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Interview With The Star: Make Some Noise

by mellody_sou_10


The Altador Cup is, without a doubt, Neopia's most beloved sporting event. Annually, every summer, teams representing each of the Neopian lands come together in Altador to compete in Yooyuball.

     Of course, what makes the experience so beloved by spectators are not only the matches, but also what comes with them: getting ready to leave home to go to the stadium, and doing it as early as possible so you can get the best spot in the bleachers at the arena; once the match actually starts, you get to cheer for your team – either supporting your favourite player, or doing the wave with fellow fans of the same team, or simply screaming your lungs out when they score – as well as boo your team’s opponent.

     Cheering is an important part of the Altador Cup experience. That is best represented by Make Some Noise, a game in which a Blue Techo and his friends cheer as if their lives depended on it. Introduced on Altador Cup II, the game helps give vision to what it truly feels for the Neopets on the bleachers to watch a Yooyuball match.

     Today, we are going to be talking to the main star of Make Some Noise, Mr. Blue Techo (who prefers to keep his anonymous status).

     Interviewer: Hello, Mister. Thank you for giving the Neopian Times this interview. First things first, how did you become the star of Make Some Noise?

     Blue Techo: Hello, thank you for inviting me. Well, the first Altador Cup was a tremendous success, but they wanted to bring it to a new level in the following year. They noticed how passionate I was in the previous year, and invited me out to star in the game “Make Some Noise”. Basically, I’ve become a professional cheerer. *chuckles*

     I: What team did you cheer for in the first Altador Cup for them to notice you?

     BT: Pardon me but my contract forbids me from answering that question.

     I: That makes sense as, after all, you need to be present for all games and cheer in all of them, regardless of the teams playing in a particular match. It must be tough, however. How do you prepare yourself prior to the Cup?

     BT: It is indeed tough. For most of the year I rest my voice, I refrain even from talking at times, which has actually prompted me to learn sign language as a side hobby. Also, I occasionally take singing lessons – they help me use my voice in the correct way, as well as using proper breathing techniques. I also make sure to stay fit, by doing cardiovascular exercises, low carb diet, and drink a lot of water, so that my body will be strong and then I will have the stamina necessary for attending all games for an entire month.

     I: Woah, that’s an impressively disciplined daily routine. Now, you are basically an athlete as well, just like the players in the Yooyuball teams.

     BT: *chuckles* I guess you could say that.

     I: How about during the Cup – how do you prepare before a match?

     BT: I make basic vocal warm-ups right after I wake up. Although I love slushies, I need to make sure to be disciplined so that I won’t strain my vocal cords, so I always carry water bottles with me, and only allow myself to have a few slushies after the Cup's finals, to reward myself for the month's progress. I end up not having the proper time for long meals during the Cup, so I carry a lot of snacks, although I make sure they are all healthy; usually, watery foods such as apples, watermelons, and pears, or any other fruit or vegetable that I can fit in a small bento box. After the match's over, I make sure to get home as early as possible so that I will have enough time to have a good night's sleep, as being well-rested in the following morning is essential, and I tend to avoid caffeine completely to preserve my vocal cords so I can't use it to keep myself awake.

     I: That's incredible. You are definitely dedicated. Not anyone would be able to keep up with such a strict routine. Have you ever been scared that you would not be able to complete your duties?

     BT: Yes, sometimes. I am aware it is all tough work and because of that, I can easily feel nervous about it. However, I try to twist it in my favour; insecurity keeps me alert, which is something positive. Also, I think that the rigid nature of my routine inevitably helps me at the same time, by keeping my mind busy and away from those thoughts.

     I: Interesting perspective. But have you ever considered giving up?

     BT: When I did Make Some Noise for the first time, in the very first day. It was really overwhelming and I was uncertain that I could keep up until the end of the day. In between each scream, in my mind I would debate with myself whether or not I should just run away from the stadium and hide in my bedroom at home. But something within me made me continue, I held my ground and kept going, and then I realized, the day was over. Then as the following days passed, I would have more and more excitement about the entire experience. And look at Make Some Noise now, going strong for so many years. It has been a long yet joyful run.

     I: You previously mentioned always rewarding yourself with a slushie once a Cup is over. Which flavour is your favourite?

     BT: Definitely Zeenana! I love it.

     I: Good choice. After so many Cups in which you have participated, some people love you; some others hate you – and each of those feelings come from a multitude of reasons. Either way, undoubtedly you are a popular figure. How do you deal with fame?

     BT: I deal with it by not dealing with it. Sounds weird, but it is true. I tend to stay away from guilds and the Neoboards in general, as there are often rude remarks and offensive words regarded as 'opinions' on those places. When people have a strong negative feeling about something, they tend not to see the other side. I completely understand Make Some Noise can be stressful for game players, but it is for me too sometimes.

     I: That is unfortunate. People can be really harsh sometimes. Have you ever encountered a hater in real life?

     BT: Yes, but they did not know I was 'the' Blue Techo of Make Some Noise. I was at Kelp Restaurant once a few years ago, and I befriended someone who sat beside me in the bar. Eventually the conversation reached the topic of Altador Cup for some reason, and they went on a ten-minute rant on why they hated Make Some Noise. At first, I was nervous, because I was worried that they would find out it was me, but then I thought it was hilarious and had to hold my laughter because that individual was so passionate that they could easily pass as a fan.

     I: That is a good story, ha! Still on the topic of fame, what made you decide to remain anonymous for all these years? You could have made a name for yourself as a celebrity, that is for sure.

     BT: The thing is that I never intended to be a celebrity. In the first Cup, I cheered because I truly felt that way, in my heart. I still do, just on a more professional level. This is not about me, it is about Yooyuball, about team spirit, about Neopian culture. I do not need to be a celebrity when I am already a part of something much bigger than that.

      I: Although you are usually regarded as the main star of Make Some Noise, you also have friends who cheer up with you. Have they ever expressed feeling outshined or jealous?

     BT: Not at all. We have a team spirit. And all of us have the same mindset of being part of something much bigger than ourselves.

     I: Before we finish this interview, would you like to give a message of encouragement to our readers?

     BT: Do not lose enthusiasm. It can be hard to keep on going, I know, but do it for the team – they need you! Every single individual makes a difference, and each extra gameplay counts. That one extra score of Make Some Noise you are feeling discouraged about can be the difference between a victory and a loss for your team. You are important. Do not give up. The destination is worth the difficult road.

     I: Beautiful words, coming from none other than the star of Make Some Noise! Thank you very much for your time, I hope it has not disturbed your Altador Cup routine. Good luck on these final days!

     BT: It was my pleasure! Thank you very much.

     This author hopes that you, reader, can get inspiration from Mr. Blue Techo's wise words and use that in your favour in the upcoming Altador Cup XVI. Let us continue to share our love for Yooyuball, and cheer on!

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