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Gourmet Mynci Day

by cazcazig


It was the 22nd day during the month of awakening. Leigume the red Mynci had just three important things to remember. The first being the fact that it was Mynci Day, of course, but he was also grateful to be employed and to have a future. He vowed to let nothing sway his delight, not even the daily trails of working at Virtuburger. This unique restaurant takes its design after the Flying Space Ship Burger. The spacecraft is privately owned by the baby genius, Mr. Gabbachomp. Virtuburger delivers a wide range of junk food to hungry space travellers.

     After boarding the ship, Leigume reported to Mr. Gabbachomp's office, located at the top bun compartment. The matured baby skeith informed Leigume of a high valued customer expected to show up within the hour. Gabbachomp gave a muffled speech as he scarfed down his favourite BBQ Onion Hot Dog.

     "Must keep the place tidy, provide great service."

     At least those were the only words Leigume could decode. The mini manager often spoke with a mouth full of greasy foods. During meetings, or when speaking to customers and employees, he was always eating. The food must go straight to his massive dome because it was proportionally similar to an animated bobblehead.


     Mr. Gabbachomp finished the last bite of his BBQ Onion Hot Dog and shoved a thumb in his mouth.

     "What? I'm ridding my fingers of all the barbecue sauce." He answered when no one asked. In truth, he's just a teething baby in need of a pacifier.

     After being pelted with drool and soiled fragments of his boss's lunch, Leigume still maintained his composure, keeping in mind that it was Mynci Day. He didn't want such a special occasion ruined over matters on the job. He was grateful to be there.

      The business was usual when Leigume returned to take orders. Most of the customers preferred take-out rather than dining in. After the rush ended, there was one elderly Neopet who approached the counter with the slow pace of a Buzzler. The aged acara has been a customer for some time, and Leigume had already memorized her order before she even spoke.

     "One Purple Hamburger, an order of Jelly Fries, and a Mega Honeyplume Smoothie."

     With great patience, he delivered the old acara's meal to her usual table, providing service matched at Neopia's finest restaurant.

     "What a wonderful young mynci you are, thank you."

     Leigume smiled back and returned to the register, reflecting on the joys of Mynci Day.

     "I have a wonderful job, and I'm so lucky to be a mynci!" He shouted. Speaking this made him feel as though nothing could go wrong.

      Bouzal, an orange wocky, was another cashier at Virtuburger. Short & stubby, this hilarious wocky grew to be Leigume's best friend. He watched closely but didn't understand why his fellow employee was so joyful today.

     "I see you like taking care of grannies." Bouzal teased.

     The two shared a much-needed laugh before an angry fire yurble stormed to the front, stomping so hard it caused a bit of turbulence. The yurble was furious about the cold Foil-Wrapped Hot Dog he received half an hour ago.

     "Well, couldn't he just reheat it with his facial hair?" Bouzal joked, thinking himself slick and quiet.

     "What did you just say, you orange furball?"

     The raging fire yurble threw a dented can of Neocola across the counter. Things got heated as Bouzal and the yurble continued to exchange insults. Leigume calmly interfered in the matter, insisting that the customer was right. He disposed of the old Foil-Wrapped Hot Dog and replaced it with a hot & fresh one. The bolstering flames surrounding the yurble's head settled as a great smile drew across his face. He thanked the young Mynci as many other customers have consistently done. After all, it was Mynci Day, and nothing could go wrong.

      The hours frittered away as evening approached. Leigume received more compliments and processed smoother transactions. He would be treated like floating space trash on other days, but being a mynci on Mynci Day sure did pay off. Leigume never felt more special. However, It was lunchtime and so the red mynci used his employee discount to get an Ultimate Burger for the occasion. He skipped towards the breakroom, still flattered from all the compliments. He got so carried away that he failed to see the smatter of mustard on the tiled floor. The red mynci slipped backwards, launching his Ultimate Burger directly into the slushie machine. During this time, the high valued customer entered the restaurant as expected. That high valued customer was none other than THE Maitre D of Gourmet Club!

     Mr. Gabbachomp bolted from his office, insisting on being the one to serve the classy green quiggle. The fact he spoke without chewing food this time only increased the severity of the situation.

     "Good evening, Maitre D, welcome to Virtuburger. You're here touring the Space Station, I hear. I'm the general manager and owner of this spacecraft."

     Mr. Gabbachomp conducted himself most professional, even offering a free drink to the fancy quiggle. It was unlike anything the staff had ever seen. The Maitre D admitted he wasn't familiar with the menu and asked for Gabbachomp's recommendation. The baby skeith offered the promotion for the month of awakening.

     "Leigume! Make that one Loveberry Slushie!"

     Leigume tried to dodge responsibility by claiming break time, but Gabbachomp boomed once more. Bouzal had already fled the vicinity, and there was no one else who knew how to work the slushie machine. Leigume caved.

     "Fine, coming right up!" He said, head down, tension rising.

      With the anxiety of a Shaky Flakys patient, Leigume watched the blended burger pollute the slushie maker. He tried to keep calm and remember those three factors he set out for the day.

     "It's Mynci Day, I'm about to lose my job, and Gabba

     chomp is going to annihilate me!"

     The machine rattled a bit before spewing a dark-coloured surprise in place of what should have been red and full of berries. Gabbachomp reached out for the slushie and refused it at sight.

     "What is this? I said a Loveberry Slushie. Today, please!"

     The Maitre D insisted that he waited long enough and that any flavour would do just fine.

     "How bad could it be?" he added.

     Leigume feared the worse. Handing over that Cheeseburger Slushie was like handing in his letter of resignation.

     *slurp, slurp, slurp*

     Even though it wasn't the flavour he requested, the classy quiggle continued to sip on the odd drink.

     "Mmm, scrumptious! Now that's a gourmet slushie! As a food specialist, you must appreciate that the best flavours are not always practical."

     The Maitre D continued to compliment the concoction with unexpected enthusiasm.

     "I have been lurking in the lobby for a while, inspecting you all. I must say, you are quite a remarkable employee," He mentioned, pointing his ball-tipped finger at Leigume. "I saw the way you handled those situations with such patience and efficiency," He continued, "You'd make a fine waiter at Gourmet Club. Please accept this gift."

     He handed Leigume a parchment paper, stamped with the well-recognized Gourmet Club tag. Written above its label were the words 'Honorary Member'.

     "Bring that paper on your next visit to my restaurant, and I shall have a seat for you. By the way, Happy Mynci Day!"

     The End.

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