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The Best Underrated Premium Collectibles

by painted_dreams87


Every month, Premium subscribers receive a special, exclusive Neocash item as one of their perks. They range from clothing and accessories to trinkets and backgrounds. Some were instant hits, becoming popular as soon as they were released. Premium Collectible: Blue Moon Field Background is a prime example of a favourite of many users. Sadly, most of the other Premium collectibles wind up in people's sales, often even at a value of two items for one Gift Box Capsule. Many of these items are fantastic once you give them a try, and this article is meant to point out some lovely collectibles that don't get the recognition they deserve. Let us dive in together, and maybe you will even find something you have overlooked in the past.

     1. Premium Collectible: Abandoned Cabin Background


With many users looking to customize their pets for Halloween, it is fitting to kick off the list with the Premium Collectible: Abandoned Cabin Background, which was released in October 2017. The background features a broken down, boarded up cabin complete with cobwebs, three spooky ghosts floating in the air, a spiky metal fence, pumpkins with a muted tone, and creepy trees with sprawling branches and holes. It sets a fantastic horror scene, perfect to use in a Halloween look. Try adding the Old Cobwebs Foreground, which will run you less than 2,000 Neopoints, to really add to the feeling of abandonment that the scene captures. Nothing says abandoned and forsaken like cobwebs piling up, going overlooked.

     2. Premium Collectible: Wooden Summer Swingset


This collectible, released in June 2019, is a personal favourite of mine that I use frequently in my own customizations. It features a wooden swing, hanging from a beautiful wooden arch that is connected to a wooden platform, complete with a few rocks, a hint of greenery, and a couple of small white flowers. It is really quite charming. Try pairing it with the Farmhouse Background, another Neocash item, for a rustic vibe with a gorgeous sunset in the background. I highly encourage experimenting with this item, especially on backgrounds that do not have much going on in the foreground. It fills up the space nicely and looks like it is meant to be there.

     3. Premium Collectible: Lighted Tree House Background


Released way back in February 2014, the Premium Collectible: Lighted Tree House Background has been one of my favourite items to use in my customizations since its release. It is a simple template to build of off as you customize, and from what I have seen, nearly every pet looks great on it. Try adding the String Heart Lights, a Neocash item, to add a bit of delicate whimsy. Alternatively, add the Dyeworks Yellow: Peaceful Tree Garland to blend some colour into the trees. If you want a camping aesthetic, add the Camouflaged Tent. It sits nicely on the background, looking like it belongs there.

     4. Premium Collectible: Blooming Flowers Swing


The newest collectible on the list, Premium Collectible: Blooming Flowers Swing was released in February 2020. It features a light wood swing, off-white ropes attached, pastel roses, green leaves, and a few small thorns. It is truly beautiful, and it is a shame that it does not get more attention. It looks lovely on the Vintage Valentine Flower Vendor Background, Nostalgic Spring Picnic Background, and Spring Farmhouse Background, all Neocash backgrounds. It can even be used in backgrounds that are not pastel in tone, so do not be afraid to try it on various backgrounds and see how it looks.

     5. Premium Collectible: Daydreaming Sanctuary


Let's face it, we have far fewer indoor backgrounds than we do outdoor ones. Therefore, any nice indoor backgrounds are wonderful to have in your closet to use those accessories and trinkets that do not quite work on most of the outdoor backgrounds. The Premium Collectible: Daydreaming Sanctuary, released in November 2018, is an example of a decent indoor scene. It focuses on a bed, sitting in the corner of the room, covered in pillows and books. There is a nightstand with additional books next to it, two large windows with views of a flower garden outside, a curtain that flows in the breeze, and a few small decorations that hang from the ceiling. As a bonus, if you have been a long-time Premium subscriber, you may already have one of the items I personally love adding to it, the Premium Collectible: Plushie Pillow Fort, which was released in February 2019, just three months after the background. The fort sits nicely right in front of the bed, without blocking the ceiling decorations. The colour scheme fits, and the fort has a few additional pillows, which ties in nicely with the background.

     6. Premium Collectible: Flow with Fall Frame


As you look to customize your pets for Autumn, don't overlook the Premium Collectible: Flow with Fall Frame, released in November 2019. It features leaves in red, orange, and gold as well as some subtle hints of plants. If you watch the animation, you'll see a leaf blow by every few seconds. It adds a blast of Autumn and works especially well with backgrounds that don't offer a lot of reds, oranges, and golds already. I would suggest pairing it with the Autumn on the Farm Background, Free Falling Background, or Fall Mountaintop Background. If you would prefer a Neopoint background, you could pair it with the Autumn Country Road Background to add some personality to the background. It even looks fantastic on some backgrounds that do already have plenty of Autumn colours, but it may take some trial and error to determine what looks nice to you. Give it a try!

     That concludes my list of underrated Premium collectibles. There are many more collectibles that deserve more recognition than they currently receive, but I tried to highlight some that I find myself using fairly often as well as some that are in season right now. I hope you have found this look into them entertaining as well as informative. Perhaps next time you customize your pets, you will consider trying out of one of these amazing items for yourself. Happy customizing!

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