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Gearing Up for Gadgadsbogen with Tropical Foods

by jackie247


Neopians everywhere are getting ready to celebrate Gadgadsbogen for the whole month of March, and what better way to celebrate than highlighting some of my favourite Tropical Food finds! I’m also going to bring to light some of the not so pretty fruits you may want to avoid, and suggest how you can even incorporate these foods into your everyday routine. Are you ready to take a dive into the freshest fruit shop around? Then let’s go!

     The Tropical Food Shop boasts many different varieties of fruits. From your citrusy Lemoran, to your smelly Dung Doughnutfruit, there is something for every Neopet’s unique palate. If your Neopet isn’t feeling like a full meal, fear not - because there is an ample supply of drinks such as the vibrant Flatfruit Shake or a soothing Vanilla Tea to choose from. I could go and on! The Tropical Food Shop is rarely sold out, so your odds of snagging one of these scrumptious food finds is pretty good. They restock quite often, so definitely keep checking back if you don’t find what you’re looking for the first time.

     Sometimes you may find yourself browsing the Tropical Food Shop not for your own pet, but perhaps for a Kadoatie in need. Here you can find a plethora of requested items for the needy petpets. I hear they have an affinity for Pickled Eel and Banango Bread. Although it is rumoured that some have a rather expensive taste.

     Some Neopets just prefer the taste of a refreshing tropical food as opposed to a heavier fare (looking at you, Gruel). Starting the meal off with a plant-based pick is a surefire way to gear up for the main course. The Fruity Bread Salad is a perfect appetizer to share. If your Neopet is a herbivore, this is the starter dish for you! Baked into a bread bowl, it is packed with leafy greens, a variety of fruits, and a spritz of dressing that can only be described as a “secret family recipe.” To be honest, I don’t think anyone is sure what really goes into it.

     A trip to the Tropical Food Shop won’t break the bank, either. You can easily find affordable items for Neopians on a budget! May I suggest a Funnydew Melon? Cool, crisp, refreshing, juicy, affordable! All of my favourite things wrapped up within one food item. Just don’t forget to wash it down with a Jug of Fresh Phearade.

     If sticking to a budget isn’t your thing, or if you just won on the Wheel of Extravagance and you’ve got neopoints to spare, the Tropical Food Shop is here for you. The elusive Rainbow Doughnutfruit can be found here. Colourful, vivid, sweet, and cakey, it is sure to please even the pickiest of pets!

     It is worth mentioning that one of the shops’ specialities is, of course, fishy delicacies. Everything from Fresh Lobster Tail to Fresh Shark Fin is on the menu (just don’t let the Jetsams find out!). Maraquan Gumbo and Minty Shrimp are said to be giant crowd-pleasers.

     I should warn you that it isn’t all fun and fruity all the time. Some food items can be rather...offensive if you aren’t prepared. Let’s take a look at the Wartroot, for example. As the name implies, this fruit is not the most attractive, and if you take a bite you may be in for a surprise. A thick and bitter custard awaits. If texture bothers you, this is one food you may be better off avoiding. The Pimplepepper is another not so pleasant sounding item. Crooked and covered in bumps and lumps, it is still edible (despite the fact it looks like it’s got a bad case of Neopox). Even if you don’t want to eat it, and you just take your time to pop the little pustules, it can be oddly satisfying. Beware of the sticky residue you might end up with after a popping session. These things can be addicting.

     Beware of the stare of the Crunchy Skullberry. Named after its uncanny resemblance to a real skull, this little guy can give you quite the fright. While it looks like it should be categorized as a Spooky food, this one actually tastes like blueberries and cream. The crunch is loud enough to scare away the Pant Devil, but if you are brave enough to chow down on one, you won’t regret it. You know what they say - you can’t always judge a Tropical fruit by it's cover (or it’s scary face).

     Did you know that certain Tropical foods can serve a dual purpose? Oh, yes! Have you ever found yourself without a hairbrush and you need to tame those pesky fly-aways? Well, just stop into the Tropical Food Shop and pick up a Combfruit! It doubles as a comb so you never have to worry about any hair falling out of place. It works as a grooming gadget too, and can beautify your pet on the spot.

     If you forget to put on a pair of socks when you leave the house, don’t worry, the Tropical Fruit Shop has your back. Pick up a pair of Fruit Leather Socks and literally stick them on your feet. I guarantee you’ll be the most fashion-forward Neopian this side of Mystery Island. Fruit Leather socks come in a variety of colours and flavours to fit any fashion sense. Choose from Azzle, Cocoalatte, Flatfruit, Lemoran, and Twirly-Fruit. Just don’t blame me if you end up with sticky feet.

     If you find that the fruit wasn’t sweet enough and you’ve got a craving for a delicious dessert, you’re in luck! The Tropical Food Shop offers decadent desserts and enticing goodies. The Pluburb Pie is always served fresh, and the Islandberry Ice Cream never melts before you finish it.

     So let’s gear up to celebrate Gadgadsbogen all month long with all of your favourite Tropical foods, fruits, and desserts! Just be sure to avoid any of the questionable looking foods. Or dare to give them a try, it’s a celebration, after all! Have a wonderful Gadgadsbogen!

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