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Neopian Cuisine: 10 Best Dishes for Cybunny Carnival

by mellody_sou_10


Near the end of the month of Eating, most specifically on the 27th (April 27th), the Neopets calendar officially holds Cybunny Day, most often referred to as Cybunny Carnival. The date is chosen, as the name says, to celebrate that Neopet species.

     Cybunnies are creatures with long ears originating from Terror Mountain, the Neopian land furthest in the north of the globe. Here they can keep themselves warm and hide from enemies in the snowy landscape thanks to their thick fur. They love to engage in snow-related activities and sports, especially in group settings, therefore making them one of the friendliest species.

     A user can only create a Cybunny during this day. Owners are advised to have a lot of food saved up in their safety deposit boxes before creating one, as they love to eat! Their love of food does not really help them grow, though, as they are one of Neopia’s shortest species in height, at their average of 32 centimetres / 12.5 inches. They are available in an astonishing 70 different colours, including Faerie, Darigan, Island, and Tyrannian.

     A beloved species by owners and other Neopets alike, some of the most famous Cybunnies in Neopian history include Princess Lunara of Shenkuu, the intergalactic hero Cylara, and the Yooyuball player Keetra Deile.

     Although they were first discovered in the 10th of the month of Swimming in Year 3 (July 10, 2003), Cybunnies preferred to have their celebratory date around springtime so that their food would not rot under the hot sun. This goes to show how serious they take their love of eating. With that in mind, in this article we will list the 10 best food items to eat during Cybunny Carnival!

     Without further ado, here are the dishes:

     10. Frosty Doughnut

     Cybunnies are known to have quite the sweet tooth. As such, it is inevitable to eat something sweet during this day. The most affordable pick on this list, the Frosty Doughnut makes for a good choice. Made of snow and sugar, this dish comes from Cybunny’s birth land of Terror Mountain, therefore being classified as Snow Food. They can be found in the Super Happy Icy Fun Snow Shop up in the cold lands. Its’ current estimated price in user-to-user methods is around 500 NPs.

     9. Strawberry Cybunny Ice Cream

     The cold lands are known for their equally cold delicacies. Neopia’s best ice creams hail from the Terror Mountain. On Cybunny Day, nothing better than having a taste of a Cybunny-themed ice cream! It is strawberry flavoured, as the fruit is one of the sweetest out there, and it is nothing new that the honorees of this holiday love sugar. If you opt to buy this dish in a user shop, these are currently estimated to be around 2,450 NPs.

     8. Frozen Cybunny Treat

     A treat for those being honoured on this incredible date! Yes, it has sugar. Yes, it is served cold (too cold, non-Cybunnies might say; we wouldn’t recommend feeding this to other species, as it might freeze their tongues). This unique treat is sold for the average price of 5,000 NPs in user-owned shops.

     7. Snow Broccoli

     If you are on a diet, you are probably frustrated with this list so far. However, the dish in 7th comes to your rescue! This salad item is also a Snow Food, and guess what it is made of? Wait, how do you know it is made of snow?!

     The Snow Broccoli is guaranteed to taste better than regular broccoli.

     Just as all other Snow Food items, they can also be bought at the Super Happy Icy Fun Snow Shop in Terror Mountain. If you choose to buy it from another user, the estimated cost is around 5,300 NPs.

     6. Cybunny Carrot Stew

     If there is something loved by Cybunnies other than sugar-infused foods, that something is carrot. The orange vegetable has an earthly taste that reminds the long-eared creatures of the vegetation of Terror Mountain and takes them back to their wild origins living in the cold forest. Its’ thick outside is also known to be good for their sharp front teeth, and is the number one recommendation by Neopian dentists to all Cybunnies.

     Of course, carrots are quite versatile vegetables when it comes to the culinary arts, and can be used in all types of recipes. Although Terror Mountain is known for its’ cold dishes, we cannot simply freeze to death during the holiday, right? As such, this warm stew is a delicious and healthy option for the event, and comes in a bowl shaped just like a Cybunny’s head.

     If you choose to look up this item in the Shop Wizard, it should be around the bagatelle (the price, not the game!) of around 10,000 NPs.

     5. Crystal Pop

     With this much food thus far, one might start feeling thirsty. The Crystal Pop is Terror Mountain’s number one soda brand (hence its’ inscription “Crystal One” in the cyan-coloured metal can). The formula remains a secret, and Neopians don’t even know if it’s carbonated or not, even though it’s technically soda. The universally known fact about it, though, is that it takes just like melted snow; this fact is even their official brand slogan!

     However, this drink became so refined it became a luxury, becoming a “retired” item with a rather expensive price. The average cost of one can, as of today, is around 480,000 NPs from the average user shop. If you can’t afford it for this year, make sure to save up for next year’s Cybunny Carnival.

     4. Hamarama Ice Lolly

     Ice lollies are one of the unofficial delicacies of Terror Mountain. This pick, specifically, is the most expensive Snow Food of the kind. Estimated at around 2 million NPs from user-to-user methods, it is also known as a post-training treat for carnivore Neopets that spend a lot of time in the Battledome. Cybunnies aren’t often into meaty foods, but whenever they feel like eating something with meat, their top choice is definitely this one.

     3. Magical Pea Chia Pop

     Another unofficial delicacy coming from the cold lands is the Chia Pop. Despite the Chia in its’ name, all other Neopets can eat it too, and you can bet Cybunnies love it! This is the most expensive of its’ kind, at nearly 4 million NPs in the Trading Post. It may be pricey, but it has the best taste amongst all Chia Pops known to Neopia. Of course, you could still look for a more affordable option, but this author recommends letting your Neopet trying this delicious dish at least once in their lifetime.

     2. Rainbow Cybunny Negg

     While the previous two dishes were deemed “unofficial” treats from Terror Mountain, the Neggs are most definitely the official food of the land. They are so popular, that they have their own Negg Festival taking place yearly, consisting in the hunt of hidden Neggs over Neopia, and that usually culminate in its’ end during Cybunny Day celebrations. As such, nothing would do more justice than having a Cybunny-themed Negg to celebrate the end of the Negg Festival and the day of Cybunny Carnival.

     Unfortunately, exactly due to this coincidence in dates, they can be quite expensive; the Rainbow Cybunny Negg is the most expensive out of them, currently estimated at around 10 million NPs.

     1. Silver Cybunny Bento Box Lunch

     For the first place, we have the best of the best; the name is quite self-explanatory. It compiles all of the Cybunny’s favourite culinary flavours – the sugar, the carrots, the snow. This full meal will give a Neopet the energy needed for an entire day of Cybunny Carnival activities. Because it uses so many ingredients in its’ recipe, this is also the most expensive item on this list – it costs an average 20 million NPs. Ouch.

     As we reach the end of this list, we can’t help but wonder: What is your favourite food for Cybunny Carnival and why? Let us know!

     To all of our readers, we wish you a happy Cybunny Carnival!

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