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Wearable Jewellery for Your Friend or Valentine

by _brainchild_


---Starring Chessangie the Royalgirl Draik, Chessella the Pastel Draik, Maldice the Stealthy Draik, Walda the ever-so-bratty Baby Kacheek, and Christine, their owner!---

      Christine: Welcome! If you’re wondering what kind of gift to get your friend, family member, or valentine for Valentine’s Day, look no further. There are many different wearable jewellery items which a lot of pets would enjoy. In this article, we’ll be going over the Valentine-themed ones that are most suitable for this holiday---


     Maldice: *scowls* No, you’re not getting one.

     Walda: I WANT ONE, YOU MEANIE!!!

     Ella: Don’t worry. I’ll get you a nice necklace instead.

     Angie: Unfortunately, none of the wearable jewellery items come in baby sizes...

     Walda: WHAT?! NO FAIR!!! WAAAAHHHH!!!

     Maldice: You got plenty of wearables last Valentine’s Day... (Issue 891—A Bratty Baby’s Favorite Valentine’s Day Wearables)

      ---Walda continues to throw a tantrum, so Maldice picks her up and carries her upstairs to her room, then locks the door.---

      Maldice: Finally. Peace and quiet.

     Christine: I hope she calms down quickly. I do think that there should be some wearable jewellery options for babies. That would make her very happy.

     Angie: Agreed. Maybe we should ask Ellia, the Uni who runs the Clothing Shop in Neopia Central.

     Christine: I’ll put that on my to-do list. Without further ado, the jewellery items for Valentine’s Day are:


      ---Candy Heart Necklace---


      Ella: Well, this doesn’t look functional.

     Maldice: Agreed. It will wear out quickly or disintegrate in the rain.

     Ella: I think it’s more of a novelty item.

     Angie: Well, I’m still wondering what it would look like on me. *puts on necklace* Not bad.

     Maldice: PLEASE tell me that you don’t intend to wear that out in public. Only Walda would do that.

     Angie: I won’t. I was just curious---AAAAHHHH!!!

     Maldice: What’s wrong?!

     Angie: Some...nasty...flying...BUG just dive-bombed me!!! What if it bites?!

     Maldice: You’re a wimp.

     Ella: I imagine it was attracted to your candy necklace.

     Angie: *points to bug crawling on floor* THERE IT IS!!! GET RID OF IT!!!

     Maldice: *stomps on bug* You are SUCH a baby.

     Angie: *sigh of relief* You weren’t the one who was bitten by a Spyder once!!!

     Walda: Why is Angie screaming?

     Maldice: How’d you get back here?! I locked the door for a reason...

     Walda: I jumped out the window!

     Ella: ...Don’t do that, Walda. It’s dangerous.

     Walda: *indifferent* Why was Angie screaming?

     Ella: Don’t tell her. She’ll cry... *whispers* Walda hates bugs, too.

     Walda: Is that a candy necklace?

     Angie: Yes. You can have it! *takes it off and hands it to Walda*

     Walda: It’s not chocolate, but I’ll take it. *eats candy* Yum!

     Maldice: *whispers* Don’t tell her a bug landed on it.

     Walda: *eats candy nonchalantly*

      ---Valentines Earrings---


      Walda: These are very pretty. Too bad I can’t wear them... *huffs*

     Ella: Well, I will try them on. *puts earrings on* I love them! Are they real gold?

     Maldice: No way. The price is much too low...

     Ella: Awww... Well, they’re still pretty. I wonder what the stones are made of.

     Angie: If I had to guess, I’d say some synthetic material.

     Ella: ...Better than plastic, I guess...


      ---Diamond Necklace of Hearts---


      Ella: Are these real diamonds?

     Maldice: No way. Diamonds aren’t pink, silly!

     Angie: Actually, diamonds come in many different colours, including pink. Some of the colours are very rare and sought after. The red ones are the rarest.

     Maldice: Also known as a ruby.

     Angie: *sigh* They are not the same.

     Ella: So, are these pink stones really diamonds?

