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Top 10 Affordable Cross Paints

by kikiyomi


Top 10 Affordable Cross Paints

     Here is your guide to achievable cross-painting neopets that looks good, regal even! First let's start with the basics, so what exactly is cross-painting/cross-paint in general? It’s basically having two colour paints in one pet, where one paint will be the base colour of the pet and the other the clothing part. Simply remember to paint the clothing part first and then the base paint. Now the combination of two paints can be really pricy in particular the clothing part since the base colour could just be any colour excluding Maraquan, Baby and Mutant colours.

     First, let list out all the available paints that come with clothing.

     Here are all the available paints that have clothing on all species: Royal Paint Brush, Stealth Paint Brush, Lost Desert Paint Brush, Get Off My Lawn Paint Brush, Steampunk Paint Brush, Pirate Paint Brush and Zombie Paint Brush.

     These paints are great cross-paint potential since all of them have clothing and not just restricted to a species. But we should not be quick to lay off other paints like Mystery Island Paint Brush, Halloween Paint Brush, and Christmas Paint Brush even though not all of them come with clothing. Unlike say the Tyrannian Paint Brush which is only species specific in clothing, it is not a good choice for cross paint for this and the clothing are really limited; mostly having a potato-sack-esque look. Do not get me wrong Tyrannian Paint Brush is a perfect look BY ITSELF but for cross-paint not so much.

     Anyway, paint brushes like Mystery Island Paint Brush, Halloween Paint Brush, and Christmas Paint Brush actually can create that edge we look for customizing cross-painted pets as well as cost-effective compare to the paint brushes that includes all the species. For example, Royal Paint Brush Paint amounts to around 1.57M to 1.75M based on when and where you obtain it. Compare it to say the Christmas Paint Brush where you can easily purchase it on Shop Wizard for the low price of around 50K.

     But if you combine the cheapest paint brushes together say the Scritchy Sketchy Paint Brush as the base which amounts to 30K and the Christmas Paint Brush around 50K as for the clothing part, you get a very uncoordinated and dare I say it gaudy look. So how do you achieve a cost-effective but impressive cross paint without breaking the bank? Well, MORPHING POTIONS and choosing the right themes in paint brushes that are considered in the cheaper category. That's right many morphing potions are relatively cheap and affordable, and have a variety of different paints. The only catch is, it’s a species only thing and if there are no morphing potions of the said species. BUT HEY it’s time to also give some lesser popular species some shine, right? So here are the possible combinations I recommend:

      1. Halloween and Ghost look aka. Spooky/Undead Aesthetic

     This is where purchasing Morphing Potions would be more relatively cheaper than the actual Paint Brush. This is true in the case of the Halloween Paint Brush which costs around 2.1M in the trading post, whereas the cheapest morphing potion is the Halloween Tonu Morphing Potion that cost around 30K and the next cheapest is Halloween Kau Morphing Potion which amounts to 275K. Currently the Ghost Paint Brush amounts to 195K while the cheapest morphing potion Ghost Buzz Morphing Potion starts around 4K.

     Now how I decide on recommendations are actually based on the paint's clothes and how it fits a certain species well. You can absolutely cross paint a Tonu into a Halloween and Ghost cross and it will look just fine, it's just a little too bland in my opinion. Compare it to say a Techo, where its Halloween clothes are mummified wraps and makes the ghost colour based pop. It is a bit pricy in comparison with the Tonu where the the Halloween Techo Morphing Potion costing around 315K as well as with the Ghost Techo Morphing Potion costing around 67K. Yet, it is much better looking in terms of the theme.

     Here are other species suggestions: Xweetok, Chia, Lenny, Blumaroo, Tonu, and Grarrl.

     2. Biscuit and Christmas look aka. Cozy Wintery Aesthetic

     For this cross paint look it is only paint brush combination, with the Biscuit Paint Brush amounting to 175K as the base and while the Christmas Paint Brush as clothing part would amount to 51K. There are no morphing potions for the Biscuit Paint Brush but there are lots of them for the Christmas ones. The cheapest Christmas Morps that are cheaper than the brush are of the species Elephante, Ogrin and Koi which are all under 50K.

     But my recommended species for this cross paint look are Kougra, Bruce, Chia, Poogle and Skeith.

     3. Woodland and Desert look aka. Ancient/Forest Aesthetic

     With Woodland as the base and desert for clothing it is an interesting touch. Most of the recommendations are able to achieve with morphing potions, especially for Grundos. The Desert Grundo Morphing Potion is around 100K while the Woodland Grundo Morphing Potion is around 113K. Some of the recommendations can only do one morph which Desert Scorchio Morphing Potion is costing around 119K but the Woodland Paint 1.4M. It is a bit pricy but the combo of this is just too good to pass and 1.4 M is achievable with just a little more work compare to other paints.

