seconds, and then calms down a bit.

     Soon, we let go of each other, and stand up from the ground. "So can we go search for mom and dad?" Kuijo asks eagerly.

     I shake my head. "Not now. When nighttime falls we shall. Okay?"

     Kuijo arches an eyebrow, but says nothing. "Okay. We'll wait till tonight. Then you'll finally be able to show me the stars. The stars that have led us to each other."

The End

Author's Note: Thank you for reading my short story. I might write a continuing story, but I'm not too sure. I'll see by the comments that I receive. See you later.

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