     Angie: Let me take a look. *inspects necklace* I think these are white diamonds that were artificially coloured.

     Maldice: LAME!!!

     Angie: Hey, they’re still real diamonds. Just the colour is fake.

     Ella: Better than the synthetic stones in the Valentines Earrings, that’s for sure!

      ---Gothic Red Rose Necklace---


      Ella: Ummm... I’m not really a fan of this one. It looks too... sinister.

     Maldice: It’s called GOTHIC Red Rose Necklace. What did you expect?

     Ella: You should wear it if you like it.

     Maldice: I will. *puts necklace on* Not bad!

     Walda: I think it’s UGLY!!!

     Christine: *sigh* Walda, that’s not very nice...


     Maldice: Then you don’t have to wear it, you brat.

     Walda: I CAN’T wear any of this stuff... *huffs*

      ---Jewelled Heart Pendant Necklace---


      Angie: Yay, an actual ruby! Much more affordable than those red diamonds.

     Walda: You already have a ruby necklace. I got you one for the holidays. (Issue 851—The True Meaning of the Holiday Season)

     Angie: *sigh* You’re right. Well, now I have two. I guess having too many is better than having none at all...

     Ella: Maybe you could layer them together.

     Angie: They might get tangled...

      ---Key to the Heart Necklace---


      Ella: This looks too similar to the Jewelled Heart Pendant Necklace.

     Angie: Well, there are two necklaces, a key and a heart-shaped lock, so maybe Walda could wear one and give the other to a friend.

     Walda: *sigh* IF I could actually wear it! *huffs*

     Angie: Oh, yeah. That’s right... I know. Sister necklaces. *turns to Ella* Would you like the key or the lock?

     Ella: Either is fine.

     Maldice: HEY!!! What about ME?!

     Angie: You can have the Jewelled Heart Pendant Necklace. Three-way sister necklaces. *hands over pendant* I don’t need this anyway. I already have a ruby necklace, and I don’t want to be untangling this thing after wearing it layered...

     Maldice: *grins* That sounds better.

      ---Wooden Locket Necklace---


      Christine: Are you tired of all the red and pink items for Valentine’s Day? If so, then this heart-shaped necklace is for you.

     Maldice: You should consider a career in advertising and/or marketing.

     Christine: What?! I don’t want to be one of those annoying salespeople who contacts random people and hounds them to buy stuff! I can’t stand unsolicited offers!

     Ella: Anyway, I hear this is a locket? *opens locket* Sure enough, it is.

     Maldice: What could you possibly put in such a tiny space?!

     Ella: I don’t know... It looks cute, anyway!

      ---Lollipop Heart Earrings---


      Maldice: These look... juvenile to me. They'd be perfect for Walda if she could wear them...

     Walda: Is that an insult I hear?!

     Maldice: That’s rich, coming from you. You called my necklace ugly like, ten minutes ago.

     Walda: Well, it is!

     Ella: I’ll try them on. *puts earrings on* Ugh, the lollipop sticks are jabbing my ear lobes... *takes earrings off*

     Angie: Maybe if you cut the sticks off, they’d be cute heart earrings.

     Ella: I don’t want to accidentally ruin them...

     Maldice: Well, they’re no good to you in their current state!

     Ella: Good point. I’ll take them to a jeweller...

      ---Tassel Earrings---


      Christine: These may have originally come from the 11th Birthday Tropic Breeze Wish Candle, but I see Valentine’s colours. Lots of nice red and pink!

     Ella: I agree. *puts earrings on* Wow, these are so soft...

     Maldice: Who cares? I want something that looks good.

     Ella: Well, don’t these look good? I think so...

     Maldice: I like dark and gothic stuff, but to each their own...


      Christine: Well, I hope everyone liked their new jewellery.

     Walda: *crosses arms* Everyone except for ME!!! *huffs*

     Christine: *frowns* Yeah... Sorry about that.


     Maldice: *sigh* No, you brat.


     Christine: Well, it looks like she’s throwing another tantrum, so this looks like a good time to wrap it up. Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day!

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