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The Wheel of Monotony... More Exciting Than You Think!

by jackie247


A tar pit bubbles in the distance. A volcano spews hot lava 20 feet into the air. A group of Pteri’s fly overhead. A ferocious roar shakes you to the core, that the smell of eggs cooking? It can only mean one thing - you’ve travelled back in time to a place where the Grarrl’s roam, concerts rock out, and battles wage on. Welcome to Tyrannia!

     Once you’ve made it to the Tyrannian Plateau, you’ll be sure to find many things that pique your interest. Exciting, wild, adventurous, sometimes terrifying things. But there is one thing that many Neopians find boring, tedious, mundane, and stale. The Wheel of Monotony. Not to be confused with its close neighbour, the Wheel of Mediocrity, the Wheel of Monotony is anything but average. There’s no strategy involved when you play this game of luck and chance. You simply click to spin and then you wait. And wait. And wait. And wait. And - well, you get the idea. How long does it take to stop spinning? Ha! The timeless question on everyone’s mind. Hours. Like, a lot of hours. So your best bet is to get comfy and wait it out. It’s suggested to pour yourself a cup of Rancid Dung Coffee, but I think I’ll pass on that one. Maybe we can grab a piece of that Giant Omelette instead? Sorry, but there is no intermission on this joyride. The Wheel of Monotony gets a bad reputation just because it takes so long. But in my opinion, no prize worth having will come quickly. Like they say, “The Giant Omelette didn’t cook in a day.”

     What about this Wheel makes it stand out amongst its counterparts? Well, for one, it’s cheaper than spinning the Wheel of Excitement or the Wheel of Knowledge. The Wheel of Mediocrity is still the cheapest option at 100 Neopoints a spin, but why pay for Mediocrity when you could spend the extra 50 Neopoints and strive for greatness? When I say greatness, I’m talking about the awesome prizes!

     There are 16 possible outcomes when you take a spin, and in my opinion, only three of those spaces will have a negative outcome. With only an 18.75 percent chance that something could go wrong, I’ll press my luck with the other 81.25 percent, it is a luck & chance game after all, right? Perhaps the most coveted space is the Wheel of Monotony avatar, which you’ll get if you land on the space designated with a question mark. Who can resist the cuteness of that bored Tyrannian Quiggle face? Spending 150 Neopoints for the possibility of a totally adorable avatar? Sign me up!

     There is also a possibility of winning a Tyrannian Paint Brush as well. Simply land on the, you guessed it - Tyrannian Paint Brush icon on the Wheel! What is better than a Tyrannian pet? Name one thing cuter than the Tyrannian Usul showing off those little bone hairbows. Name something more regal than the Tyrannian Lupe, baring strong, sharp fangs. Or how about the Tyrannian Gnorbu, with it's wild wind-blown mane. Transform your pet into the look of their ancestors before them. Strong, beastly, savage, and... fuzzy. What more could you ask for from a Paint Brush?! Let’s not neglect to mention the little guys - petpets! You can win a Tyrannian Paint Brush for your petpet too. Just land on the (right again!) Tyrannian Petpet Paint Brush icon! Taking your Petpet for a Rainbow Pool dip is always satisfying, but just wait until you see them donning their new Tyrannian look. The Tyrannian Fir looks just like the trees you see deep in the Tyrannian Jungle. The Tyrannian Rock looks exactly like a freshly uncovered fossil dug up from a hillside millions of years ago. The Tyrannian Nurana resembles a prehistoric creature of the deep, sporting the loveliest shades of blue. Even if you don’t win the Petpet Paint Brush, you could win the Tyrannian Petpet itself. If the wheel stops on the Mazzew icon, you’ve won your Neopet its new best friend!

     There are two possible spots on the Wheel that can win you a Codestone. Codestones are used for training your pets to get them ready for the Battledome. Codestones can be tan or red, and which one you will need depends on your pet’s current level. Codestones are in high demand and can almost always sell very quickly in your shop too. Paying a 150 Neopoint fee to possibly win a Codestone sounds like a good deal to me.

     Winning a Tyrannian food is also a possible outcome from the Wheel. Landing yourself on the Terry Berry icon will award you with a delicious Tyrannian delicacy. Ransaurous Steak is a favourite of many Neopets. Just one taste of this luscious steak will transport them back to the dawning of their primal roots. The Honey Blossom is also a popular prize. No, it’s not the best-looking food, but I’m told the taste is sweeter than all the Doughnutfruit on Mystery Island.

     Don’t ever call this Wheel boring, tedious or mundane (there’s a Mediocre one that exists for that). I simply will not tolerate any Wheel of Monotony slander. This Wheel is riveting, enthralling, and enticing. A little waiting never hurt anyone, and patience is an acquired skill. For years, this game has been a staple to Tyrannia. We should be thankful this Wheel exists. The anticipation is more than you can get from any other game. The build up is what makes it so exciting. When you think of all the possible amazing outcomes and start planning out what you’ll do with your winnings, it really makes the whole experience a special one. The last time I spun, I waited approximately five hours for it to stop spinning, which is actually quite quick! Still waiting on that avatar though. I know you may be hesitant to try out this Wheel, but one spin and you’ll be hooked quicker than you can say “Tyrannian Plateau.”

     Now pass me a piece of that Omelette while I wait.


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