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A Tour of Faerieland!

by zed16


It was another beautiful sunny day up in Faerieland and the Light Faerie awoke from her slumber to get ready for a full day of tours.

     Today was her turn to do the tour of Faerieland and Faerie City. She dressed in her favourite yellow dress, gave her long golden hair a brush, had a quick bite to eat and she was ready!

     She flew from the castle to the very bottom of Faerieland to where a red Skieth, a blue Chomby and a green Zafara were already waiting for her to start the tour. She introduced herself; "Hello there guys! Welcome to Faerieland! I'm the Light Faerie, your tour guide for this morning. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask me. So if you would like to follow me we will start right here just to your left is the Healing Springs.."

     As they reached the Healing Springs the Light Faerie told them "Now, this is where the Water Faerie sells a lot of her magic items to heal pets and other items like snowballs to help fight in the battledome. Also if you're lucky enough she will heal you completely but it does depend on how strong her magic is. Sometimes she can get rather tired, but it only takes about half an hour to recharge her batteries... On we go!" The Light Faerie led them over to the Rainbow Fountain.

     Standing in the Rainbow Fountain they all take in a view of the Rainbow pool. "So this is where another Faerie friend of mine works, she transforms pets into weird and wonderful colours, but only if you bring her a pacific item she asks for." The light faerie explains. The red Skeith then asks a question; "Why is it so dark in here?" and the Light Faerie answers, "Unfortunately the Fountain Faerie isn't working right now so that is why everything in here is pretty dark, but when she does her magic this whole area turns a lovely rainbow colour!" There was collective "Oooh" as they were all trying to imagine what it would look like. They all walked back out again soon after, as there wasn't much to see...

     Next the light faerie brought them a bit further up towards a bright coloured Wheel. "Now this snazzy wheel is called the Wheel of Excitement! if you fancy having a go at spinning the wheel it will cost 500 neopoints to play and you can win spectacular prizes. Anyone want to have a go?" the Light Faerie asks around the room and a few hands go up. The blue Chomby has a go and wins double back the neopoints "Wooo that was a good win!" the Light Faerie cheered while the Chomby danced around. Then the green Zafara stepped up to spin the wheel and landed on a ? spot. "Awww no that's the mystery prize and unfortunately you only win back 119 neopoints. That's the luck of the game I'm afraid" the Light Faerie sympathized. "That's bad luck huh!" the green Zafara shrugs. "But don't be too discouraged you can maybe win some neopoints over at the poogle racing! And that's where we are going next!" The Light Faerie gestures for them to follow her.

     They cross over a bridge and walk towards the Poogle Racing stand. The Light Faerie starts to explain the rules of the game. "Now who fancies their chances at winning this race? Also, I might just add they tend to run faster when you give them a treat - especially something with chocolate!" they all laugh and the green Zafara steps up "I would like to bet on poogle 1 and I have some chocolate cake as a treat! I hope to win back some of the neopoints that I lost on the wheel!" the green Zafara handed over some neopoints to the stall owner. "Alright you're just in time," the Light Faerie says then added "the next race is on in 2 minutes! place your bets now!"

     2 minutes later and the race started! It seemed the chocolate cake worked a treat as poogle 1 won and the green Zafara won back his neopoints from the wheel of excitement and more "See it's all about the luck!" The light faerie smiles. "Follow me and I'll show you the Faerie Caverns."

     They all walk down the pathway talking amongst themselves about the things they've seen already when the Light Faerie interrupts them. "So here we are, just outside the Faerie Caverns. It will cost 400 neopoints to enter and its a choice of left or right whether you find the treasure or not. Do you all want to go in?" she asks the group. They split the 400 neopoints between themselves and enter all together and they chose to stick together as it was rather dark in there! They went left, right then right again but it came to a dead end. "Better luck next time eh!" the Light Faerie chirped when they come back out with nothing.

     "And just over there.." the Light Faerie points to Jhudora's place. "Right next to where we are going next is where Jhudora lives. We won't go and bother her though as she isn't the most welcoming of faeries so think its best we just move on..." the Light Faerie quickly ushers them back towards the bridge and back along the path as they head towards the Faerie City.

     They enter Faerie City and the Light Faerie says "Right so we will take a break. If you want something to eat or drink and I will leave you guys to look around a few of these shops on your own and we can meet back here in an hour or so. You can nose around the Faerie bookshop, Faerie weapons, Faerie food, Faerie furniture and maybe have a game of Faerie Bubbles if you want to!" While the group went their separate ways, the Light Faerie quickly headed home to freshen up.

     An hour later they all met up again and the red Skeith was very excited to show the Light faerie what he won from winning a game of Faerie Bubbles! "My very own faerie bubble! Of course, I chose the yellow one in honour of you!" he proudly showed off the bright yellow bubble from his backpack "Aww how sweet of you! And well done for winning the game!" the Light Faerie smiled.

     As they walked up to the Castle she went over all the types of faeries that live there including herself. "and sometimes we faeries need help with certain items that we can't get ourselves, but we are always sure to reward those who help us greatly" she goes on to tell them the different types of rewards each faerie gives. "And up there.." the Light Faerie whispers "Is the hidden tower. Not many people know about it and it sells a lot of rare items, if you have enough neopoints that is." They all look up in awe and all they see is a window with a light on...

     They walk back out the Castle "And lastly if you ever want to find a job here there's the employment agency. You must have certain job coupons to qualify, you get the items and they give you stuff in return!" the light faerie explains pointing over to where the employment agency is. "And that is it! I hope you've enjoyed your tour of Faerieland!" They all clap and murmur thank you's to the Light Faerie. "You're all very welcome! I will leave you to go and explore more and make your way back as I have to fly back down now as more tourists have arrived for the next tour!"

     And with that the Light Faerie flies down towards the bottom of Faerieland once again and introduces herself to the next bunch. "Hi guys! I'm the Light Faerie..."

     The End.

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