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Which Iconic Battledome Challenger Are You? Quiz

by drgnswor


     Did you know there are over fifty Battledome Challengers in total? Yep, that many! But only a handful are certifiably iconic and known throughout Neopia, some revered and some feared. You’d be surprised at how different these individuals can be and just how powerful and fearsome most of them are. Take this quiz to see which one you are!

     1. What is your favourite food?

     a) Pea and Ham Baby Food – the mushier the better

     b) Green Apple – cut it into slices so everybody can have some

     c) Any Chia treat (especially if it’s meaty)

     d) Double Chocolate Ice Cream – everything’s better when there’s double the fun!

     e) Space Rock Soup – the crunchy bits are the best

     2. What is the first thing you do when someone tells you their deepest, darkest secret?

     a) Giggle – you didn’t mean to but you can’t help it

     b) No noticeable reaction – you don’t want to seem rude

     c) Give them a poignant and wise piece of advice – hopefully they will take it

     d) Immediately tell your best friend – I won’t tell anyone… but my best friend doesn’t count, right?!

     e) Nobly keep their secret – you wouldn’t tell a soul unless specifically requested

     3. Where would you like to go for a holiday?

     a) Neopia Central – the more Neopians around the better

     b) Meridell – a quaint old city with a lovely green countryside

     c) Mystery Island – you may have washed up ashore but you’re here for it

     d) Lost Desert – I heard there are treasures abound here… gold buried deep under the sand…

     e) Kreludor – the moon is the limit

     4. Which Petpet would you adopt?

     a) Babyca – curious, mischievous and a bit of a handful to look after

     b) Abominable Snowball – a great friend with lifeless saucer eyes

     c) Ghostkerchief – this one has a speciality of haunting Neopets pockets!

     d) Ettaphant – hmm, a little confused, possibly because they can never totally agree on what to do

     e) Zoomik – a rare Petpet that loves to whizz around startling unsuspecting passers by

     5. You discover a rare and valuable antique from Neopia’s rich history. What do you do?

     a) Blow it up for fun

     b) Leave it alone

     c) Take it with you and disappear into the night

     d) Steal it then sell it for a hefty profit

     e) Take it to a museum (something that special should be for all to see)

     6. What is your beverage of choice?

     a) Bubbling Burping Juice – this drink has a funny loud side effect!

     b) Ye Olde Mug of Borovan – old and brown

     c) Spooky Shake – mix of pumpkin, cream and mysterious swirly stuff

     d) Two Bottles of Water – got to get things in bulk to save

     e) Galaxy Energy Drink – for when you need all the help you can get with your focus

     7. You are wounded in the Battledome. What’s your next move?

     a) Look for shelter and hide – surely they can’t fit too?!

     b) Play dead – hopefully they don’t poke at you for too long

     c) Poof into thin air – where did you go??

     d) Sneak away – try again another day

     e) Fly up above and attack

     8. What is your favourite NC Mall item?

     a) Valentine Baby Basket – so adorable and pink

     b) Bobbing for Apples Trinket – how many apples can you get?

     c) MiniMME4-S2: Cloud of Ghostly Orbs – floating in the air

     d) Thieving Boots – a very practical choice

     e) New Years in Space Station Background – it’s time for a celebration!

      Mostly As:


     The cutest of the bunch, no doubt. You are truly a mischievous soul who is young at heart and love nothing more than having fun but, despite common belief, you do it without malice – only enthusiasm! You just LOVE pranks. Those with a sense of humour look forward to a visit from Boochi while others are quite unsure. His past is a secret and Scientists at the Chesterpot Institute still cannot figure out the source of his green and purple ray fun. Regardless, you are baby.

     Mostly Bs:

     Punchbag Bob

     You love nature and all things organic. Some see you as boring or without personality but the truth if you’re just a kind Neopian who is there for everyone. Like Punchbag Bob, you’ve got the friendliest smile and will happily play with everyone so everybody feels included. Your brother Sid tells you that sometimes you’re a little bit tooooo nice and people can walk all over you but you don’t see it as a problem as long as everyone’s happy. Remember to always smile!

     Mostly Cs:

     Ghost Lupe

     You are mysterious and enigmatic. Like the Ghost Lupe, very little is known about you and that’s exactly the way you prefer it. He appears randomly to select Neopians with cryptic messages such as “My what tasty Neopets you have!” and “It’s rumoured that neopets that go to Mystery Island never return!” He’s not all bad though, he also restores your Neopets to full health on a whim. Similarly, you enjoy being random and doing little acts of kindness but not out of obligation.

     Mostly Ds:

     Meerca Henchmen

     Oh, you! And you!! You revel in skirting corners and doing it all with your partner in crime, just like Heermeedjet and Merouladen. Friendship and comradery are the most important things to you. You have sharp reflexes and a true criminal fortitude and you looooove shiny objects. You are sly and excel in slipping away last minute no matter how close you are to getting caught and, most importantly, you never give up.

     Mostly Es:

     Space Faerie

     Determined and courageous, you have all the composure of a guardian protector of Neopia. Your alignment is true good, just like the Space Faerie who fought the extremely evil Dr. Sloth and won. You are very strong both mentally and physically and are well respected by common folk. She is so popular, in fact, that she is the mascot for Neopets Premium and is essentially a celebrity!

     Now you know which iconic Battledome Challenger you are, why don’t you take you gather your best weapons and take your strongest pet to the Battledome and give them a challenge? Have fun and good luck!

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