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Famous Peophins Throughout History

by yellowflower7


Peophins are a graceful, semi-aquatic species known for their unique anatomy of having both front hooves and a tail fin. Although naturally shy, it is said that they possess an inner magic and bring good fortune to those who cross their paths. It is unknown at what point they developed their tail fins, but it makes them strong swimmers and they can be found in all major water realms, including Maraqua, Krawk Island, and Kiko Lake. Over the years, a number of famous Peophins have made their mark on Neopian history. Let us learn a little more about these notable Peophins!

     Marak the Wave (Home: Altador)

     Marak is known for being one of the twelve great protectors of Altador and nicknamed “The Wave.” He had originally led a small underwater village full of peophins that coexisted with a nearby town of fishers. However, when resources had become scarce due to overfishing, the fishers blamed the peophins and rolled boulders down a nearby cliff to crash into Marak’s village. Marak led a powerful counter attack by coordinating his villagers into creating a huge wave to push the fishers away from their boulders. Afterwards, even though he was angry over the fighting, Marak decided to take the high road and continued to negotiate for peace. King Altador later heard of this remarkable leadership and invited Marak and his clan to live off the coast of Altador. A constellation was named for the great Wave that Marak had become famous for.

     Venuquin the Guide (Home: Southern Seas)

     Described on her collectable card as the “mother of all Peophins”, this beautiful and mysterious figure is legendary for rescuing lost sailors and helping to lead ships out of stormy waters. She is documented in one account by Kino the Kougra and Skib the Skeith for helping them navigate back to Mystery Island when they lost their compass while out at sea. They had quarrelled over the compass until night fell upon their small rowboat and they could not see anything around them. Suddenly, they noticed the Peophin appear and push their boat towards shore. They credit her with saving their lives, and furthering Peophins’ reputation as lifesaving helpers.

     Peopatra (Home: Sakhmet, Lost Desert)

     Known all over Sakhmet for her famous petpet stall, Peopatra is a kind-hearted Peophin who has, curiously, taken to the Lost Desert as her home realm. As a young child, she had one day stumbled upon an injured Wadjet that she took in and nursed back to health. Over time, she took in more and more stray, hungry, and injured petpets. When they became too much of a handful for her to care for on her own, she started adopting them out to other Neopians and thus Peopatra’s Petpets was born. You can stop by her stall at any time to adopt your very own Anubis, Selket, or Turtmid. Or, if you’re lucky, a rare Khonsu or even a Geb! No matter which petpet you adopt though, you can rest assured knowing that they have received the best of care from Peopatra.

     Brightvale Motery Shopkeeper (Home: Brightvale)

     Although this Peophin prefers to remain anonymous, she is well known for being Brightvale’s premier purveyor of elemental motes. Her shop is tucked away in the quiet woods, halfway between the Brightvale Glaziers and Brightvale Books shops. She started with humble beginnings, collecting motes out in nature and learning to channel their special properties. Outfitting a shop to carefully contain them and their magic was another challenge too. But now, you can find all manner of motes in her shop, from the common Bubble Mote to the shocking Electrical mote and adorable Weewoo Mote! She maintains no liability for accidental explosions or freezings though.

     Helmo Timm (Home: Kiko Lake)

     Helmo was a rare non-Kiko member of the Kiko Lake Altador Cup team. She debuted in one of the earliest Cups as a swift forward player. However, she injured her right hoof while diving for the ball during an intense final round game and was replaced by Holbie Pinnock. She eventually returned to the team while still recovering from her injury and made a valiant effort, even being nominated for Best Sportsmanship. Even after recovering though, she soon retired from the team and now lives a quiet life back in Kiko Lake. She occasionally shows up to practice matches to cheer on her old teammates, and helps out as a substitute coach for junior members.

     Erli Quinnock (Home: Kiko Lake)

     Erli first debuted in the Altador Cup on Team Brightvale, replacing Orie Dinelle as a goalkeeper in hopes of improving the team’s defensive consistency. Erli’s goalkeeping skills were so impressive that year that Kiko Lake traded for him the following Cup. Erli’s tenacity has certainly paid off, helping Kiko Lake rise from a small, obscure team to the big name contender that they are today. He was instrumental in Kiko Lake’s multiple championship victories and is now one of their most seasoned players. Sometimes his old Brightvale teammates are heard lamenting the loss of this formidable goalie.

     Daedelon (Home: Unknown)

     This legendary Peophin remains enigmatic to this day. He is said to have been blessed by both Water and Fire Faeries. He can cut swiftly through rough waters like a knife, as well as breathe fire to burn away all obstacles. He appears to those who are true of heart in their time of need to help carry them on their adventures.

     Lustra (Home: Unknown)

     Another mysterious figure, this golden Peophin has eluded historians but is occasionally glimpsed soaring through the clouds above Faerieland. That’s right, she is one of the few Peophins who is blessed with a set of wings and thus is at home both in the air and underwater. She has been observed to protect weaker denizens of the sea from hungry Jetsams looking for a meal.

     Now that you know more about these famous Peophins throughout Neopian history, celebrate Peophin Day and show all the Peophins in your life some extra love!


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