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Oohee's and Claude's Mystery Island Adventure!

by zed16


Claude the rainbow kadoatie peeked his head out from the opening of the backpack. His owner Oohee the faerie poogle was gathering up the last of her things, before they were to set off for the day at Mystery Island!

     They both were looking forward to this. Their own adventure just the two of them. The reason behind them going on this mini adventure, was because Oohee had a few friends mention just how lovely the Island was and that there were loads to do there. Plus they said she could bring Claude along with her as they allowed petpets - as long as he doesn't run off and stays with Oohee it should be fine. No problem there Oohee thought to herself. It wasn't long before Oohee booked a boat to take them there and now the day had finally arrived!

     They arrived at Mystery Island on a sunny Tuesday morning. The boat docked at the harbour and Oohee jumped off the boat with Claude still in the backpack and made her way to the Tiki Tours as she wanted to get a good view of the whole Island first. "Let's see what Mystery Island has in store for us today, hey Claude?" she said, as Claude poked his head out of the backpack. When Oohee stroked the top of his head, he meowed in agreement.

     Settling down on a seat with Claude on her lap she was given a free map guide which explained in more detail some of the attractions there.

     They went along the coast edge of the Island and they both took in the wonderful views of Mystery Island. They passed the beach, the rock pool, a big cooking pot and a darker shadowy bit called the Lost City of Geraptiku; which she read about on her tour map. In there was a place called the Deserted Tomb and it was said that only the brave can go in there. "We're brave aren't we, Claude?" Oohee whispered in Claude's ear and Claude meowed in response. So they were going to set some time to go in there at some point!

     Carrying on with the tour they passed the Island Market and the Tropical food stall which sold all sorts of delicious fruits. Claude licked his lips. He was hoping Oohee would find some time to go in there too!

     They also passed the Tombola stall and the Tiki Tack shop before the tour came to an end. They'd seen what was round the outside of the Island now for the inside of the Island. Oohee put Claude back in her backpack but kept the zip open so Claude could poke his head out whenever he wanted and off they went.

     Oohee fancied a few games of the Gadgadsgame so they walked over and Oohee tried her luck with the falling fruit and tried to make them bigger by matching the fruits up but the game was too quick for her and she lost. But she managed to beat her own high score so that was a plus!

     Looking round after the game, Oohee fancied dipping her toes into the sea by the beach so that was their next stop. There was no one else around so she picked Claude up from the backpack and put him down on the sand so he could sniff and look around the surroundings. She took out her camera and took some pictures of the beach and of course of Claude jumping around in the sand. He looked ever so cute.

      They sat down for a while to take in the views. Feeling hungry by this point, Oohee took some food out of her backpack for them both and they ate while watching the waves coming in from the sea.

     Afterwards Oohee walked past the 3 tall rocks which she took pictures of and Claude looked up at them in awe. Past the 3 rocks, was the Cooking pot which they passed by earlier on the tour and she read from her tour map that only in the month of August you can unlock the Mystery by putting certain ingredients into the cooking pot. Unfortunately, Oohee didn't have any of the ingredients required to unlock the mystery so she took pictures of the pot instead.

     Oohee then carried on walking around and came up to the gate that lead through to the Lost City of Gerapitku. She walked through and in the corner was the Deserted Tomb, "Shall we?" Oohee asked Claude who had his head poked out of the backpack and Claude nodded. They entered the deserted tomb and come face to face with a stone door. Oohee opened the stone door and gazes into the darkness. Luckily she had brought her torch along with her and proceeded through. Oohee walks along a path and reaches an empty room. It looked like someone had beaten them to it and had found the treasure!

     Feeling a little bit disappointed that they didn't find anything, they slowly made their way back out. Blinking into the sunshine, Oohee sighed with relief and so did Claude maybe it was a tad scary in there but they did it!

     Walking back out through the gate, Oohee walked past the training schools. "We don't have enough time to look in there today Claude, there's so much more to look at!" so she carried on walking, past the Island arena where they could hear whooping and cheering going on from inside and then Oohee decided to go into the Neopian Haiku Stall to see what that was all about. They were greeted by an Island Kougra who announced today's Hauki. "Yesterday hurls 0, monolith abbreviates, enemy turns 0." he boldly stated smiling at Oohee. Claude looked at Oohee and Oohee looked at Claude, "Err thanks.." Oohee mumbled trying to not look so confused and walked back out trying to contemplate what on earth that meant...

     Next stop was the Tiki tack store and they was greeted by the Tiki tack man himself. "What shall we buy as a souvenir from here then, Claude?" Oohee asked while browsing the shelves. She took Claude out the backpack so they could look together and Claude got excited over some bottled sand. In the end Oohee bought some blue sand for Claude to play around with later on. He would most likely leave footprints everywhere and for herself she wanted a surfboard keyring. She bought the items and then exited the shop. "Shall we have a game of Volleyball, Claude?" Oohee asked him while he nodded and meowed in agreement.

     That was their next stop so Oohee set Claude down on the sand while Oohee played some Volleyball up against a red Mynci. He was good but Oohee was better! she won hooray! And Claude was happy for her too jumping around in the sand.

     Oohee picked Claude up and they went over to the Tombola stand where they were almost certain it was the same guy who was at the Tiki tack stall but they couldn't be sure... She picked a raffle ticket and it was number 40 and she won a prize; a Codestone Plushie! The next number was 44 but she didn't win anything from that one.

     By that point Oohee's backpack was getting pretty full with all the goodies she had bought so she had to let Claude walk along beside her. She did however have enough room for a couple more fruits! And that was where they were heading towards next.

     Their last stop before it was time to head back to the harbour as the boat was going to pick them up again was the Tropical fruit shop. Claude was looking forward to this the most! They were greeted by a friendly Island Techo and bought some fruits like the Twirly fruit and the Melowhirl. They also had a couple of glasses of fresh Phearade as they were both thirsty.

     Oohee packed the fruits into her backpack and told Claude they would share them later, on the boat back home. Then Oohee remembered something; "Oh no Claude! We didn't have enough time to go and see what the Island Mystic hut was all about. We will definitely have to come back again sometime, won't we Claude and look around the training school as well. Plus you loved the beach didn't you?" Oohee bent down and tickled Claude under the chin while he nodded in agreement. "But right now it’s time to go home."

     They both walked to the harbour. Climbed onto the boat and Claude fell asleep straight away next to Oohee. It had been a fun day but now they were going to have a little nap while the boat took them home.

     The End.

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