     Let's head right to the species recommendations with: Grundo, Mynci, Scorchio and Peophin.

      4. Royal and Faerie look aka. Regal and dainty Aesthetic

     I will quickly say this is probably the most expensive one since you have to actually purchase the Royal Paint Brush in order to achieve this cross paint. BUT as I mentioned before the range of 1.57M to 1.75M is pricy but still doable. Whereas for the faerie part it is mostly achieved through morphing potions. With the cheapest morphing potion being the Faerie Eyrie Morphing Potion amounting to 70K, and the next Faerie Buzz Morphing Potion amounting to 80K. And each species recommended only has an increment of 10 to 20K. So pretty cost-effective.

     And the recommended species for this are: Eyrie, Buzz, Mynci, Flotsam, Skeith, Kau and Nimmo.

     5. Royal and Darigan aka. Sinister Ruler Aesthetic

     I am so digging this look, it really is majestic albeit you still have to spend money for the Royal Paint Brush but as mentioned it is doable. And like the faerie part, there are numerous darigan morphing potions that are low priced.

     Such as the Darigan Buzz Morphing Potion costing around 163K and the Darigan Quiggle Morphing Potion costing just a bit more around 180K. They are actually more pricy than the Royal and Faerie but man are they so worth it. Of course, if you do not like the species you can always purchase a Darigan Paint Brush which is like 1.3M-ish which is pretty good compare to other paint prices.

     Here is my recommendations: Buzz, Quiggle, Techo, Mynci, Acara, Kau and Grarrl.

     6. Stealthy and Relic aka. Terracotta Warrior Aesthetic

     Okay so Stealthy Morphing Potions are actually quite pricy ranging from 1.2M to 4M but the majority of them are actually within the 1.2M to 1.7M, namely the Stealthy Grarrl Morphing Potion, the Stealthy Techo Morphing Potion, the Stealthy Blumaroo Morphing Potion, and the Stealthy Kyrii Morphing Potion. As for the Relic Paint Brush it costs around 295K so still achievable. Do note there is no Relic Kyrii yet so I did not add it in the recommendation below, but since it is still an affordable morph paint I can suggest combining it with a ghost paint brush to have a ghost ninja look.

     Here is the recommended species for this look: Grarrl, Techo and Blumaroo.

     7. Island and Water aka. Pacific Aesthetic

     There are a lot of Island morphs options, as well as water ones and they range from around 44K to 1.4M. But the only species that can use both morphs are Usuls and the customization is meh. The Island Usul only have a couple of rings and a bow, so nope. So either you purchase the Mystery Island Brush which costs around 950K or the Water Paint Brush which costs around 1.3M if there is only one morph available.

     Here is my recommendation for this look: Buzz, Kau, Aisha, Ixi and Hissi.

     8. Pirate and Grey aka. 'A Pirates' Life aint fer me." Aesthetic

     Pirate Morphs are actually the cheapest with its starting price at around 1K and its paint is actually affordable with it being at 300K. The Grey Morphs are much pricy but compare to the Grey Paint Brush set at 1.8M, the morphs are much less costly.

     My recommendations based on the available Grey Morphs are: Yurble, Lenny, Mynci, Korbat and Jubjub.

     9. Royal and Wraith aka. Possessed Royal/Evil Ruler Aesthetic

     Surprisingly Wraith Morphing Potions are quite reasonably priced, ranging from 106K to 880Kup. Compare to the Wraith Paint Brush which is like 2.25M. The only cost for the look again is the Royal Paint Brush.

     This as well is recommended based on the available morph potions of the species: Bruce, Ogrin, Pteri, Scorchio, Grundo and Korbat.

     10. Ghost and Pirate, aka. "The Ghost of Davy Jones" Aesthetic

     Both are really cheap in terms of both paint and morphs as mentioned above, so let’s finish this list shortly with the recommendations for the species: Hissi, Draik, Grarrl, Ruki, and Krawk.

     To conclude, simply do a lot of research in comparing prices and finding that right species to apply the cross paint in order for it to be affordable and at the same time pleasing to see. Hope you like the recommendations I made and just remember it is ultimately up to you to try this. There are so many other ways to do this like investing in the Laboratory Maps to access the lab but this method is way too slow in achieving your desired pet let alone cross paint as well as the risks of your pet changing to another species. Hence, I recommended instead researching the available morphing potions to strategically create your ideal cross paint pet.


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